PERDUE, DAVID (a Senator from Georgia)


Armed Forces: provide penalties for the sale of any Purple Heart awarded to a member of the Armed Forces (S. 765), S4806, S4887 [3AU]

Budget: setting forth the Federal budget for 2018–2027 (H. Con. Res. 71), S6546, S6548 [18OC], S6626 [19OC]

Dept. of Defense: authorizing appropriations for military activities, prescribing personnel strengths, and military construction (H.R. 2810), S4571, S4586 [27JY], S5221 [12SE], S5695, S5696 [13SE], S5766 [14SE], S5793, S5794, S5796 [18SE]

Hezbollah (terrorist organization): impose additional sanctions (S. 1595), S6369 [5OC]

Iran: impose sanctions relative to ballistic missile program, support for acts of international terrorism, and violations of human rights and enforce arms embargo (S. 722), S3458 [13JN], S3489, S3498 [14JN]

Taxation: use of budget reconciliation to reform the Federal tax code (H.R. 1), S7472 [29NO], S7573, S7574, S7599, S7600, S7609, S7612 [30NO]


Acting President pro tempore, S1417 [20FE], S1857 [21MR]

Conferee: H.R. 2810, Dept. of Defense appropriations for military activities, prescribing personnel strengths, and military construction, S6424 [17OC]

Senate Caucus on International Narcotics Control, S1751 [9MR]

Bills and resolutions cosponsored

Abortion: prohibit a health care practitioner from failing to exercise the proper degree of care in the case of a child who survives an abortion or attempted abortion (see S. 220), S445 [24JA]

——— prohibit taxpayer funded abortions (see S. 184), S360 [20JA]

——— protect lives of born and unborn persons (see S. 231), S445 [24JA]

——— protect pain-capable unborn children (see S. 1922), S6358 [5OC]

Alexandria, VA: commend first responders to shooting at congressional baseball game practice and express condolences to victims and their families and friends (see S. Res. 193), S3555 [15JN]

American Eagle Day: designate (see S. Res. 191), S3555 [15JN]

Armed Forces: provide for issuance of Gold Star Installation Access Card to next of kin of members who die while serving and ensure that remarried surviving spouses with children remain eligible for benefits (see S. 2088), S7334 [27NO]

Aviation: provide air carriers with access to information about applicants to be pilots from the National Driver Register (see S. 1971), S6453 [17OC]

Black History Month: observance (see S. Res. 69), S1448 [27FE]

Budget: constitutional amendment to require balanced (see S.J. Res. 24), S1448 [27FE]

——— provide that any estimate prepared by CBO or Committee on Taxation (Joint) shall include costs relative to servicing the public debt (see S. 932), S2530 [25AP]

Bunning, Jim: tribute (see S. Res. 184), S3242 [5JN]

CBO: make publicly available the fiscal and mathematical models, data, and other details of computations used in cost analysis and scoring (see S. 1746), S4827 [3AU]

Colleges and universities: anniversary of 9 historically Black colleges and universities (see S. Res. 366), S8260 [21DE]

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: disapprove rule on arbitration agreements in contracts for specified consumer financial products and services (see S.J. Res. 47), S4116 [20JY]

Contracts: preserve open competition and neutrality towards the labor relations of Federal contractors on Federal and federally funded construction projects (see S. 622), S1805 [14MR]

Credit: provide a temporary license for certain mortgage loan originators transitioning between bank and nonbank entities (see S. 1753), S6817 [25OC]

Crime: establish new Federal crimes for killing, assaulting, or fleeing from an assault on law enforcement officers and judges, limit rights of offenders, and allow officers to carry firearms in Federal facilities (see S. 1134), S2964 [16MY]

——— prohibit taking minors across State lines to avoid State laws requiring parental notification of abortions (see S. 224), S656 [2FE]

——— provide enhanced penalties for convicted murderers who kill or target public safety officers (see S. 1085), S2881 [10MY]

——— specify state of mind required for conviction for criminal offenses that lack an expressly identified state of mind to strengthen criminal intent protections (see S. 1902), S6260 [2OC]

Davis-Bacon Act: repeal wage rate requirements (see S. 244), S489 [30JA]

Dept. of Defense: expand capacity and capability of ballistic missile defense system of the U.S. (see S. 1196), S3556 [15JN]

——— improve and enhance authorities relative to employment, use, status, and benefits of military technicians (dual status) (see S. 766), S2493 [24AP]

——— reinvigorate and modify Information Assurance Scholarship Program in order to strengthen the cybersecurity workforce (see S. 592), S1742 [9MR]

——— require the President to report on Iran’s use of commercial aircraft for military and terrorist activity (see S. 420), S1304 [16FE]

Dept. of Education: allow States to opt out of certain programmatic requirements and combine certain Federal funds to improve academic achievement (see S. 221), S445 [24JA]

——— disapprove rule on accountability and State plans under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (see S.J. Res. 25), S1500 [28FE]

——— disapprove rule on teacher preparation issues (see S.J. Res. 26), S1578 [2MR]

——— improve the Historically Black College and University Capital Financing Program (see S. 2268), S8260 [21DE]

Dept. of HHS: disapprove rule on compliance with title X requirements by family planning project recipients in selecting subrecipients to provide services (see S.J. Res. 13), S657 [2FE]

——— expand and improve childhood cancer treatments, research, surveillance, and quality of life for survivors (see S. 292), S2721 [3MY]

——— improve access to emergency medical services (see S. 527), S7214 [14NO]

Dept. of Homeland Security: detain any unlawfully present alien who has been charged with driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated and make habitual drunk drivers inadmissible and removable (see S. 51), S155 [9JA]

——— provide option under Secure Mail Initiative under which a person to whom a document is sent may require the Postal Service to use Hold for Pickup service or obtain a signature to secure delivery (see S. 1208), S3098 [23MY]

——— require State and local coordination on cybersecurity with the National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center (see S. 412), S1304 [16FE]

——— strengthen border security and increase resources for enforcement of immigration laws (see S. 2192), S7848 [5DE]

Dept. of Labor: clarify that volunteers at children’s consignment events are not employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act (see S. 313), S5114 [11SE]

——— disapprove rule on savings arrangements established by qualified State political subdivisions for non-governmental employees (see S.J. Res. 33), S1603 [6MR]

——— disapprove rule on savings arrangements established by States for non-governmental employees (see S.J. Res. 32), S1603 [6MR]

Dept. of State: report on extent of corruption in foreign countries, assign tiered classifications based on governmental efforts to combat corruption, and assess U.S. assistance to most corrupt countries (see S. 853), S2363 [4AP]

Dept. of the Treasury: make certifications relative to U.S. and foreign financial institutions’ aircraft-related transactions involving Iran (see S. 2167), S7360 [28NO]

Dept. of Veterans Affairs: apply certain penalties to bad employees and ensure appropriate due process protections for whistleblowers (see S. 1094), S3071 [22MY]

——— provide certain employees of Members of Congress and certain State or local government employees with access to case-tracking information (see S. 242), S1161 [14FE]

District of Columbia: approve location of a memorial to commemorate and honor Armed Forces members that served on active duty in support of Operation Desert Storm or Operation Desert Shield (see S.J. Res. 1), S1219 [15FE]

Dole, Bob: award Congressional Gold Medal (see S. 1616), S4830 [3AU]

Domenici, Pete V.: tribute (see S. Res. 254), S5480 [13SE]

Drive Safer Sunday: designate (see S. Res. 337), S7297 [16NO]

Economy: promote economic growth, provide tailored regulatory relief, and enhance consumer protections (see S. 2155), S7297 [16NO]

Employment: allow private sector employers to offer employees the choice between cash wages and compensatory time for overtime hours worked (see S. 801), S2175 [3AP]

——— expand the E-Verify program for employment eligibility confirmation and hold employers accountable (see S. 179), S6924 [31OC]

English language: reaffirm as official language of U.S., establish uniform English language rule for naturalization, and avoid misconstructions of English language texts of U.S. laws (see S. 678), S3555 [15JN]

EPA: exclude vehicles used solely for competition from certain provisions of the Clean Air Act (see S. 203), S1161 [14FE]

FBI: use Rapid DNA instruments to inform decisions about pretrial release or detention and their conditions, solve and prevent crime, exonerate the innocent, and prevent DNA analysis backlog (see S. 139), S399 [23JA]

FDIC: ensure that reciprocal deposits of an insured depository institution are not considered to be funds obtained by or through a deposit broker (see S. 1500), S3858 [29JN]

Federal agencies and departments: provide that major rules of the executive branch shall have no force or effect unless a joint resolution of approval is enacted into law (see S. 21), S446 [24JA]

——— repeal or revise two or more existing regulations before issuing a new regulation (see S. 56), S656 [2FE]

——— require the appropriation of funds to use a fee, fine, penalty, or proceeds received from a settlement (see S. 299), S3213 [25MY]

Ferguson, Roger W.: appoint as citizen regent of Smithsonian Institution Board of Regents (see S.J. Res. 36), S1690 [8MR]

Financial institutions: enhance ability of community financial institutions to foster economic growth and serve their communities, boost small businesses, and increase individual savings (see S. 1002), S3488 [14JN]

——— require appropriate Federal banking agencies to treat certain municipal obligations as high quality liquid assets (see S. 828), S2451 [7AP]

——— require regulatory agencies to take risk profiles and business models of institutions into account when taking regulatory actions (see S. 366), S2047 [28MR]

——— specify when bank holding companies may be subject to certain enhanced supervision (see S. 1893), S6223 [28SE]

Financial Stability Oversight Council: modify term of independent member (see S. 1463), S3830 [28JN]

Firearms: permit States to provide reciprocal treatment for carrying of certain concealed firearms by nonresidents (see S. 446), S1447 [27FE]

——— provide that silencers be treated the same as firearms accessories relative to registration and transfer laws (see S. 1505), S6187 [27SE]

Flag—U.S.: constitutional amendment to prohibit desecration (see S.J. Res. 46), S3608 [19JN]

Floods: clarify that any private flood insurance policy accepted by a State shall satisfy the mandatory purchase requirement (see S. 563), S4116 [20JY]

Foreign aid: establish interagency mechanism to coordinate U.S. development programs and private sector investment activities (see S. 1274), S3212 [25MY]

Forrestal (U.S.S.): anniversary of fire onboard, tribute to those who lost their lives, and commemorate efforts of survivors (see S. Res. 234), S4426 [27JY]

FRS: raise the consolidated assets threshold under the small bank holding company policy statement (see S. 1284), S3397 [12JN]

GAO: ensure adequate access to information (see S. 17), S205 [10JA]

Georgia (country): support territorial integrity (see S. Res. 106), S3011 [17MY]

Global War on Terror Memorial Foundation: authorize establishment of the National Global War on Terrorism Memorial as a commemorative work in the District of Columbia (see S. 926), S3098 [23MY]

Govan, Michael: appoint as citizen regent of Smithsonian Institution Board of Regents (see S.J. Res. 35), S1690 [8MR]

Greece: independence anniversary (see S. Res. 81), S1604 [6MR]

Health: authorize use of unapproved medical products by patients diagnosed with a terminal illness in accordance with State law (see S. 204), S444 [24JA]

Hezbollah (terrorist organization): impose additional sanctions (see S. 1595), S4620 [31JY]

Immigration: ban Federal funding to sanctuary jurisdictions that interfere with enforcement of Federal immigration law and provide liability protection for local law enforcement who enforce Federal laws (see S. 87), S205 [10JA]

——— ban Federal transportation grant funding to sanctuary jurisdictions that interfere with enforcement of Federal immigration law or who penalize local businesses for bidding to work on the border wall (see S. 1126), S2932 [15MY]

——— eliminate Diversity Immigrant Visa Program, limit President’s discretion in setting number of refugees admitted, reduce family-sponsored immigrants, and create a new classification for parents of adult U.S. citizens (see S. 354), S1129 [13FE]

——— establish skills-based immigration points system, focus family-sponsored immigration on spouses and minor children, eliminate Diversity Immigrant Visa Program, and limit number of refugees admitted annually (see S. 1720), S4766 [2AU]

——— extend detention of certain aliens ordered removed (see S. 36), S205 [10JA]

——— increase penalties for those who illegally reenter the U.S. after being removed (see S. 45), S113 [5JA]

Independent Payment Advisory Board: discontinue process of consideration and automatic implementation of the annual proposal to reduce growth rate of Medicare spending (see S.J. Res. 17), S680 [3FE]

——— repeal (see S. 260), S680 [3FE]

Information technology: expand the cybersecurity education pipeline to meet our growing cybersecurity workforce needs (see S. 754), S2531 [25AP]

International trade: include in prohibitions on boycotts against U.S. allies boycotts fostered by international governmental organizations against Israel and direct Eximbank to oppose boycotts against Israel (see S. 720), S2153 [30MR]

Iran: call for unconditional release of U.S. citizens and legal permanent resident aliens being held for political purposes (see S. Res. 245), S6770 [24OC]

——— condemn persecution of Baha’is and continued violation of the International Covenants on Human Rights, impose sanctions for such violations, and call for release of religious prisoners (see S. Res. 139), S8007 [13DE]

——— impose sanctions relative to ballistic missile program, support for acts of international terrorism, and violations of human rights and enforce arms embargo (see S. 722), S2933 [15MY]

Israel: allow State and local governments to divest from entities engaging in boycott, divestment, or sanctions activities targeting Israel (see S. 170), S446 [24JA]

——— anniversary of reunification of Jerusalem (see S. Res. 176), S3244 [5JN]

——— recognize and affirm historical connection of the Jewish people to Jerusalem, commend access of all faiths to holy sites there, and condemn UNESCO efforts to delegitimize that connection (see S. Res. 291), S7335 [27NO]

——— support bilateral peace talks with Palestinians and oppose U.N. Security Council resolution on settlements and U.S. failure to veto such resolution (see S. Res. 6), S114 [5JA]

Juneteenth Independence Day: observance (see S. Res. 214), S3858 [29JN]

Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park: adjust boundary to include Wallis House and Harriston Hill (see S. 136), S314 [12JA]

Korea, Democratic People’s Republic of: require a report on designation as a state sponsor of terrorism (see S. 672), S1997 [27MR]

Labor unions: deter labor slowdowns at U.S. ports (see S. 702), S1932 [22MR]

——— protect the free choice of individual employees relative to participation in labor organizations (see S. 545), S1639 [7MR] (see S. 1774), S5056 [7SE]

Las Vegas, NV: condemn shooting at Route 91 Harvest Festival concert outside Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, express condolences and support for victims and their families, and commend first responders (see S. Res. 292), S6403 [16OC]

Law enforcement: use forfeited criminal proceeds resulting from prosecution of Joaquín A. Guzmán Loera (El Chapo) or other felony drug convictions for border security measures, including a border wall (see S. 939), S2882 [10MY]

Lebanon: call for international assistance, support Syrian refugees and efforts to end Syrian conflict, support U.N. resolution on disarmament of armed groups, and recognize Lebanese Armed Forces as defender of sovereignty (see S. Res. 196), S3686 [21JN]

Medicare: ensure fairness in hospital payments by establishing a floor for the area wage index applied to certain hospitals (see S. 397), S1449 [27FE]

——— provide for home infusion therapy services temporary transition payment (see S. 1738), S4827 [3AU]

Members of Congress: constitutional amendment to limit terms (see S.J. Res. 2), S21 [3JA]

——— prohibit receipt of pay after October 1 of any fiscal year in which a concurrent budget resolution and regular appropriations bills have not been approved (see S. 14), S3010 [17MY]

——— reduce pay for failure to adopt a concurrent budget resolution which does not provide for a balanced budget, establish spending requirements, and restrict tax increases (see S. 98), S276 [11JA]

Moon Jae-in: welcome Republic of Korea President upon U.S. visit and reaffirm importance of alliance between the U.S. and the Republic of Korea (see S. Res. 200), S3732 [22JN]

National Airborne Day: designate (see S. Res. 233), S4432 [27JY]

National Police Week: designate (see S. Res. 173), S3042 [18MY]

National School Choice Week: designate (see S. Res. 26), S445 [24JA]

National security: authorize access to certain records, make permanent certain authorities on roving surveillance, individual terrorists, and foreign surveillance, and modify access requirements for telecommunications records (see S. 1339), S3396 [12JN]

National Stalking Awareness Month: designate (see S. Res. 41), S595 [1FE]

Navy: state U.S. policy on minimum number of available battle force ships (see S. 1414), S3731 [22JN]

Nicaragua: oppose loans at international financial institutions unless effective steps are taken to hold free, fair, and transparent elections (see S. 972), S2615 [27AP] (see S. 2265), S8260 [21DE]

NLRB: clarify membership criteria for collective bargaining units, timing of elections of labor organizations, and employer participation in union election process (see S. 1350), S3487 [14JN]

——— reform criteria for determining employee units appropriate for purposes of collective bargaining (see S. 1217), S3145 [24MY]

——— require provision of lists of employees eligible to vote in labor organization elections and one additional form of personal contact information (see S. 1350), S3487 [14JN]

Ocmulgee National Monument: revise boundary and redesignate as Ocmulgee Mounds National Historical Park (see S. 135), S314 [12JA]

Palestinian Authority: condition foreign aid on steps to end violence and terrorism against U.S. and Israeli citizens, condemn and investigate such acts, and terminate payments to those imprisoned or who died for such acts (see S. 1697), S4830 [3AU]

Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc.: prohibit funding (see S. 241), S656 [2FE]

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) Awareness Month: designate (see S. Res. 336), S7297 [16NO]

Postal Service: require foreign shipments to provide electronic advance customs data to U.S. Customs and Border Protection on packages entering the U.S. to help stop trafficking of illicit synthetic drugs (see S. 372), S1974 [23MR]

Privacy: permanently reauthorize authorities on searching of certain collections of communications (see S. 1297), S3294 [6JN]

Public welfare programs: help individuals receiving assistance under means-tested welfare programs obtain self-sufficiency, provide spending information and limits on such programs, and prohibit Federal funding of abortions (see S. 1290), S4193 [25JY]

Sadat, Anwar: award Congressional Gold Medal posthumously (see S. 266), S1161 [14FE]

SEC: amend certain regulations to increase transparency and strengthen oversight of activist hedge funds (see S. 1744), S4827 [3AU]

——— provide a safe harbor relative to certain investment fund research reports (see S. 327), S1604 [6MR]

Senior citizens: provide training for financial services personnel to identify potential examples of financial exploitation of senior citizens and liability protection for such individuals who disclose such examples (see S. 223), S746 [6FE]

Smithsonian Folklife Festival: anniversary (see S. Con. Res. 19), S3801 [27JN]

Social Security: provide States with option of providing services to children with medically complex conditions under Medicaid and State Children’s Health Insurance Program through a care coordination program (see S. 428), S6971 [1NO]

SSA: disapprove rule on implementation of legislation improving the National Instant Criminal Background Check System by including certain recipients of disability benefits (see S.J. Res. 14), S657 [2FE]

——— modernize classification of disability beneficiaries, provide assistance in obtaining rehabilitative services, and incentivize returning to work for beneficiaries who have recovered (see S. 656), S2847 [9MY]

States: allow temporary waivers to experiment with new approaches that integrate and reform Federal programs in order to provide more coordinated and holistic solutions to families in need (see S. 1427), S3765 [26JN]

Taxation: limit authority of States to tax certain income of employees for employment duties performed in other States (see S. 540), S1639 [7MR]

——— modify certain rules applicable to qualified small issue manufacturing bonds (see S. 773), S2099 [29MR]

——— provide for the tax-exempt financing of certain government-owned buildings (see S. 326), S1130 [13FE]

——— repeal estate and generation-skipping taxes (see S. 205), S490 [30JA]

——— repeal income tax, abolish the IRS, and institute a national retail sales tax (see S. 18), S21 [3JA]

Tobacco products: clarify FDA jurisdiction over certain tobacco products and protect jobs and small businesses involved in the sale, manufacturing, and distribution of cigars (see S. 294), S1397 [16FE]

Tunisia: welcome Prime Minister Youssef Chahed, commend democratic efforts, condemn terrorism, encourage economic reforms, and reaffirm relationship with the U.S. (see S. Res. 217), S3920 [11JY]

U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom: require continued reporting on anti-Semitic incidents, safety and security of Jewish communities, and U.S. partnerships to combat anti-Semitism in Europe (see S. 198), S444 [24JA]

Venezuela: express concern about political, economic, and humanitarian crisis, urge release of political prisoners, and call for respect of constitutional and democratic processes (see S. Res. 35), S595 [1FE]

Veterans: protect veterans’ credit ratings by delaying inclusion of medical debt from services received through Veterans Choice Program and other VA programs from reports to credit reporting agencies (see S. 744), S2531 [25AP]

Vietnamese Conflict: award Congressional Gold Medal to Army Dust Off crews (see S. 1338), S3396 [12JN]

Bills and resolutions introduced

Armed Forces: anniversary of 3d Infantry Division (see S. Res. 340), S7297 [16NO]

——— provide penalties for the sale of any Purple Heart awarded to a member of the Armed Forces (see S. 765), S2099 [29MR]

Case, Stephen M.: appoint as citizen regent of Smithsonian Institution Board of Regents (see S.J. Res. 30), S1578 [2MR]

Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forests: authorize sale of disconnected tracts of land (see S. 571), S1689 [8MR]

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: bring into the regular appropriations process (see S. 387), S1218 [15FE]

——— disapprove rule on prepaid accounts under Electronic Fund Transfer Act and Truth in Lending Act (see S.J. Res. 19), S595 [1FE]

Credit: allow national security freezes for files and credit records of protected consumers, create a nationwide framework for credit freezes, and prohibit credit rating agency use of Social Security numbers (see S. 1982), S6536 [18OC]

——— provide a safe harbor from certain requirements relative to qualified mortgages for residential mortgage loans held on an originating depository institution’s portfolio (see S. 2013), S6853 [26OC]

Dept. of Veterans Affairs: carry out a pilot program to provide access to magnetic EEG/EKG-guided resonance therapy technology to veterans (see S. 514), S1577 [2MR]

Israel: affirm benefits of U.S.-Israel economic relationship, include science and technology innovation in continued cooperation, and encourage expansion of economic dialogue (see S. Res. 90), S1891 [21MR]

Smithsonian Institution: plan, design, and construct a central parking facility on National Zoological Park property (see S. 1954), S6359 [5OC]

Cloture motions

Acosta, R. Alexander: nomination to be Sec. of Labor, S2479 [24AP], S2544 [26AP]

Bradbury, Steven G.: nomination to be Dept. of Transportation General Counsel, S7137 [9NO], S7175 [13NO]

Coats, Daniel: nomination to be Director of National Intelligence, S1772 [13MR], S1811 [15MR]

Coggins, Donald C., Jr.: nomination to be district judge, S7137 [9NO], S7275 [16NO]

Dept. of Defense: authorizing appropriations for military activities, prescribing personnel strengths, and military construction (H.R. 2810), S5474 [13SE], S5732 [14SE], S5785 [18SE]

——— authorizing appropriations for military activities, prescribing personnel strengths, and military construction (H.R. 2810), motion to proceed, S5038 [7SE], S5091 [11SE]

DeVos, Elisabeth Prince (Betsy): nomination to be Sec. of Education, S554 [1FE], S664 [3FE]

Foreign aid: enhance transparency and accelerate impact of assistance, provide assistance for developing countries to promote quality and universal basic education, improve learning outcomes, and eliminate waste (H.R. 601), S5020 [6SE], S5038 [7SE]

Friedman, David M.: nomination to be Ambassador to Israel, S1924 [22MR], S1955 [23MR]

Friedrich, Dabney Langhorne: nomination to be district judge, S7138 [9NO], S7276 [16NO]

Gingrich, Callista L.: nomination to be Ambassador to the Holy See, S6251 [2OC], S6339 [5OC]

Hagerty, William F., IV: nomination to be Ambassador to Japan, S3847 [29JN], S3935 [12JY]

Lighthizer, Robert E.: nomination to be U.S. Trade Representative, S2848 [9MY], S2894 [11MY]

McFadden, Trevor N.: nomination to be district judge, S6707 [23OC], S6836 [26OC]

McMaster, Herbert R., Jr.: nomination to be Lieutenant General, S1772 [13MR]

Mulvaney, Representative: nomination to be OMB Director, S1123 [13FE], S1169 [15FE]

Nye, David C.: nomination to be district judge, S3828 [28JN], S3879 [10JY]

Otting, Joseph: nomination to be Comptroller of the Currency, S7137 [9NO], S7231 [15NO]

Perry, James R. (Rick): nomination to be Sec. of Energy, S1124 [13FE], S1548 [2MR]

Price, Representative Tom: nomination to be Sec. of HHS, S633 [2FE], S963 [6FE]

Protocol to the North Atlantic Treaty on the Accession of Montenegro: ratify, S1960 [23MR], S1992 [27MR]

Pruitt, E. Scott: nomination to be EPA Administrator, S1123 [13FE], S1230 [16FE]

Rao, Neomi: nomination to be OMB Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs Administrator, S3796 [27JN], S3839 [29JN]

Shanahan, Patrick M.: nomination to be Deputy Sec. of Defense, S3971 [13JY], S4016 [17JY]

Sullivan, John J.: nomination to be Deputy Sec. of State, S3039 [18MY], S3080 [23MY]

Thapar, Amul R.: nomination to be circuit judge, S3060 [22MY], S3124 [24MY]

Tillerson, Rex W.: nomination to be Sec. of State, S430 [24JA], S469 [30JA]

Verma, Seema: nomination to be Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Administrator, S1625 [7MR], S1719 [9MR]

Zatezalo, David G.: nomination to be Assistant Sec. of Labor for Mine Safety and Health, S7137 [9NO], S7206 [14NO]

Pledge of Allegiance 

Senate, S1857 [21MR]

Privilege of the floor

Lynn, Madison, S7650 [30NO]


Appropriations: legislative process, S3277 [6JN], S3541 [15JN]

Armed Forces: provide penalties for the sale of any Purple Heart awarded to a member of the Armed Forces (S. 765), S4806 [3AU]

Budget: deficit, S3277 [6JN], S3541 [15JN], S5044S5046 [7SE], S6908S6910 [31OC]

——— establish a deficit-neutral reserve fund relative to significantly improving the budget process, S6629 [19OC]

——— setting forth the Federal budget for 2018–2027 (H. Con. Res. 71), S6616, S6629 [19OC]

Disasters: express condolences for victims of, and commend law enforcement and first responders for efforts in response to, tornadoes in Georgia and Mississippi, S416 [24JA]

Economy: impact of tax cuts, S6909 [31OC]

——— national objectives priority assignments, S1204 [15FE], S5044S5046 [7SE], S6908S6910 [31OC]

Gorsuch, Neil M.: nomination to be Supreme Court Justice, S569 [1FE], S2079 [29MR], S2414 [4AP]

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: impact of implementation on health care, coverage, costs, and accessibility, S1020 [9FE], S3542 [15JN], S4162 [24JY]

——— repeal, S1020 [9FE]

——— use of budget reconciliation to repeal and reform health care and insurance procedures (H.R. 1628), S3542 [15JN], S4161 [24JY]

Perdue, Sonny: nomination to be Sec. of Agriculture, S2482 [24AP]

Presidential appointments: Senate process for confirmation of judicial nominees, S2079 [29MR], S2414 [4AP]

——— Senate process for confirmation of political nominees, S1020 [9FE], S1203 [15FE], S1560 [2MR], S4161 [24JY]

Price, Representative Tom: nomination to be Sec. of HHS, S1020 [9FE]

Senate: legislative program, S3963 [12JY]

Senate Rules: provide for cloture on nominations to be invoked with less than a three-fifths majority, S2414 [4AP]

——— use of filibuster to impede confirmation of judicial nominees, S2079 [29MR]

Sessions, Attorney General: call to recuse himself from investigation into relationship between President Trump’s campaign and Russian officials, S1560 [2MR]

Taxation: clarify that a foreign corporation shall not be considered a controlled foreign corporation with respect to a U.S. shareholder if certain ownership requirements exist, S8110 [19DE]

——— prohibit legislation to reform the Federal tax code from increasing the deficit, S7530 [30NO]

——— reform the Federal tax code, S6173 [27SE], S6616 [19OC]

——— use of budget reconciliation to reform the Federal tax code, S6908 [31OC]

——— use of budget reconciliation to reform the Federal tax code (H.R. 1), S7121 [8NO], S7235 [15NO], S7393 [29NO], S7916 [7DE]

——— use of budget reconciliation to reform the Federal tax code (H.R. 1), conference report, S8110, S8126 [19DE]

——— use of budget reconciliation to reform the Federal tax code (H.R. 1), motion to commit, S7530 [30NO]

Trump, President: Executive order suspending the issuance of visas to nationals of certain countries and entrance of all refugees, S570 [1FE]

Washington Metrorail Safety Commission: establish (H.J. Res. 76), unanimous-consent agreement, S4806 [3AU]

Texts of

S. 765, Purple Heart Preservation Act, S4806 [3AU]


Moore, Harold G., Jr., S1688• [8MR]