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URL Structure

Last updated on 02-12-2021

Four key pieces of information are used to construct predictable and permanent URLs to govinfo publications (each available format) and Details pages.

These URLs are predictable because the URLs follow a pattern (below) that can be formed using an identifier unique to the particular publication.

These URLs are permanent because GPO makes efforts to ensure the links will remain unchanged. This type of link might also be referred to as a permalink or persistent identifier.

See specific examples for each collection on each individual help page.

The following structures can be used to access Details pages and specific documents in govinfo. What are Packages and Granules?

Details page for an Entire Package
Structure:{Package ID}

Details Page for a Specific Granule
Structure:{Package ID}/{Granule ID}

Package Level File
Structure:{Package ID}/{Rendition Name}/{Package ID}.{File Extension}

Granule Level File
Structure:{Package ID}/{Rendition Name}/{Granule ID}.{File Extension}

Identifier Structure/Metadata Field
Package ID The identifier for the entire package (document).
Granule ID The identifier for the individual granule (part of a document).
Rendition The name of the rendition for a specific file format. (e.g., pdf, html, xml, xls)
File Extension The file extension of the content file. (e.g., pdf, htm, xml, xls)