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About Sitemaps

Sitemaps can be used by systems to crawl and harvest content from GovInfo. Our sitemap indices and sitemaps follow a standard XML sitemap protocol to allow external developers and systems, such as internet search engines, more easily discover and access GovInfo content. For more information on how to use our sitemaps or report issues, please see our sitemap repository.

GovInfo groups sitemaps by collection - in a sitemap index -- and then each individual sitemap is organized by collection_year, with the exception of the USCOURTS collection, which lists by collection_courtCode_year.

Sitemaps are available for the following collections:

Bills and Statutes

Budget and Presidential Materials

Congressional Committee Materials

Congressional Rules and Procedures

Directories of Organizations and Officials

Executive Agency Publications

Judicial Publications

Legislative Agency Publications

Proceedings of Congress and General Congressional Publications

Regulatory Information

Additional Collections

Bulk Data Sitemaps

The following links provide sitemaps for data available in the govinfo Bulk Data Repository.