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System Design and Documentation

System Design Documents

GPO is making portions of the System Design Document (SDD) publicly available for reference and reuse. These documents are provided for informational purposes only and do not obligate the GPO in any way. GPO reserves the right to make changes to these documents as program needs demand. Updates to the SDD will be released at the discretion of GPO, as volumes are added or revised.

The original System Design Document (SDD) for FDsys consists of multiple volumes of individual design documents. These design documents contain the high-level architecture as well as separate detailed design documents for each of the major components of the system.

Requirements Documents

Data Management Document (DMD)

GPO is also making available an example of a Data Management Document (DMD), which contains detailed data processing information for each type of the publication collection that is managed by the system:

Concept of Operations

White Papers

System Release and Capabilities

Other Documents