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June 2018 Release Notes

Release Notes
Reminder about FDsys retirement in December, user suggested improvements, fixes and enhancements

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About govinfo Release Notes - Code is deployed to implement changes to govinfo components on a quarterly release cycle. Shortly after each deployment, we post highlights of the work we've done since the last quarterly deployment in these Release Notes articles. This may include new features, enhancements, bug fixes, and much more. Read past Release Notes

Reminder: FDsys Will Be Retired in December 2018

govinfo was launched in 2016 to eventually replace GPO's Federal Digital System (FDsys) website. We'd like to remind all users that in December, FDsys will be retired and govinfo will take its place.

What do I need to know about the transition?

  • In December 2018, FDsys will be retired and govinfo will take its place as your source for official U.S. Government information from all three branches.
  • govinfo provides access to the same publications and search functionality as FDsys, but has a new look and new features.
  • FDsys users should transition to govinfo and create any new links to govinfo instead of FDsys.

Attention Data Users: Please explore the govinfo developer tools available for your use (sitemaps, link service, etc.) If you have questions regarding the transition or the use of govinfo developer tools for updating processes, please contact GPO or open an issue on GPO's GitHub page.

Is everything that is available on FDsys available on govinfo?

Both FDsys and govinfo provide access to the same repository of content on the backend and will do so until FDsys retires. Either site will provide you access to the content; however, GPO encourages users to transition to accessing content from govinfo instead of FDsys in preparation for the retirement of FDsys later this year. Looking for a certain FDsys resource on govinfo?

Will my links to FDsys break?

While both FDsys and govinfo are operational, your links to FDsys will continue to resolve to FDsys. Immediately before retiring FDsys, GPO will enable automated redirects to govinfo. GPO will make every effort to ensure FDsys links are redirected as close as possible to the equivalent govinfo link. When creating new links to content and pages please link to govinfo instead of FDsys.

Where can I get help and find more information?

Learn more about the transition from FDsys to govinfo, explore the govinfo help pages for help finding publications, learning what's available, sample searches, metadata fields for each collection, tutorials, handouts, and more.

Send feedback about govinfo or contact GPO with any questions.

User Suggested Improvements

Every release, we aim to implement improvements recommended directly by our users. Send us your feedback and check future release notes to see what we've improved.

Display of Multiple CFR Volumes for Download

Some Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) titles and subtitles are so large they are divided into multiple volumes for download of the full title (you can also download parts, chapters, and sections by expanding the sections on the browse page or through search). On the CFR browse landing page on govinfo, when a title is comprised of multiple volumes, a "Download Volumes" button provides access to the available formats, Details, and Share links for each volume. Now, clicking the "Download Volumes" button results in a new, user friendly pop up window to provide improved access to these options.

Link service for the Code of Federal Regulations

For example, Titles 5 and 7 of the CFR 2018 annual edition are comprised of multiple volumes.

Code of Federal Regulations browse landing page

File format, Details, and Share buttons are available on govinfo for each volume in this new, user friendly display.

Code of Federal Regulations browse landing page

The new display is especially optimal for long lists of volumes; for example, Title 7 of the CFR 2016 annual edition.

New Senate Journal Landing Page

A new page is available for easier access to editions of the Journal of the Senate of the United States, published pursuant to the Constitution of the United States (Art. I, Sec. 5) under the direction of the Secretary of the Senate. The new landing page is linked from the category browse page and the A to Z browse list.

Senate Journal browse landing page

Editions of the Senate Journal are made available on govinfo as we receive them from the office of the Secretary of the Senate.

Fixes and Enhancements

Please note that certain fixes and enhancements require content to be re-processed or re-published for the updates to take effect. This will be completed over a period of time. Content made available after these fixes and enhancements have been implemented will reflect the updates.

  • Deployed code to support a new content collection
  • Prepared for ingest of upcoming new digitized content
  • Provided additional tools for developers
  • Implemented software and security updates
  • Worked on API, Innovation Hub, and USLM integration
  • Streamlined the build and deployment processes
  • Made performance improvements for certain components
  • Implemented more than 17 bug fixes and enhancements including:
    • preservation repository reports
    • updates to Congressional Committee and Hearing browse pages
    • updates to schema resolver
    • fix for parsing of roman numerals when they appear in titles in the Code of Federal Regulations
    • fix for capitalization of certain characters in search results display
    • fix for sort order of publications on certain browse pages

Recently Added Content

Take a look at these content additions since our last release.

Cover of Asian and Pacific Islander Americans in Congress, 1900-2017

Asian and Pacific Islander Americans in Congress

May 17, 2018 - Available on govinfo as H. Doc. 108-226

American Flag

Unified Agenda, Spring 2018

June 11, 2018 - 83 FR 27085 - Unified Agenda of Regulatory and Deregulatory Actions and the Regulatory Plan

Feature Article Highlights

Since our last release, we posted 8 feature articles; here are a couple of our favorites.

Photo of Sally Ride; Credit: NASA

Anniversary of the First American Woman to Fly in Space

June 15, 2018

Fish in the ocean

World Oceans Day 2018

June 7, 2018

An artist's rendition showing the inner structure of Mars, Source: NASA

InSight Launching to Mars

May 1, 2018

Coming Soon

Some things we're working on next.

  • Backend work and user support for the transition from FDsys to govinfo
  • Link service enhancements
  • Metrics and reporting enhancements
  • Continued developer tool enhancements
  • Collection and user interface improvements