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Native American and American Indian Related Publications

Native American and American Indian related digitized publications and official documents of Congress and Federal agency publishers are available through GovInfo.

In 2018, The U.S. Government Publishing Office established a Digital Content Contributor Partnership with Oklahoma State University in order to provide permanent public access to Kappler’s Indian Affairs: Laws and Treaties through GovInfo. These historically significant documents were originally compiled and edited by Charles J. Kappler and contain seven volumes of U.S. treaties, laws and executive orders pertaining to Native American Indian tribes. The volumes cover U.S. Government treaties with Native Americans from 1778-1883 (Volume II) and U.S. laws and executive orders concerning Native Americans from 1871-1970 (Volumes I, III-VII). Digitization of this content was made possible by significant gifts from the AMIGOS Bibliographic Council, the Atlanta-based Coca-Cola Foundation and the Angie Debo estate and Oklahoma State University.

In order to increase discoverability of Native American and American Indian Related publications within GovInfo, users may access the lists below to search for and retrieve specific documents related to this topic.

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