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Sunshine Week 2018

Celebrate Open Government March 11-17

Sunshine Week is a nationwide initiative highlighting the importance of public access to government information. Several federal agencies are holding celebrations in observance of Sunshine Week including the National Archives (announced in the Federal Register), the Census Bureau, and the Department of Justice.

GPO's Commitment to Open Government

A service of the U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO), govinfo is a key contributor to ensuring permanent public access to digital Federal Government publications.

  • Committed to access - govinfo provides free online access to more than 1.4 million titles of Federal Government information from all three branches.
  • Committed to preservation - Content on govinfo is preserved for the long-term in GPO's standards-compliant preservation repository.
  • Committed to authenticity - PDFs on govinfo are digitally signed to assure users of their authenticity.
  • Committed to open data - govinfo provides data in structured XML format for bulk download for ten collections.
  • Committed to reuse of data - govinfo offers developer tools to easily reuse and repurpose data including a link service and sitemaps.
  • Committed to data standards - GPO makes available the United States Legislative Markup (USLM) XML schema as an authoritative source on GitHub and is leading an initiative to convert a subset of legislative and regulatory XML publications into USLM format.