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Government Publications Trivia

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Use govinfo to find the answers

Think U.S. Government publications are boring? Think again. Government publications are often the primary sources of the history of the United States and contain more information than you can imagine. To help prove this, here are a few trivia questions you can answer using content you can find on govinfo.

Question 1: What office posted notices after the conclusion of World War II on the disposal of property of citizens of a designated enemy country?

The Department of Justice’s Office of Alien Property regularly issued notices about property disposal in the years after World War II.

Question 2: The Apollo 11 astronauts were quarantined for how many days following their mission?

The Apollo 11 astronauts were quarantined for 22 days, from July 21 to August 11, 1969.

Question 3: Which 6 Senators voted against the joint resolution declaring war on Germany on April 4, 1917?

Senators Gronna, Lano, Stone, Vardaman, La Follette, and Norris all voted no.

Question 4: Who were the first Representatives from New Mexico after it became a state in 1912?

The first representatives from New Mexico were George Curry and H.B. Ferguson.

Question 5: When did Congress ratify an agreement that allows at least 3 wagon and other roads could be constructed from points on the Missouri River through the Sioux Nation reservation?

Congress ratified the agreement that allowed the construction of at least 3 wagon and other roads from points on the Missouri River through the Sioux Nation reservation on Feb. 28, 1877.

Question 6: How much was the Department of the Interior given for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1941, to repair, maintain, and operate domestic and stock water facilities on the Navajo, Hopi, and Papago Reservations in Arizona as well as several Pueblos in New Mexico?

The Department of Interior was given $100,000 for the maintenance of the water facilities.

Question 7: How much did it cost to register a car in Panama in 1960?

It cost $5.02 for Panamanian car registration in 1960.

Question 8: How many cases of malaria did the Ancon Hospital treat in September, 1916?

The Ancon Hospital treated 62 cases of malaria in September 1916.

Question 9: What vegetable does President George H. W. Bush dislike?


Question 10: Did Chuck D and LL Cool J ever testify before the U.S. Senate?

Yes, both testified before the Committee on Governmental Affairs in September 2003 on illegal file sharing on peer-to-peer networks.