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Anniversary of the First Live Televised Presidential News Conference

Featured Content January 25, 2019 – 58 years ago, President John F. Kennedy held the first live televised presidential news conference

"The fact of the matter is that the time when President Kennedy started televised press conferences there were only three or four newspapers in the entire United States that carried a full transcript of a presidential press conference. Therefore, what people read was a distillation... We thought that they should have the opportunity to see it in full."

From the auditorium of the State Department, President John F. Kennedy’s press conference was carried live on both radio and television. Although President Woodrow Wilson held the first presidential press conference on March 15,1913, and President Eisenhower held the first televised (film footage) press conference January 19, 1955, President John F. Kennedy was the first to use the medium of television to address the American people live without delay or editing.

Live press conferences gave the public an opportunity to not just read about details of the presidential policies and proposals, but also see more into their personality and brand of leadership. With the changes in technology, choices for venues for the conferences have changed by presidency as well as the type of press session where presidents feel the most comfortable responding to reporters. Today’s live television allows presidents to have increased contact with reporters, but allowing them to do it on their own terms. Source: Presidential Press Conferences (The White House Historical Association)

Did you know?
  • President Nixon held the first prime time press conference
  • President George H.W. Bush established the joint press conference
Source: Presidential Press Conferences (The White House Historical Association)

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