Senate Committee on Rules and Administration

The Senate Committee on Rules and Administration has jurisdiction over matters relating to administration of the Senate Office Buildings and the Senate wing of the Capitol; Senate rules and regulations, including floor and gallery rules; corrupt practices; credentials and qualifications of Members of the Senate, and contested elections; Federal elections generally, including the election of the President, Vice President, and Members of the Congress; Government Printing Office, and the printing and correction of the Congressional Record; meetings of the Congress and attendance of Members; presidential succession; purchase of books and manuscripts and erection of monuments to the memory of individuals; Senate Library and statuary, art, and pictures in the Capitol and Senate Office Buildings; services to the Senate, including the Senate restaurant; United States Capitol and congressional office buildings, the Library of Congress, the Smithsonian Institution, and the Botanic Gardens; and other areas. [Senate Manual Rule XXV, Clause 1 (n)]

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