LOEFFLER, KELLY (a Senator from Georgia)


Appropriations: making continuing (H.R. 8337), S5879 [24SE]

China: condemn human rights violations of ethnic Turkic Muslims and call for an end to arbitrary detention, torture, and harassment of these communities (S. 178), S4670 [3AU], S4949 [5AU], S5303 [6AU]

Dept. of Defense: authorizing appropriations for military activities, prescribing personnel strengths, and military construction (S. 4049), S3361, S3393, S3527, S3528 [25JN], S3676, S3962, S3963 [29JN], S4136, S4155 [1JY], S4191 [2JY], S4473 [23JY] (see S. 4049), S4424 [22JY]

Dept. of Energy: support innovation in advanced geothermal research (S. 2657), S1315 [3MR], S1638 [9MR], S5898 [29SE]

Diseases and disorders: making supplemental appropriations to provide nutrition, health care, and unemployment benefits to those impacted by coronavirus (H.R. 6201), S1808 [18MR]

Health: extend certain public health programs (H.R. 8337), S5879 [24SE]

IRS: modernize and improve (H.R. 1957), S2947 [11JN]


Acting President pro tempore, S7047 [18NO]

Bills and resolutions cosponsored

Abortion: prohibit certain abortion-related discrimination in government activities (see S. 183), S990 [11FE]

——— prohibit discrimination against the unborn on the basis of sex (see S. 182), S857 [4FE]

——— prohibit taxpayer funded abortions (see S. 109), S125 [9JA]

——— protect lives of born and unborn persons (see S. 159), S3157 [23JN]

——— protect pain-capable unborn children (see S. 160), S125 [9JA] (see S. 3275), S989 [11FE]

——— require health care practitioners to exercise the proper degree of care in the case of a child who survives an abortion or attempted abortion (see S. 130), S125 [9JA]

——— require parental notification and intervention for minors seeking an abortion (see S. 3686), S6330 [20OC]

African Americans: mint coins in commemoration of Negro Leagues baseball establishment anniversary (see S. 2321), S246 [15JA]

Agriculture: combat unfair trade practices affecting core seasonal industries by allowing producers to bring trade cases if they can prove illegal seasonal dumping of products by foreign producers (see S. 16), S2379 [12MY]

Alcoholic beverages: reform taxation (see S. 362), S4347 [21JY]

Andrews, Mark: tribute (see S. Res. 770), S6675 [12NO]

Animals: prohibit use of Federal funds for purchasing dogs and cats from wet markets in China (see S. 3628), S2380 [12MY]

Antifa (movement): call for designation of groups as domestic terrorist organizations, condemn violent actions, and urge expression of opinions without violence or threats (see S. Res. 279), S2633 [1JN]

Armed Forces: extend lease protections for members under stop movement orders in response to local, national, or global emergency (see S. 3637), S2290 [6MY]

——— provide for portability of professional licenses of members and their spouses (see S. 4608), S5705 [17SE]

——— provide that members and spouses have the same rights regarding receipt of firearms at the location of any duty station (see S. 3493), S1741 [12MR]

Australia: recognize longstanding partnership with the U.S. to share critical firefighting resources during times of crisis (see S. Res. 527), S1476 [4MR]

Black History Month: observance (see S. Res. 516), S1220 [27FE]

Budget: improve Federal fiscal controls and the congressional budget process (see S. 2765), S1076 [13FE]

——— modify the governmentwide financial management plan (see S. 3287), S2587 [21MY]

Business and industry: prohibit technology companies from discriminating when enforcing terms of service (see S. 3983), S3063 [17JN]

——— require clear disclosure of seller location and country-of-origin labeling for products advertised for sale on the Internet and prohibit false and misleading representation of U.S. product origin (see S. 3707), S2421 [13MY]

——— require online marketplaces to disclose certain verified information regarding high-volume third party sellers of consumer products to inform consumers (see S. 3431), S4941 [5AU]

Buy American Act: encourage the Government and the people of the U.S. to support provisions (see S. Res. 625), S3064 [17JN]

Career and Technical Education Month: designate (see S. Res. 515), S1220 [27FE]

Caribbean Basin Economic Recovery Act: extend certain provisions relative to apparel products (see S. 2473), S5895 [29SE]

Carter, Rosalynn Smith: tribute (see S. Res. 726), S5895 [29SE]

Children and youth: ensure State agencies and other providers of foster care services make every effort to ensure siblings remain together in the foster system (see S. Res. 603), S2649 [2JN]

China: condemn human rights violations of ethnic Turkic Muslims and call for an end to arbitrary detention, torture, and harassment of these communities (see S. 3744), S2450 [14MY]

——— condemn national security law banning secession, subversion, and foreign interference in Hong Kong in violation of Sino-British Joint Declaration and Hong Kong Basic Law and call on all nations to stand with Hong Kong (see S. Res. 596), S2586 [21MY]

——— condemn use of forced labor and other coercive measures to destroy religious freedom in Tibet (see S. Res. 752), S6403 [22OC]

——— impose sanctions relative to forced abortions (see S. 4799), S6331 [20OC]

Coburn, Tom: tribute (see S. Res. 583), S2504 [19MY]

Colleges and universities: anniversary of 1890 Land-Grant Educational Institutions (see S. Con. Res. 42), S4633 [30JY]

Commission on the Social Status of Black Men and Boys: establish (see S. 2163), S2763 [8JN]

Courts: discourage insubstantial lawsuits relative to coronavirus while preserving ability of individuals and businesses that have suffered real injury to obtain complete relief (see S. 4317), S5274 [6AU]

——— strip foreign sovereign immunity of certain foreign states to secure justice for victims of coronavirus in the U.S. (see S. 4212), S6330 [20OC]

Crime: enhance penalties for killing, attempting to kill, or assaulting a public safety officer (see S. 1508), S5610 [15SE]

——— establish rebuttable presumption that a person arrested for rioting or related offenses should be held pending trial (see S. 4550), S5511 [9SE]

——— hold individuals convicted of Federal offenses during public gatherings resulting in riots financially liable for cost of Federal policing (see S. 4553), S5511 [9SE]

——— make a deliberate, targeted attack on a law enforcement officer a Federal crime (see S. 4605), S5705 [17SE]

——— provide cause of action for persons injured by rioting (see S. 4551), S5511 [9SE]

Cuba: support pursuit of religious and political freedom and democratic reforms (see S. Res. 215), S6723 [16NO]

Dept. of Agriculture: provide assistance to manage farmer and rancher stress and mental health of individuals in rural areas (see S. 2599), S2291 [6MY]

——— provide for defense of agriculture and food through the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility (see S. 2695), S435 [21JA]

Dept. of Commerce: establish Office of Minority Broadband Initiatives within National Telecommunications and Information Administration (see S. 4422), S6722 [16NO]

Dept. of Defense: improve certain defense and security assistance policies and authorize appropriation of funds to Israel (see S. 3176), S1157 [25FE]

——— modify authority to appoint retired Armed Forces members to departmental positions (see S. 2115), S1742 [12MR]

——— provide for inclusion of names of crew members of U.S.S. Frank E. Evans killed on June 3, 1969, on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial (see S. 849), S5511 [9SE]

Dept. of Education: allow parents of eligible military dependent children to redirect a portion of their per pupil Impact Aid Program allocations to establish Military Education Savings Accounts (see S. 695), S4729 [4AU]

——— ensure campus access at public institutions of higher education for religious groups (see S. 1168), S4264 [20JY]

——— ensure public higher education institutions eschew policies that constrain expressive rights of students and ensure private institutions are transparent and accountable for speech policies (see S. 4483), S5270 [6AU]

——— establish job training Federal Pell Grants demonstration program (see S. 1072), S1156 [25FE]

——— make grants to educational organizations for Holocaust educational programs (see S. 2085), S2553 [20MY]

——— provide for accreditation reform, require institutions of higher education to publish information on student success, and provide for fiscal and student loan accountability by institutions (see S. 2339), S4729 [4AU]

——— streamline credit sharing between community colleges and four-year institutions so transfer students know when they are eligible to receive an associate’s degree through a reverse transfer (see S. 1490), S1256 [2MR]

——— update postsecondary student data system to ensure students and families have access to accurate and complete information on student outcomes (see S. 800), S5550 [10SE]

Dept. of HHS: provide emergency financial assistance to rural health care facilities and providers impacted by coronavirus emergency (see S. 3559), S1915 [22MR]

——— support research on, and expanded access to, investigational drugs for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (see S. 4867), S7423 [10DE]

Dept. of Homeland Security: ensure that efforts to engage in espionage or technology transfer are considered in visa issuance (see S. 4345), S4544 [28JY]

——— establish School Safety Clearinghouse (see S. 2530), S965 [10FE]

——— require U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to take into custody certain aliens who have been charged with a crime that resulted in the death or serious injury of another person (see S. 285), S964 [10FE]

Dept. of Justice: create award for law enforcement officers who exemplify best practices to reduce the excessive use of force or improve community policing (see S. 3968), S3127 [22JN]

——— provide public safety officer death benefits for certain public safety officers who contract coronavirus (see S. 3607), S2241 [5MY]

Dept. of Labor: prohibit payment of Pandemic Unemployment Assistance and Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation to millionaires (see S. 3777), S2735 [4JN]

Dept. of State: develop a strategy to regain observer status for Taiwan in WHO (see S. 249), S2343 [11MY]

Dept. of the Treasury: provide States with access to records on unredeemed savings bonds to facilitate reuniting of bonds with bondholders by putting names and addresses in State unclaimed property databases (see S. 2417), S1076 [13FE]

Dept. of Veterans Affairs: carry out a pilot program on information sharing with designated relatives and friends of veterans on assistance and benefits available to the veterans (see S. 2864), S639 [28JA]

——— conduct a pilot program on posttraumatic growth (see S. 3235), S4729 [4AU]

——— provide financial assistance to eligible entities to provide and coordinate suicide prevention services for veterans at risk of suicide and veteran families (see S. 1906), S435 [21JA]

——— provide flexibility in caring for homeless veterans during certain public health emergencies (see S. 3898), S2734 [4JN]

——— provide for inclusion of certain emblems on headstones and markers furnished for veterans (see S. 3616), S2289 [6MY]

——— provide for payment of work-study allowances during coronavirus emergency and allowances to veterans enrolled in educational institutions closed for emergency situations (see S. 3678), S2342 [11MY]

——— restore a veteran’s rights to own or possess a firearm by requiring proof a veteran is a danger to self or others before reporting to National Instant Criminal Background Check System (see S. 1331), S1156 [25FE]

——— treat certain education programs converted to distance learning for emergencies and health-related situations in the same manner as programs at educational institutions (see S. 3503), S1761 [16MR]

Diseases and disorders: allow States to approve use of diagnostic tests during a public health emergency (see S. 3769), S2504 [19MY]

——— establish commission to review certain regulatory obstacles to preparedness for, response to, and recovery from coronavirus pandemic and other pandemics (see S. 4708), S7179 [2DE]

DiSilvestro, Michael P.: designate as Director Emeritus of Senate Security (see S. Res. 582), S2504 [19MY]

Doherty, Glen: award Congressional Gold Medal posthumously (see S. 2054), S6377 [21OC]

Drugs: prohibit deceptive sale of fentanyl (see S. 3342), S1219 [27FE]

Education: improve District of Columbia Opportunity Scholarship Program, expand educational choices for the disabled, and establish a scholarship program for military children (see S. 145), S5408 [13AU]

——— prohibit States and localities that seek to impede free formation of education pods from receiving Federal emergency education funds and provide teacher expense deduction for home educators (see S. 4788), S6027 [1OC]

——— provide for emergency education freedom grants and establish tax credits to encourage individuals and corporations to contribute to scholarships for students through eligible scholarship-granting organizations (see S. 4284), S4669 [3AU]

Election Assistance Commission: establish 2020 Bipartisan Advisory Committee to analyze integrity and administration of 2020 general election for Federal office (see S. 4895), S6675 [12NO]

Employment: promote general health and well-being of individuals accessing work through digital marketplace companies (see S. 3773), S2552 [20MY]

European Union: urge to exempt certain technologies used to detect child sexual exploitation from European Union ePrivacy directive (see S. Res. 794), S7240 [7DE]

FCC: establish Office of Rural Broadband (see S. 454), S2553 [20MY]

FDA: improve regulation of abortion drugs by prohibiting approval of new drugs, preventing labeling changes of existing drugs, and limiting dispensing of drugs remotely, by mail, or telemedicine (see S. 3072), S2215 [4MY]

——— support advanced manufacturing technologies program (see S. 3432), S2933 [11JN]

Federal agencies and departments: modify, consolidate, or repeal unnecessary agency major rules (see S. 4196), S4266 [20JY]

——— provide for disclosure of cost, performance, and areas of duplication among Federal programs and leverage existing data to achieve a functional Federal program inventory (see S. 2177), S1042 [12FE]

Federal aid programs: make certain States and local governments that purposefully obstruct the rule of law ineligible to receive Federal finance assistance (see S. 4085), S4223 [2JY]

Financial institutions: delay implementation of current expected credit losses (CECL) methodology for estimating allowances for credit losses (see S. 3502), S1875 [20MR]

Firearms: establish appropriate rules for prosecutors and Federal judges to carry a concealed firearm (see S. 4445), S4940 [5AU]

——— more comprehensively address the interstate transportation of firearms or ammunition (see S. 3139), S640 [28JA]

——— permit States to provide reciprocal treatment for carrying of certain concealed firearms by nonresidents (see S. 69), S637 [28JA]

——— remove silencers from definition of firearms relative to taxation, registration, and transfer laws (see S. 817), S638 [28JA]

Floyd, George: call for justice relative to death (see S. Res. 613), S3158 [23JN]

Foreign aid: establish a review of U.S. aid to multilateral entities (see S. 3626), S2380 [12MY]

——— prohibit assistance to nonprofits, foreign nongovernmental organizations, and quasi-autonomous nongovernmental organizations that promote or perform abortions (see S. 3259), S963 [10FE]

Foreign trade: impose sanctions relative to deliberate concealment or distortion of information about public health emergencies of international concern (see S. 3600), S2241 [5MY]

Freedom of religion: call for global repeal of blasphemy, heresy, and apostasy laws (see S. Res. 458), S4223 [2JY]

——— support and defend (see S. Res. 806), S7713 [18DE]

Health: codify rule requiring hospitals and insurers disclose discounted cash pricing and negotiated rates to consumers (see S. 4106), S4032 [30JN]

——— promote common sense solutions to improve health care delivery and affordability for all people (see S. Res. 777), S7077 [18NO]

House of Representatives: call on Speaker to appoint managers and transmit articles of impeachment against President Donald J. Trump to the Senate (see S. Res. 467), S125 [9JA]

Human rights: encourage protection and promotion of internationally recognized human rights during coronavirus pandemic (see S. 3819), S2585 [21MY]

——— reauthorize comprehensive research and statistical review and analysis of trafficking in persons and commercial sex acts (see S. 3319), S1158 [25FE]

Immigration: ban Federal funding to sanctuary jurisdictions that interfere with enforcement of Federal immigration law and provide liability protection for local law enforcement who enforce Federal laws (see S. 1644), S5272 [6AU]

——— clarify definition of sanctuary jurisdictions, provide civil remedies for victims of crimes committed by individuals benefitting from a sanctuary policy, and withhold grant funding from such jurisdictions (see S. 2059), S4506 [27JY]

——— establish skills-based immigration points system, focus family-sponsored immigration on spouses and minor children, eliminate Diversity Immigrant Visa Program, and limit number of refugees admitted (see S. 1103), S5512 [9SE]

——— fund southern border wall by requiring a work-authorized Social Security number to claim refundable tax credits and welfare applicants to verify citizenship, and increasing illegal border crossing fines (see S. 53), S4506 [27JY]

——— provide for inadmissibility for certain aliens seeking citizenship for children by giving birth in the U.S. (see S. 4161), S4220 [2JY]

——— screen asylum seekers at U.S. embassies or consulates outside the U.S., create bench warrants for immigrants failing to appear for court, provide detention alternatives, and codify third country asylum rule (see S. 2292), S4506 [27JY]

Information technology: help small business broadband providers keep customers connected (see S. 3569), S2242 [5MY]

Insurance: allow membership organizations to offer health insurance to members through health share pools, including across State lines, regardless of employment relationship or pre-existing condition (see S. 3610), S2325 [7MY]

——— restore legal rights for claimants under Holocaust-era insurance policies (see S. 2621), S2698 [3JN]

International Olympic Committee: express that the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in China should be rebid to be hosted by a country that recognizes and respects human rights (see S. Res. 526), S1297 [3MR]

Internet: regulate posting of personal information of government officials (see S. 4965), S7214 [3DE]

Iran: call on U.N. Security Council to adopt a resolution that extends certain restrictions relative to arms technology transfers (see S. Res. 509), S2242 [5MY]

——— condemn persecution of Baha’is and continued violation of the International Covenants on Human Rights, impose sanctions for such violations, and call for release of religious prisoners (see S. Res. 578), S7448 [11DE]

Israel: authorize funding for bilateral cooperative program with Israel for development of health technologies with a focus on combating coronavirus (see S. 3722), S2808 [9JN]

Jimmy Carter National Historic Site: redesignate as Jimmy Carter National Historic Park (see S. 3098), S1076 [13FE]

Juneteenth Independence Day: designate (see S. Res. 620), S2973 [15JN]

Labor unions: protect the free choice of individual employees relative to participation in labor organizations (see S. 525), S1156 [25FE]

Law enforcement: improve and reform policing practices, accountability, and transparency (see S. 3985), S3064 [17JN]

——— oppose calls to defund police (see S. Res. 613), S3158 [23JN]

Law enforcement officers: express gratitude and support to Federal, State, and local officers and condemn violence against officers, especially recent attack on Los Angeles County, CA, deputies (see S. Res. 697), S5652 [16SE]

Lewis, John: tribute (see S. Res. 660), S4544 [28JY]

Medicaid: allow for greater State flexibility relative to excluding providers who are involved in abortions (see S. 4658), S5832 [23SE]

——— require States report abortion data to CDC to receive certain family planning funding (see S. 2585), S3157 [23JN]

Medicare: preserve access to rural health care by ensuring fairness in hospital payments (see S. 3665), S2452 [14MY]

Members of Congress: constitutional amendment to limit terms (see S.J. Res. 1), S2380 [12MY]

——— prohibit receipt of pay after October 1 of any fiscal year in which a concurrent budget resolution and regular appropriations bills have not been approved (see S. 39), S6403 [22OC]

Middle East: support announcements of establishment of full diplomatic relations between Israel and United Arab Emirates and Bahrain (see S. Res. 709), S5706 [17SE]

Morality and ethics: protect dignity of fetal remains (see S. 2590), S1221 [27FE]

National Adoption Day: support goals and ideals (see S. Res. 787), S7179 [2DE]

National Adoption Month: support goals and ideals (see S. Res. 787), S7179 [2DE]

National Airborne Day: designate (see S. Res. 677), S5271 [6AU]

National American Indian Veterans, Inc.: grant Federal charter (see S. 4715), S6598 [25OC]

National Blueberry Month: designate (see S. Res. 656), S4635 [30JY]

National Centers of Excellence in Advanced Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: establish (see S. 3432), S2933 [11JN]

National Charter Schools Week: support goals and ideals (see S. Res. 571), S2379 [12MY]

National Commission on Online Child Sexual Exploitation Prevention: establish (see S. 3398), S6625 [9NO]

National Hispanic-Serving Institutions Week: designate (see S. Res. 703), S5706 [17SE]

National Police Week: designate (see S. Res. 577), S2422 [13MY]

National Post-Traumatic Stress Awareness Day: designate (see S. Res. 618), S2973 [15JN]

National Post-Traumatic Stress Awareness Month: designate (see S. Res. 618), S2973 [15JN]

National Purple Heart Honor Commission: mint coins in commemoration (see S. 2815), S6027 [1OC]

National School Choice Week: designate (see S. Res. 478), S277 [16JA]

National Women’s History Month: designate (see S. Res. 563), S2290 [6MY]

National Women’s Suffrage Month: designate (see S. Res. 648), S4222 [2JY]

NIH: make awards to outstanding scientists, including physician-scientists, to support researchers focusing on pediatric research, including basic, clinical, translational, or pediatric pharmacological research (see S. 3023), S1120 [24FE]

OSHA: authorize Voluntary Protection Programs (see S. 904), S4264 [20JY]

Pensacola, FL: condemn terrorist attack at Naval Air Station and honor those who lost their lives or were injured (see S. Res. 793), S7214 [3DE]

Pensions: allow participants in certain retirement plans to delay 2020 contributions to 2021 or 2022 (see S. 4297), S4471 [23JY]

Pledge of Allegiance: defend constitutionality (see S. Res. 715), S5865 [24SE]

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) Awareness Month: support goals and ideals (see S. Res. 670), S5271 [6AU]

Presidential appointments: prohibit certain individuals from being appointed to positions if the individual worked on a special counsel investigation that investigated or prosecuted a President or Presidential candidate (see S. 4056), S3206 [24JN]

Public welfare programs: amend Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program by renaming program, enforcing work requirements, and improving distribution of funds and program administration (see S. 802), S4471 [23JY]

Religion: ensure organizations with religious or moral convictions are allowed to provide child welfare services (see S. 274), S5511 [9SE]

Religious Education Week: designate (see S. Res. 750), S6376 [21OC]

Revels, Hiram R.: tribute (see S. Res. 508), S1219 [27FE]

Sarbanes, Paul S.: tribute (see S. Res. 797), S7280 [8DE]

SBA: provide for automatic forgiveness of certain Paycheck Protection Program loans (see S. 4117), S4349 [21JY]

——— remove all tax liability associated with loan forgiveness under Paycheck Protection Program (see S. 3596), S2215 [4MY]

Schools: prohibit Federal funding to teach the 1619 Project initiative (see S. 4292), S5444 [8SE]

Schumer, Senator: condemn and censure for remarks about Supreme Court Justices (see S. Res. 532), S1597 [5MR]

Senate Rules: allow for dismissal of articles of impeachment for failure to prosecute if not received from the House of Representatives in a certain number of days (see S. Res. 463), S59 [7JA]

——— create point of order against legislation modifying number of Supreme Court justices (see S. 4805), S6073 [19OC]

Smith, Sean: award Congressional Gold Medal posthumously (see S. 2054), S6377 [21OC]

Social Security: eliminate waiting period for disability insurance benefits for individuals with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) (see S. 578), S125 [9JA]

Soleimani, Qasem: tribute to U.S. intelligence and military mission leading to death in Iraq (see S. Res. 466), S125 [9JA]

SSA: provide for a single point of contact for individuals who are victims of identity theft (see S. 3731), S2450 [14MY]

States: restrict certain Federal grants for States that grant driver licenses to illegal immigrants and fail to share information about criminal aliens with the Federal Government (see S. 3286), S1041 [12FE]

Stevens, J. Christopher: award Congressional Gold Medal posthumously (see S. 2054), S6377 [21OC]

Supreme Court: constitutional amendment to require the Supreme Court be composed of nine justices (see S.J. Res. 76), S6073 [19OC]

——— constitutional amendment to require the Supreme Court be composed of not more than nine justices (see S.J. Res. 14), S5732 [21SE]

Taxation: allow limited 529 college savings programs funds to be used for elementary and secondary education, including homeschooling (see S. 157), S4544 [28JY]

——— clarify that receipt of SBA Paycheck Protection Program coronavirus assistance does not affect tax treatment of ordinary business expenses paid with such assistance (see S. 3612), S4506 [27JY]

——— establish a new tax credit for charitable donations to nonprofit organizations providing workforce training and education scholarships to qualified elementary and secondary schools (see S. 634), S5390 [11AU]

——— expand and improve health savings accounts (see S. 3112), S6074 [19OC]

——— expand tax-free distributions from individual retirement accounts to include rollovers for charitable life-income plans for charitable purposes (see S. 1257), S2451 [14MY]

——— increase age limits for ABLE account eligibility (see S. 651), S1075 [13FE]

——— permanently allow a tax deduction at the time an investment in qualified property is made (see S. 3296), S1742 [12MR]

——— provide a special rule for certain casualty losses of uncut timber (see S. 1687), S5610 [15SE]

——— repeal estate and generation-skipping taxes (see S. 215), S810 [3FE]

——— require information reporting relative to qualified opportunity zone tax incentives enacted by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and require public reports related to such tax incentives (see S. 2994), S858 [4FE]

——— restore incentives for investments in qualified improvement property (see S. 803), S1741 [12MR]

U.S. Foreign Service Day: designate (see S. Res. 556), S2215 [4MY]

Unemployment: improve emergency unemployment relief for governmental entities and nonprofit organizations (see S. 4001), S3157 [23JN] (see S. 4209), S4221 [2JY]

Veterans: increase rates of disability compensation for veterans with service-connected disabilities and dependency and indemnity compensation for survivors of certain disabled veterans (see S. 4579), S5609 [15SE]

Vietnamese Conflict: award Congressional Gold Medal to Army Dust Off crews (see S. 3748), S2451 [14MY]

Violence Against Women Act: reauthorize (see S. 2920), S3157 [23JN]

Warmbier, Otto F.: commemorate life and condemn treatment by North Korea (see S. Res. 623), S3065 [17JN]

Women: denounce female genital mutilation/cutting and call for international efforts to accelerate elimination of such acts (see S. Res. 494), S964 [10FE]

Woods, Tyrone: award Congressional Gold Medal posthumously (see S. 2054), S6377 [21OC]

World War II: award a Congressional Gold Medal, collectively, to U.S. Army Rangers veterans (see S. 1757), S943 [5FE]

——— award a Congressional Gold Medal, collectively, to women who joined the workforce to provide vehicles, weaponry, and ammunition to win the war and were referred to as ‘‘Rosie the Riveter’’ (see S. 892), S5272 [6AU]

——— award a Congressional Gold Medal to members of Women’s Army Corps assigned to the 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion, known as the ‘‘Six Triple Eight’’ (see S. 633), S6038 [5OC]

——— recognize anniversary of amphibious landing on Japanese island of Iwo Jima and subsequent Allied victory, honor those who fought and died there, and commemorate raising of U.S. flag on Mount Suribachi (see S. Res. 502), S1075 [13FE]

Bills and resolutions introduced

Abortion: ensure women seeking an abortion are notified, before giving informed consent, of medical risks associated with abortion procedure, and major developmental characteristics of the unborn child (see S. 3388), S1476 [4MR]

Business and industry: exempt certain businesses from liability arising from claims relative to an individual contracting coronavirus as a result of patronizing a business or healthcare entity (see S. 3915), S2763 [8JN]

Credit: exclude from credit reports certain debts of patients with substantial medical bills (see S. 4037), S3156 [23JN]

Crime: create a Federal crime of destruction of property and looting of certain commercial entities (see S. 4425), S4728 [4AU]

——— make murder of Federal, State, or local law enforcement officer a crime punishable by life in prison or death (see S. 4630), S5731 [21SE]

——— provide for liability for interactive computer services that willfully or recklessly promote or facilitate child exploitation, amend certain protections for such services, and enhance certain penalties (see S. 5012), S7447 [11DE]

Dept. of Agriculture: establish position of Domestic Agriculture Supply Chain Administrator to connect U.S. farmers with food banks, grocers, and nonprofit food distributors during periods of food scarcity (see S. 3970), S3012 [16JN]

——— require purchases of agricultural commodities under Food Purchase and Distribution Program be from domestically owned enterprises (see S. 3980), S3063 [17JN]

Dept. of Commerce: codify Minority Business Development Agency (see S. 5011), S7447 [11DE]

Dept. of Education: allow States to send Federal funds for low-income students to public or private school of family’s choice or directly to parents to pay for tuition, books, or tutoring (see S. 4563), S5549 [10SE]

——— recognize sex based solely on reproductive biology and genetics at birth for purposes of determining compliance with Title IX in athletics (see S. 4649), S5788 [22SE]

Dept. of HHS: call for payments to States for Child Care and Development Block Grant Program to cover losses experienced by child care providers due to coronavirus pandemic (see S. Res. 594), S2586 [21MY]

——— reauthorize telehealth network and telehealth resource centers grant programs (see S. 3438), S1703 [11MR]

Dept. of Homeland Security: anniversary of Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers (see S. Res. 668), S5271 [6AU]

Dept. of Justice: reauthorize grant program to increase training for State and local prosecutors to address violent crime and property destruction during rioting (see S. 4580), S5609 [15SE]

——— strengthen Federal sentencing guidelines for criminal gang activity and create Federal criminal gang database (see S. 4238), S4346 [21JY]

——— withhold percentage of Federal funding from State and local prosecutors who fail to faithfully prosecute crimes related to protests and riots (see S. 4424), S4728 [4AU]

Dept. of Labor: cap benefits received under Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (see S. 3857), S2632 [1JN]

Dept. of Transportation: withhold certain highway safety funding from State and local governments that defund or otherwise reduce funding for certain law enforcement entities without a clear budgetary reason (see S. 3960), S2973 [15JN]

Dept. of Veterans Affairs: authorize certain postgraduate health care employees and health professions trainees to provide treatment via telemedicine (see S. 3643), S2323 [7MY]

——— make certain enhancements to grants to entities that provide housing vouchers and supportive services to homeless veterans (see S. 4858), S6415 [23OC]

FDA: require manufacturers of essential medical devices to report circumstances that could lead to shortages of such devices (see S. 3468), S1740 [12MR]

Federal agencies and departments: provide for a method by which the economic costs of significant regulatory actions may be offset by the repeal of other regulatory actions (see S. 3860), S2632 [1JN]

Firearms: express that undue restrictions on right of law-abiding gun owners to carry a firearm for self-defense outside of home violate the Second Amendment (see S. Con. Res. 40), S3156 [23JN]

——— protect rights of citizens under the Second Amendment (see S. 4040), S3156 [23JN]

Government regulations: reopen U.S. by rescinding, modifying, waiving, or providing exemptions from regulations and other requirements that may inhibit economic recovery from coronavirus pandemic (see S. 3941), S2932 [11JN]

Health: provide short-term, limited duration health insurance plan options (see S. 3821), S2585 [21MY]

——— reauthorize certain programs regarding rural health care (see S. 3437), S1703 [11MR]

Information technology: require that providers and users of interactive computer services meet certain standards to qualify for liability protections (see S. 4062), S3206 [24JN]

——— revoke immunity for removal of lawful political content by large interactive computer service providers (see S. 4828), S6376 [21OC]

National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day: designate (see S. Res. 562), S2290 [6MY]

Office of the U.S. Trade Representative: establish position of Chief Pharmaceutical and Medical Supply Chain Negotiator (see S. 3942), S2932 [11JN]

——— report on plans to facilitate full implementation of World Trade Organization agreements and prevent high-income nations from seeking developing nations status under trade agreements (see S. 3978), S3063 [17JN]

Racial relations: commemorate life of George Floyd, recognize right to peaceably assemble and protest, urge end to violence, and enhance law enforcement training to ensure equal protection under the law (see S. Res. 612), S2808 [9JN]

SBA: assume responsibility of verifying small business concerns owned and controlled by veterans or service-disabled veterans (see S. 4520), S5379 [10AU]

——— extend covered period for loan forgiveness and rehiring period under Paycheck Protection Program (see S. 3859), S2632 [1JN]

——— increase eligibility of nonprofit organizations for loans under Paycheck Protection Program (see S. 3709), S2421 [13MY]

Senate: condemn Speaker of the House Pelosi for politicization of constitutional amendment authorizing Vice President to assume duties of President under certain circumstances (see S. Res. 747), S6073 [19OC]

Taxation: expand tax benefits relative to dependent care assistance programs (see S. 3765), S2504 [19MY]

——— incentivize manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies and devices to relocate to U.S. (see S. 3945), S2932 [11JN]

——— increase exclusion for educational assistance programs (see S. 3916), S2763 [8JN]

——— make permanent the permissible first-dollar coverage of telehealth services in health savings accounts (see S. 4039), S3156 [23JN]

Veterans: honor service and sacrifice of Armed Forces members, veterans, prisoners of war, and Gold Star Families (see S. Res. 686), S5511 [9SE]

Voting: increase criminal penalties for tampering with or interfering in Federal elections (see S. 4721), S5864 [24SE]

Certificates of appointment 

Senate, S20 [6JA]

Pledge of Allegiance 

Senate, S7047 [18NO]

Questions—Impeachment trial

Impeachment Trial of President Trump: by, S647, S686 [29JA], S736 [30JA]


Abortion: protect pain-capable unborn children (S. 3275), motion to proceed, S1132 [25FE]

——— require health care practitioners to exercise the proper degree of care in the case of a child who survives an abortion or attempted abortion (S. 311), motion to proceed, S1132 [25FE]

Barrett, Amy Coney: nomination to be Supreme Court Justice, S6367 [21OC]

Dept. of Homeland Security: anniversary of Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers (S. Res. 668), S5239, S5240 [6AU]

Dept. of Justice: strengthen Federal sentencing guidelines for criminal gang activity and create Federal criminal gang database (S. 4238), S4351 [21JY]

Diseases and disorders: provide emergency assistance and health care response for individuals, families, and businesses affected by coronavirus pandemic, S1899 [22MR], S1955 [23MR], S2002 [24MR], S2279 [6MY], S2523 [20MY]

Health: efforts to combat coronavirus outbreak, S1587 [5MR]

Independence Day: observance, S4091 [1JY]

Information technology: revoke immunity for removal of lawful political content by large interactive computer service providers (S. 4828), S6367 [21OC]

National Agriculture Day: observance, S2002 [24MR]

National Day of the American Cowboy: designate (S. Res. 654), S4359 [21JY]

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: repeal excise tax on high cost employer-sponsored health coverage (H.R. 748), motion to proceed, S1899 [22MR], S1955 [23MR], S2002 [24MR]

SBA: increase eligibility of nonprofit organizations for loans under Paycheck Protection Program (S. 3709), S2524 [20MY]

Senate: condemn Speaker of the House Pelosi for politicization of constitutional amendment authorizing Vice President to assume duties of President under certain circumstances (S. Res. 747), S6367 [21OC]

——— legislative program, S4360 [21JY]

Supreme Court: nominee selection process, S5827 [23SE]

Taxation: expand tax benefits relative to dependent care assistance programs (S. 3765), S2524 [20MY]

U.S. Semiquincentennial Commission: modify certain membership and other requirements (S. 3989), S4359 [21JY]

Veterans: honor service and sacrifice and condemn denigration by President Trump of military service, prisoners of war, and Gold Star families (S. Res. 685), S5493 [9SE]

——— honor service and sacrifice of Armed Forces members, veterans, prisoners of war, and Gold Star Families (S. Res. 686), unanimous-consent request, S5494 [9SE]

Remarks in Senate relative to

Insurance: reform health care and insurance procedures, S7033 [17NO]

Statements—Impeachment trial

Impeachment Trial of President Trump: by, S803 [3FE]


Lewis, John, S4340 [21JY]