29 U.S.C.
United States Code, 2018 Edition
Title 29 - LABOR
Part A - Individuals With Significant Disabilities
subpart 1 - general provisions
Sec. 796 - Purpose
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§796. Purpose

The purpose of this part is to promote a philosophy of independent living, including a philosophy of consumer control, peer support, self-help, self-determination, equal access, and individual and system advocacy, in order to maximize the leadership, empowerment, independence, and productivity of individuals with disabilities, and the integration and full inclusion of individuals with disabilities into the mainstream of American society, by—

(1) providing financial assistance to States for providing, expanding, and improving the provision of independent living services;

(2) providing financial assistance to develop and support statewide networks of centers for independent living; and

(3) providing financial assistance to States for improving working relationships among State independent living rehabilitation service programs, centers for independent living, Statewide Independent Living Councils established under section 796d of this title, State vocational rehabilitation programs receiving assistance under subchapter I, State programs of supported employment services receiving assistance under subchapter VI, client assistance programs receiving assistance under section 732 of this title, programs funded under other subchapters of this chapter, programs funded under other Federal law, and programs funded through non-Federal sources, with the goal of improving the independence of individuals with disabilities.

(Pub. L. 93–112, title VII, §701, as added Pub. L. 105–220, title IV, §410, Aug. 7, 1998, 112 Stat. 1217; amended Pub. L. 113–128, title IV, §471, July 22, 2014, 128 Stat. 1685.)

Prior Provisions

A prior section 796, Pub. L. 93–112, title VII, §701, as added Pub. L. 102–569, title VII, §701(2), Oct. 29, 1992, 106 Stat. 4443; amended Pub. L. 103–73, title I, §114(a), Aug. 11, 1993, 107 Stat. 728, related to purpose of program to provide assistance for independent living for individuals with severe disabilities, prior to the general amendment of this subchapter by Pub. L. 105–220.

Another prior section 796, Pub. L. 93–112, title VII, §701, as added Pub. L. 95–602, title III, §301, Nov. 6, 1978, 92 Stat. 2995, provided Congressional statement of purpose of former subchapter VII, prior to repeal by Pub. L. 102–569, §701(1).


2014—Par. (3). Pub. L. 113–128 substituted "subchapter VI" for "part B of subchapter VI" and inserted before period at end ", with the goal of improving the independence of individuals with disabilities".