42 U.S.C.
United States Code, 2014 Edition
Part E - Energy Conservation Program for Schools and Hospitals
Sec. 6371d - Applications for financial assistance
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§6371d. Applications for financial assistance

(a) Limitation on number of applications by States, schools, and hospitals; submittal to State energy agency

Applications of States, schools, and hospitals for financial assistance under this part for energy conservation projects shall be made not more than once for any fiscal year. Schools and hospitals applying for such financial assistance shall submit their applications to the State energy agency and the State energy agency shall make a single submittal to the Secretary, containing all applications which comply with the State plan.

(b) Required information

Applications for financial assistance under this part for energy conservation projects shall contain, or shall be accompanied by, such information as the Secretary may reasonably require, including the results of energy audits which comply with guidelines under this part. The annual submittal to the Secretary by the State energy agency under subsection (a) of this section shall include a listing and description of energy conservation projects proposed to be funded within the State during the fiscal year for which such application is made, and such information concerning expected expenditures as the Secretary may, by rule, require.

(c) Conditions for financial assistance; applications consistent with related State programs and health plans

(1) The Secretary may not provide financial assistance to States, schools, or hospitals for energy conservation projects unless the application for a grant for such project is submitted through, or approved by the appropriate State hospital facilities agency or State school facilities agency, respectively, and determined by the State energy agency to comply with the State plan.

(2) Applications of States, schools, and hospitals and State plans pursuant to this part shall be consistent with—

(A) related State programs for educational facilities in such State, and

(B) State health plans under section 300m–3(c)(2) 1 and 300o–2 1 of this title, and shall be coordinated through the review mechanisms required under section 300m–2 1 of this title and section 1320a–1 of this title.

(d) Compliance required for approval; reasons for disapproval; resubmittal; amendment

The Secretary shall approve such applications submitted by a State energy agency as he determines to be in compliance with this section and with the requirements of the applicable State plan approved under section 6371c of this title. The Secretary shall state the reasons for his disapproval in the case of any application which he disapproves. Any application not approved by the Secretary may be resubmitted by the applicant at any time in the same manner as the original application and the Secretary shall approve such resubmitted application as he determines to be in compliance with this section and the requirements of the State plan. Amendments of an application shall, except as the Secretary may otherwise provide, be subject to approval in the same manner as the original application. All or any portion of an application under this section may be disapproved to the extent that funds are not available under this part to carry out such application or portion.

(e) Suspension of further assistance for failure to comply

Whenever the Secretary, after reasonable notice and opportunity for hearing to any State, school, or hospital receiving assistance under this part, finds that there has been a failure to comply substantially with the provisions set forth in the application approved under this section, the Secretary shall notify the State, school, or hospital that further assistance will not be made available to such State, school or hospital under this part until he is satisfied that there is no longer any such failure to comply. Until he is so satisfied no further assistance shall be made to such State, school, or hospital under this part.

(Pub. L. 94–163, title III, §395, as added Pub. L. 95–619, title III, §302(a), Nov. 9, 1978, 92 Stat. 3244.)

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