42 U.S.C.
United States Code, 2014 Edition
Part A - Energy Efficiency
Sec. 16192 - Next Generation Lighting Initiative
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§16192. Next Generation Lighting Initiative

(a) Definitions

In this section:

(1) Advanced solid-state lighting

The term "advanced solid-state lighting" means a semiconducting device package and delivery system that produces white light using externally applied voltage.

(2) Industry Alliance

The term "Industry Alliance" means an entity selected by the Secretary under subsection (d).

(3) Initiative

The term "Initiative" means the Next Generation Lighting Initiative carried out under this section.

(4) Research

The term "research" includes research on the technologies, materials, and manufacturing processes required for white light emitting diodes.

(5) White light emitting diode

The term "white light emitting diode" means a semiconducting package, using either organic or inorganic materials, that produces white light using externally applied voltage.

(b) Initiative

The Secretary shall carry out a Next Generation Lighting Initiative in accordance with this section to support research, development, demonstration, and commercial application activities related to advanced solid-state lighting technologies based on white light emitting diodes.

(c) Objectives

The objectives of the Initiative shall be to develop advanced solid-state organic and inorganic lighting technologies based on white light emitting diodes that, compared to incandescent and fluorescent lighting technologies, are longer lasting, are more energy-efficient and cost-competitive, and have less environmental impact.

(d) Industry Alliance

Not later than 90 days after August 8, 2005, the Secretary shall competitively select an Industry Alliance to represent participants who are private, for-profit firms, open to large and small businesses, that, as a group, are broadly representative of United States solid-state lighting research, development, infrastructure, and manufacturing expertise as a whole.

(e) Research

(1) Grants

The Secretary shall carry out the research activities of the Initiative through competitively awarded grants to—

(A) researchers, including Industry Alliance participants;

(B) small businesses;

(C) National Laboratories; and

(D) institutions of higher education.

(2) Industry alliance

The Secretary shall annually solicit from the Industry Alliance—

(A) comments to identify solid-state lighting technology needs;

(B) an assessment of the progress of the research activities of the Initiative; and

(C) assistance in annually updating solid-state lighting technology roadmaps.

(3) Availability to public

The information and roadmaps under paragraph (2) shall be available to the public.

(f) Development, demonstration, and commercial application

(1) In general

The Secretary shall carry out a development, demonstration, and commercial application program for the Initiative through competitively selected awards.

(2) Preference

In making the awards, the Secretary may give preference to participants in the Industry Alliance.

(g) Cost sharing

In carrying out this section, the Secretary shall require cost sharing in accordance with section 16352 of this title.

(h) Intellectual property

The Secretary may require (in accordance with section 202(a)(ii) of title 35, section 2182 of this title, and section 5908 of this title) that for any new invention developed under subsection (e)—

(1) that the Industry Alliance participants who are active participants in research, development, and demonstration activities related to the advanced solid-state lighting technologies that are covered by this section shall be granted the first option to negotiate with the invention owner, at least in the field of solid-state lighting, nonexclusive licenses and royalties on terms that are reasonable under the circumstances;

(2)(A) that, for 1 year after a United States patent is issued for the invention, the patent holder shall not negotiate any license or royalty with any entity that is not a participant in the Industry Alliance described in paragraph (1); and

(B) that, during the year described in subparagraph (A), the patent holder shall negotiate nonexclusive licenses and royalties in good faith with any interested participant in the Industry Alliance described in paragraph (1); and

(3) such other terms as the Secretary determines are required to promote accelerated commercialization of inventions made under the Initiative.

(i) National Academy review

The Secretary shall enter into an arrangement with the National Academy of Sciences to conduct periodic reviews of the Initiative.

(Pub. L. 109–58, title IX, §912, Aug. 8, 2005, 119 Stat. 858.)