40 U.S.C.
United States Code, 2014 Edition
Sec. 3313 - Use of energy efficient lighting fixtures and bulbs
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§3313. Use of energy efficient lighting fixtures and bulbs

(a) Construction, Alteration, and Acquisition of Public Buildings.—Each public building constructed, altered, or acquired by the Administrator of General Services shall be equipped, to the maximum extent feasible as determined by the Administrator, with lighting fixtures and bulbs that are energy efficient.

(b) Maintenance of Public Buildings.—Each lighting fixture or bulb that is replaced by the Administrator in the normal course of maintenance of public buildings shall be replaced, to the maximum extent feasible, with a lighting fixture or bulb that is energy efficient.

(c) Considerations.—In making a determination under this section concerning the feasibility of installing a lighting fixture or bulb that is energy efficient, the Administrator shall consider—

(1) the life-cycle cost effectiveness of the fixture or bulb;

(2) the compatibility of the fixture or bulb with existing equipment;

(3) whether use of the fixture or bulb could result in interference with productivity;

(4) the aesthetics relating to use of the fixture or bulb; and

(5) such other factors as the Administrator determines appropriate.

(d) Energy Star.—A lighting fixture or bulb shall be treated as being energy efficient for purposes of this section if—

(1) the fixture or bulb is certified under the Energy Star program established by section 324A of the Energy Policy and Conservation Act (42 U.S.C. 6294a);

(2) in the case of all light-emitting diode (LED) luminaires, lamps, and systems whose efficacy (lumens per watt) and Color Rendering Index (CRI) meet the Department of Energy requirements for minimum luminaire efficacy and CRI for the Energy Star certification, as verified by an independent third-party testing laboratory that the Administrator and the Secretary of Energy determine conducts its tests according to the procedures and recommendations of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America, even if the luminaires, lamps, and systems have not received such certification; or

(3) the Administrator and the Secretary of Energy have otherwise determined that the fixture or bulb is energy efficient.

(e) Additional Energy Efficient Lighting Designations.—The Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Secretary of Energy shall give priority to establishing Energy Star performance criteria or Federal Energy Management Program designations for additional lighting product categories that are appropriate for use in public buildings.

(f) Guidelines.—The Administrator shall develop guidelines for the use of energy efficient lighting technologies that contain mercury in child care centers in public buildings.

(g) Applicability of Buy American Act.—Acquisitions carried out pursuant to this section shall be subject to the requirements of the Buy American Act 1 (41 U.S.C. 10c et seq.).

(h) Effective Date.—The requirements of subsections (a) and (b) shall take effect 1 year after the date of enactment of this subsection.

(Added Pub. L. 110–140, title III, §323(c)(1)(B), Dec. 19, 2007, 121 Stat. 1590.)

References in Text

The Buy American Act, referred to in subsec. (g), is title III of act Mar. 3, 1933, ch. 212, 47 Stat. 1520, which was classified generally to sections 10a, 10b, and 10c of former Title 41, Public Contracts, and was substantially repealed and restated in chapter 83 (§8301 et seq.) of Title 41, Public Contracts, by Pub. L. 111–350, §§3, 7(b), Jan. 4, 2011, 124 Stat. 3677, 3855. For complete classification of this Act to the Code, see Short Title of 1933 Act note set out under section 101 of Title 41 and Tables. For disposition of sections of former Title 41, see Disposition Table preceding section 101 of Title 41.

The date of enactment of this subsection, referred to in subsec. (h), is the date of enactment of Pub. L. 110–140, which was approved Dec. 19, 2007.

Prior Provisions

A prior section 3313 was renumbered section 3314 of this title.

Effective Date

Section effective on the date that is 1 day after Dec. 19, 2007, see section 1601 of Pub. L. 110–140, set out as a note under section 1824 of Title 2, The Congress.

1 See References in Text note below.