15 U.S.C.
United States Code, 2014 Edition
Sec. 790f - Reports by Director
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§790f. Reports by Director

(a) Periodic and special reports by Director to Congress and public; contents

The Director shall make periodic reports and may make special reports to the Congress and the public, including but not limited to—

(1) such reports as the Director determines are necessary to provide a comprehensive picture of the quarterly, monthly, and, as appropriate, weekly supply and consumption of the various nonmineral energy resources, mineral fuels, and electricity in the United States; the information reported may be organized by company, by States, by regions, or by such other producing and consuming sectors, or combinations thereof, and shall be accompanied by an appropriate discussion of the evolution of the energy supply and consumption situation and such national and international trends and their effects as the Director may find to be significant; and

(2) an annual report which includes, but is not limited to, a description of the activities of the Office and the National Energy Information System during the preceding year; a summary of all special reports published during the preceding year; a summary of statistical information collected during the preceding year; short-, medium-, and long-term energy consumption and supply trends and forecasts under various assumptions; and, to the maximum extent practicable, a summary or schedule of the amounts of mineral fuel resources, nonmineral energy resources, and mineral fuels that can be brought to market at various prices and technologies and their relationship to forecasted demands.

(b) Duty of Director to insure adequate documentation of forecasts and reports; periodic audit and validation of analytical methodologies; availability of information to public

(1) The Director, on behalf of the Administrator, shall insure that adequate documentation for all statistical and forecast reports prepared by the Director is made available to the public at the time of publication of such reports. The Director shall periodically audit and validate analytical methodologies employed in the preparation of periodic statistical and forecast reports.

(2) The Director shall, on a regular basis, make available to the public information which contains validation and audits of periodic statistical and forecast reports.

(c) Approval prior to publication of forecasts and reports

Prior to publication, the Director may not be required to obtain the approval of any other officer or employee of the United States with respect to the substance of any statistical or forecasting technical reports which he has prepared in accordance with law.

(Pub. L. 93–275, §57, as added Pub. L. 94–385, title I, §142, Aug. 14, 1976, 90 Stat. 1139.)

Effective Date

Section effective 150 days after Aug. 14, 1976, see section 143 of Pub. L. 94–385, set out as a note under section 790 of this title.

Termination of Reporting Requirements

For termination, effective May 15, 2000, of provisions in subsec. (a)(2) of this section relating to an annual report to Congress, see section 3003 of Pub. L. 104–66, as amended, set out as a note under section 1113 of Title 31, Money and Finance, and page 90 of House Document No. 103–7.

Transfer of Functions

Functions assigned to Director of Office of Energy Information and Analysis under this subchapter vested in Administrator of Energy Information Administration within Department of Energy by section 7135(c) of Title 42, The Public Health and Welfare.

Federal Energy Administration terminated and functions vested by law in Administrator thereof transferred to Secretary of Energy (unless otherwise specifically provided) by sections 7151(a) and 7293 of Title 42.