42 U.S.C.
United States Code, 2010 Edition
Division K - Training and Technical Assistance
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Division K—Training and Technical Assistance

§12657. Training and technical assistance

(a) In general

The Corporation shall, directly or through grants, contracts, or cooperative agreements (including through State Commissions), conduct appropriate training for and provide technical assistance to—

(1) programs receiving assistance under the national service laws; and

(2) entities (particularly entities in rural areas and underserved communities) that desire to—

(A) carry out or establish national service programs; or

(B) apply for assistance (including subgrants) under the national service laws.

(b) Activities included

Such training and technical assistance activities may include—

(1) providing technical assistance to entities applying to carry out national service programs or entities carrying out national service programs;

(2) promoting leadership development in national service programs;

(3) improving the instructional and programmatic quality of national service programs;

(4) developing the management and budgetary skills of individuals operating or overseeing national service programs, including developing skills to increase the cost effectiveness of the programs under the national service laws;

(5) providing for or improving the training provided to the participants in programs under the national service laws;

(6) facilitating the education of individuals participating in national service programs in risk management procedures, including the training of participants in appropriate risk management practices;

(7) training individuals operating or overseeing national service programs—

(A) in volunteer recruitment, management, and retention to improve the abilities of such individuals to use participants and other volunteers in an effective manner, which training results in high-quality service and the desire of participants and volunteers to continue to serve in other capacities after the program is completed;

(B) in program evaluation and performance measures to inform practices to augment the capacity and sustainability of the national service programs; or

(C) to effectively accommodate individuals with disabilities to increase the participation of individuals with disabilities in national service programs, which training may utilize funding from the reservation of funds under section 12581(k) of this title to increase the participation of individuals with disabilities;

(8) establishing networks and collaboration among employers, educators, and other key stakeholders in the community to further leverage resources to increase local participation in national service programs, and to coordinate community-wide planning and service with respect to national service programs;

(9) providing training and technical assistance for the National Senior Service Corps, including providing such training and technical assistance to programs receiving assistance under section 5001 of this title; and

(10) carrying out such other activities as the Chief Executive Officer determines to be appropriate.

(c) Priority

In carrying out this section, the Corporation shall give priority to programs under the national service laws and entities eligible to establish such programs that seek training or technical assistance and that—

(1) seek to carry out high-quality programs where the services are needed most;

(2) seek to carry out high-quality programs where national service programs do not exist or where the programs are too limited to meet community needs;

(3) seek to carry out high-quality programs that focus on and provide service opportunities for underserved rural and urban areas and populations; and

(4) seek to assist programs in developing a service component that combines students, out-of-school youths, and older adults as participants to provide needed community services.

(Pub. L. 101–610, title I, §199N, as added Pub. L. 111–13, title I, §1821, Apr. 21, 2009, 123 Stat. 1577.)

Effective Date

Part effective Oct. 1, 2009, see section 6101(a) of Pub. L. 111–13, set out as an Effective Date of 2009 Amendment note under section 4950 of this title.