[United States Senate Manual, 110th Congress]
[S. Doc. 110-1]
[Non-statutory Standing Orders and Regulations Affecting the Business of the Senate]
[Page 122]
[From the U.S. Government Publishing Office, www.gpo.gov]

        64                  FLOWERS IN THE SENATE CHAMBER

                Resolved, That until further orders the Sergeant at Arms 
            is instructed not to permit flowers to be brought into the 
            Senate Chamber.

            [S. Jour. 261, 58-3, Feb. 24, 1905.]

                Resolved, That notwithstanding the resolution of the 
            Senate of February 24, 1905, upon the death of a sitting 
            Senator, the majority leader and the minority leader may 
            permit a display of flowers to be placed upon the desk of 
            the deceased Senator on the day set aside for eulogies.

                                    [S. Res. 221, 98-1, Sept. 15, 1983.]