[Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States: WILLIAM J. CLINTON (2000-2001, Book III)]
[December 22, 2000]
[Page 2778]
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Message on the Observance of Kwanzaa, 2000
December 22, 2000

    Warm greetings to everyone celebrating Kwanzaa.
    One of the best ways we can shape the future is to preserve what we 
value of our past. The celebration of Kwanzaa is a wonderful example of 
this endeavor. With its focus on the values that have sustained African 
Americans through the centuries--unity, self-determination, collective 
work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity, and 
faith--Kwanzaa also emphasizes the importance of strong families and 
communities to our success as a nation in the years to come.
    African Americans have a proud history and a rich heritage. During 
this holiday season, as Americans of many different back-grounds 
remember and rejoice in their cultural and religious traditions, let us 
all give thanks for the diversity that is among America's greatest 
strengths, and let us unite around the shared dreams and values that 
bind us together as one nation.
    Hillary joins me in sending best wishes to all for a memorable 
Kwanzaa and for peace and happiness in the years to come.

                                                      William J. Clinton

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