[Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States: William J. Clinton (1998, Book II)]
[September 14, 1998]
[Page 1585]
[From the U.S. Government Publishing Office www.gpo.gov]

Remarks at a Performance of ``The Lion King'' in New York City
September 14, 1998

    Thank you so much. I will be very brief tonight. For one thing, you 
need to know that I have to be brief tonight because if we're not out of 
here, with all the pictures taken, by 11:30, we kick into overtime--
[laughter]--and we dilute the impact of your contributions in November. 
[Laughter] And I don't want to do that.
    But I do want to say to Peter, to Tom, to the incredible cast and 
the musicians, I found myself looking back and forth--I have a cricked 
neck from looking at these two percussionists here who were so 
magnificent tonight. Thank you very much.
    And I just want to thank you all for giving us a night we'll never 
forget in this magnificent theater. I also want to thank all of you for 
being here, for being here for Hillary and me and Al and Tipper, for 
what we have done for the last 6 years and what we can do in the next 2 
and what we should do in November.
    This is a very, very important time. The stakes are high; the issues 
are clear. I knew Al Gore was going to stand up here and say that Scar 
was the embodiment of the other guys. [Laughter] That's what happens 
when you think you can destroy the environment while you grow the 
economy. I knew he was thinking that. I knew he was thinking that.
    Hillary said the same thing. Hillary said, ``That's what happens if 
those Republicans that have the House get the whole thing. Look at 
that.'' [Laughter]
    Well, we do believe in the balance of forces and the balance of 
people and in bringing everybody into our big tent. We believe that all 
the animals in the jungles can live together if they have peace in their 
    So I want you to leave here determined to make your investment good, 
remembering why you came, proud of it, and touching everyone you can now 
about what is still at issue in this great, great cause.
    Thank you, God bless you, and good night.

Note: The President spoke at 11:08 p.m. at the New Amsterdam Theater. In 
his remarks, he referred to Peter Schneider, president, and Tom 
Schumacher, executive vice president, Walt Disney Feature Animation and 
Theatrical Productions.