[Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States: William J. Clinton (1995, Book II)]
[August 3, 1995]
[Page 1197]
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[[Page 1197]]

Statement on Hurricane Erin
August 3, 1995

    For several days now, we have been watching and waiting as Hurricane 
Erin approached the Florida coast, not knowing what to expect but 
preparing for the worst. We thank God that this storm did not pack the 
catastrophic punch that others have in the past. However, it did cause 
considerable damage.
    Our hearts and prayers go out to all who have been impacted by the 
hurricane. We pray for a quick recovery. To help that process get 
underway, I have tonight signed an emergency declaration for the State 
of Florida and have asked James Lee Witt, the Director of the Federal 
Emergency Management Agency, to coordinate all efforts to save lives and 
protect the health, safety, and property of those affected.
    There are already FEMA trucks loaded with plastic sheeting, 
chainsaws, generators, and other tools headed for the impacted area. 
Director Witt will go to Florida first thing in the morning, inspect the 
damage, and report back to me.
    I have spoken with Governor Chiles and asked him to convey to the 
people of Florida our commitment to this recovery effort. I am proud of 
the work Governor Chiles and all of the State and local emergency 
workers did in preparing for this storm. As a former Governor, I know 
how important emergency preparedness is in saving lives and protecting 
property. I applaud their efforts and salute the courage and strength of 
all Floridians dealing with the damage caused by the hurricane.