[Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States: William J. Clinton (1995, Book II)]
[August 1, 1995]
[Page 1192]
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Memorandum on Timber Salvage Legislation
August 1, 1995

Memorandum for the Secretary of the Interior; the Secretary of 
Agriculture; the Secretary of Commerce; the Administrator, Environmental 
Protection Agency

Subject: Implementing Timber-Related Provisions to Public Law 104-19

    On July 27th, I signed the rescission bill (Public Law 104-19), 
which provides much-needed supplemental funds for disaster relief and 
other programs. It also makes necessary cuts in spending, important to 
the overall balanced budget plan, while protecting key investments in 
education and training, the environment, and other priorities.
    While I am pleased that we were able to work with the Congress to 
produce this piece of legislation, I do not support every provision, 
most particularly the provision concerning timber salvage. In fact, I am 
concerned that the timber salvage provisions may even lead to litigation 
that could slow down our forest management program. Nonetheless, changes 
made prior to enactment of Public Law 104-19 preserve our ability to 
implement the current forest plans' standards and guidelines, and 
provides sufficient discretion for the Administration to protect other 
resources such as clean water and fisheries.
    With these changes, I intend to carry out the objectives of the 
relevant timber-related activities authorized by Public Law 104-19. I am 
also firmly committed to doing so in ways that, to the maximum extent 
allowed, follow our current environmental laws and programs. Public Law 
104-19 gives us the discretion to apply current environmental standards 
to the timber salvage program, and we will do so. With this in mind, I 
am directing each of you, and the heads of other appropriate agencies, 
to move forward expeditiously to implement these timber-related 
provisions in an environmentally sound manner, in accordance with my 
Pacific Northwest Forest Plan, other existing forest and land management 
policies and plans, and existing environmental laws, except those 
procedural actions expressly prohibited by Public Law 104-19.
    I am optimistic that our actions will be effective, in large part, 
due to the progress the agencies have already made to accelerate 
dramatically the process for complying with our existing legal 
responsibilities to protect the environment. To ensure this effective 
coordination, I am directing that you enter into a Memorandum of 
Agreement by August 7, 1995, to make explicit the new streamlining 
procedures, coordination, and consultation actions that I have 
previously directed you to develop and that you have implemented under 
existing environmental laws. I expect that you will continue to adhere 
to these procedures and actions as we fulfill the objectives of Public 
Law 104-19.

                                                      William J. Clinton