[Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States: William J. Clinton (1995, Book I)]
[March 8, 1995]
[Page 322]
[From the U.S. Government Publishing Office www.gpo.gov]

Message on the Observance of Saint Patrick's Day, 1995
March 8, 1995

    Warmest greetings to everyone celebrating Saint Patrick's Day.
    More than 1500 years ago, Saint Patrick escaped the bonds of slavery 
and brought his message of faith and opportunity to the Emerald Isle. 
His extraordinary courage and conviction inspired the Irish people and 
heralded a new era of enlightenment and peace for his adopted homeland. 
Today, Saint Patrick's legacy continues to endure, in Ireland and 
beyond, as we strive for the hope embodied by his teachings and his 
life's work.
    On this feast of the patron saint of Ireland, we rejoice in our 
Irish heritage and honor the Irish Americans who have made immeasurable 
contributions to our nation and our culture. Since the earliest days of 
our republic, the sons and daughters of Ireland have symbolized the 
American dream. Overcoming political, economic, and social struggles, 
Irish Americans have achieved tremendous success in all realms of 
American life--from politics to education, business to the arts.
    This Saint Patrick's Day has a special importance to all friends of 
Ireland for it is the first in a generation to occur in a peaceful 
Northern Ireland. Let us today join together to build on the progress of 
the past year and advance the cause of peace and reconciliation.
    Across our country today, in parades, in classrooms, and in 
churches, millions of Irish Americans will celebrate the spirit of Saint 
Patrick that lives on in all of us. Best wishes to all for a wonderful 

                                                            Bill Clinton