[Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States: William J. Clinton (1995, Book I)]
[March 1, 1995]
[Page 282]
[From the U.S. Government Publishing Office www.gpo.gov]

Statement on the Food Stamp Program Antifraud Initiative
March 1, 1995

    I am very pleased that USDA is presenting this comprehensive 
proposal to Congress today.
    With this package, we are saying to the Congress that we expect the 
Food Stamp Program to continue to get food to people who need it but 
that we will not tolerate criminals who defraud the system and seek to 
profit from the hunger of others.
    Over the past 2 years, this administration has made restoring public 
trust in Government a top priority. As part of our comprehensive 
strategy to reinvent the Food Stamp Program, we are today asking 
Congress for broad new powers, comprised of 13 specific items, to 
counterattack those who have exploited the program.
    This administration has made clear our opposition to block grants 
for our nutrition programs. With this tough, workable antifraud 
initiative, we are ensuring that the Food Stamp Program will earn the 
public trust, and continue to help people who need it.