[Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States: William J. Clinton (1993, Book II)]
[December 27, 1993]
[Page 2206]
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[[Page 2206]]

Memorandum on Implementation of NAFTA
December 27, 1993

Memorandum for the Secretary of State,
the United States Trade Representative

Subject: Proposed North American Free Trade Agreement

    Having considered the relevant measures taken by Canada and Mexico, 
together with the recommendation of the United States Trade 
Representative, I have determined that Canada and Mexico have 
implemented the statutory changes necessary to bring those countries 
into compliance with their obligations under the North American Free 
Trade Agreement and that they have made provision to implement the 
Uniform Regulations provided for under Article 511 of the Agreement 
regarding the interpretation, application, and administration of the 
rules of origin. The United States has completed necessary legal 
procedures in accordance with Article 2203 of the Agreement.
    Pursuant to section 101(b) of the North American Free Trade 
Agreement Implementation Act (Public Law 103-182), I hereby direct the 
Secretary of State to exchange notes with the Government of Canada and 
the Government of Mexico providing for the entry into force, on January 
1, 1994, of the Agreement, in accordance with Article 2203 thereof.

                                                      William J. Clinton

Note: This memorandum was released by the Office of the Press Secretary 
on December 28. The proclamation of December 15 and the Executive order 
of December 27 on implementation of NAFTA are listed in Appendix D at 
the end of this volume.