[118th Congress Public Law 16]
[From the U.S. Government Publishing Office]

[[Page 137 STAT. 100]]

Public Law 118-16
118th Congress

                                 An Act

To designate the clinic of the Department of Veterans Affairs in Gallup, 
New Mexico, as the Hiroshi ``Hershey'' Miyamura VA Clinic. <<NOTE: Oct. 
                         2, 2023 -  [S. 475]>> 

    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the 
United States of America in Congress assembled,
                              OF VETERANS AFFAIRS CLINIC.

    (a) Findings.--Congress finds the following:
            (1) Hiroshi ``Hershey'' Miyamura was born on October 6, 
        1925, in Gallup, New Mexico.
            (2) A second generation Japanese American, Hershey Miyamura 
        first served in the United States Army near the end of World War 
            (3) Hershey Miyamura served in the Army at a time when many 
        of his fellow Japanese Americans, and that includes his future 
        wife, were detained in internment camps in the United States.
            (4) Hershey Miyamura served in the storied 442nd Infantry 
        Regiment, which was composed of soldiers with Japanese ancestry 
        and became one of the most decorated units in the history of the 
        United States military.
            (5) Following the start of the Korean War in 1950, the Army 
        recalled Hershey Miyamura, who had remained as a member of the 
        reserve components of the Army, back into active duty.
            (6) During an overnight firefight from April 24 to April 25, 
        1951, then-Corporal Miyamura covered the withdrawal of his 
        entire company from advancing enemy forces as a machine gun 
        squad leader.
            (7) The selfless actions by Hershey Miyamura that night 
        allowed all 16 of his men to withdraw safely before he was 
        severely wounded and captured as a prisoner of war.
            (8) Nearly 2\1/2\ years later, following his release and 
        return to the United States, President Eisenhower presented 
        Hershey Miyamura with the Congressional Medal of Honor in a 
        ceremony at the White House.
            (9) The lifelong dedication of Hershey Miyamura to the 
        United States never ceased. It continued long after his 
        decorated military service ended.
            (10) After he received his honorable discharge from the 
        Army, Hershey Miyamura opened a service station along Route 66 
        in his hometown of Gallup, New Mexico.
            (11) Hershey Miyamura remained active in his community until 
        his dying days, advocating for his fellow veterans and

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        inspiring young people with lectures on patriotism, faith, and 

    (b) Designation.--The clinic of the Department of Veterans Affairs 
located at 2075 South NM Highway 602, Gallup, New Mexico, shall after 
the date of the enactment of this Act be known and designated as the 
``Hiroshi `Hershey' Miyamura Department of Veterans Affairs Clinic'' or 
the ``Hiroshi `Hershey' Miyamura VA Clinic''.
    (c) References.--Any reference in any law, regulation, map, 
document, paper, or other record of the United States to the clinic 
referred to in subsection (b) shall be considered to be a reference to 
the ``Hiroshi `Hershey' Miyamura VA Clinic''.

    Approved October 2, 2023.


            July 13, considered and passed Senate.
            Sept. 18, considered and passed House.