[116th Congress Public Law 11]
[From the U.S. Government Publishing Office]

[[Page 133 STAT. 843]]

Public Law 116-11
116th Congress

                                 An Act

To authorize the honorary appointment of Robert J. Dole to the grade of 
    colonel in the regular Army. <<NOTE: Apr. 6, 2019 -  [S. 252]>> 

    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the 
United States of America in Congress assembled,

    Congress makes the following findings:
            (1) Robert J. Dole, also known as Bob Dole, was born July 
        22, 1923, in Russell, Kansas.
            (2) As a student at the University of Kansas, Bob Dole 
        enrolled in the Army Enlisted Reserve Corps in 1942. He was 
        called to active duty the following year and served during World 
        War II. While deployed to Italy as an infantry lieutenant in the 
        10th Mountain Division, he was seriously wounded in combat and 
        was twice cited for acts of heroism under fire. He finished his 
        military service with two Purple Hearts and two awards of the 
        Bronze Star Medal with ``V'' device for valor. He was also 
        awarded the American Campaign medal, the European-African-Middle 
        Eastern Campaign Medal, and the World War II Victory medal. He 
        resigned his Army commission at the grade of captain.
            (3) Bob Dole served in the House of Representatives from 
        1961 to 1969. He served in the Senate from 1969 until 1996. His 
        service was previously recognized by both the Legislative Branch 
        of the United States Government, through the Congressional Gold 
        Medal, and the Executive Branch of the United States Government, 
        through the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
            (4) Separate from the actions underlying the honors 
        previously bestowed upon him, Bob Dole also made direct 
        contributions to the Department of Defense and the veterans of 
        United States military service, including through the following:
                    (A) Bob Dole sponsored or co-sponsored bills in 
                Congress to improve veterans benefits, to improve 
                accountability of missing members of the Armed Forces, 
                to establish the Persian Gulf War Veterans Health 
                Registry, to recognize women veterans, and to provide 
                relief from certain inequities for National Guard 
                technician service in connection with civil service 
                    (B) Bob Dole served as the National Chairman of the 
                WWII Memorial Campaign, co-chair of the Families of 
                Freedom Scholarship Fund, and co-chair of the 
                Presidential Commission on the Care of America's 
                Returning Wounded Warriors.

[[Page 133 STAT. 844]]

            (5) In 2018, an Army advisory panel reviewed the 
        comprehensive record of Bob Dole's service to the Armed Forces, 
        veterans, and the national security of the United States. The 
        panel, recognizing Bob Dole's unique contributions to the 
        Department of Defense and veterans, recommended the honorary 
        promotion of Bob Dole to the grade of colonel in the Army.
            (6) Acting under provisions of section 1563 of title 10, 
        United States Code, the Secretary of the Army endorsed the 
        recommendation of the advisory panel for an honorary promotion 
        of Bob Dole and forwarded it to Congress for further action.
                    COLONEL IN THE REGULAR ARMY.

    (a) Honorary Appointment.--The honorary appointment of Robert J. 
Dole, of Kansas, to the grade of colonel in the regular Army is hereby 
    (b) Additional Benefits Not To Accrue.--The honorary appointment of 
Robert J. Dole to the grade of colonel in the regular Army under 
subsection (a) shall not affect pay or other benefits from the United 
States to which Robert J. Dole is otherwise entitled based upon his 
military service or affect any benefits to which any other person may 
become entitled based on his military service.

    Approved April 6, 2019.


            Mar. 4, considered and passed Senate.
            Mar. 26, considered and passed House.