[115th Congress Public Law 80]
[From the U.S. Government Publishing Office]

[[Page 131 STAT. 1261]]

Public Law 115-80
115th Congress

                                 An Act

   To establish a National Clinical Care Commission. <<NOTE: Nov. 2, 
                           2017 -  [S. 920]>> 

    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the 
United States of America in Congress assembled, <<NOTE: National 
Clinical Care Commission Act.>> 

    This Act may be cited as the ``National Clinical Care Commission 
SEC. 2. <<NOTE: Evaluation. Recommenda- tions.>>  NATIONAL 
                    CLINICAL CARE COMMISSION.

    (a) Establishment.--There is hereby established, within the 
Department of Health and Human Services, a National Clinical Care 
Commission (in this section referred to as the ``Commission'') to 
evaluate and make recommendations regarding improvements to the 
coordination and leveraging of programs within the Department and other 
Federal agencies related to awareness and clinical care for at least 
one, but not more than two, complex metabolic or autoimmune diseases 
resulting from issues related to insulin that represent a significant 
disease burden in the United States, which may include complications due 
to such diseases.
    (b) Membership.--
            (1) In general.--The Commission shall be composed of the 
        following voting members:
                    (A) The heads of the following Federal agencies and 
                departments, or their designees:
                          (i) The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid 
                          (ii) The Agency for Healthcare Research and 
                          (iii) The Centers for Disease Control and 
                          (iv) The Indian Health Service.
                          (v) The Department of Veterans Affairs.
                          (vi) The National Institutes of Health.
                          (vii) The Food and Drug Administration.
                          (viii) The Health Resources and Services 
                          (ix) The Department of Defense.
                          (x) The Department of Agriculture.
                          (xi) The Office of Minority Health.
                    (B) Twelve additional voting members appointed under 
                paragraph (2).
            (2) Additional members.--The Commission shall include 
        additional voting members, as may be appointed by the Secretary, 
        with expertise in the prevention, care, and epidemiology of any 
        of the diseases and complications described in subsection

[[Page 131 STAT. 1262]]

        (a), including one or more such members from each of the 
        following categories:
                    (A) Physician specialties, including clinical 
                endocrinologists, that play a role in the prevention or 
                treatment of diseases and complications described in 
                subsection (a).
                    (B) Primary care physicians.
                    (C) Non-physician health care professionals.
                    (D) Patient advocates.
                    (E) National experts, including public health 
                experts, in the duties listed under subsection (c).
                    (F) Health care providers furnishing services to a 
                patient population that consists of a high percentage 
                (as specified by the Secretary) of individuals who are 
                enrolled in a State plan under title XIX of the Social 
                Security Act or who are not covered under a health plan 
                or health insurance coverage.
            (3) Chairperson.--The members of the Commission shall select 
        a chairperson from the members appointed under paragraph (2).
            (4) Meetings.--The Commission shall meet at least twice, and 
        not more than four times, a year.
            (5) Vacancies.--A vacancy on the Commission shall be filled 
        in the same manner as the original appointments.

    (c) Duties.--The Commission shall evaluate and make recommendations, 
as appropriate, to the Secretary of Health and Human Services and 
Congress regarding--
            (1) Federal programs of the Department of Health and Human 
        Services that focus on preventing and reducing the incidence of 
        the diseases and complications described in subsection (a);
            (2) current activities and gaps in Federal efforts to 
        support clinicians in providing integrated, high-quality care to 
        individuals with the diseases and complications described in 
        subsection (a);
            (3) the improvement in, and improved coordination of, 
        Federal education and awareness activities related to the 
        prevention and treatment of the diseases and complications 
        described in subsection (a), which may include the utilization 
        of new and existing technologies;
            (4) methods for outreach and dissemination of education and 
        awareness materials that--
                    (A) address the diseases and complications described 
                in subsection (a);
                    (B) are funded by the Federal Government; and
                    (C) are intended for health care professionals and 
                the public; and
            (5) whether there are opportunities for consolidation of 
        inappropriately overlapping or duplicative Federal programs 
        related to the diseases and complications described in 
        subsection (a).

    (d) <<NOTE: Deadline.>>  Operating Plan.--Not later than 90 days 
after its first meeting, the Commission shall submit to the Secretary of 
Health and Human Services and the Congress an operating plan for 
carrying out the activities of the Commission as described in subsection 
(c). Such operating plan may include--

[[Page 131 STAT. 1263]]

            (1) a list of specific activities that the Commission plans 
        to conduct for purposes of carrying out the duties described in 
        each of the paragraphs in subsection (c);
            (2) a plan for completing the activities;
            (3) a list of members of the Commission and other 
        individuals who are not members of the Commission who will need 
        to be involved to conduct such activities;
            (4) an explanation of Federal agency involvement and 
        coordination needed to conduct such activities;
            (5) a budget for conducting such activities; and
            (6) other information that the Commission deems appropriate.

    (e) Final Report.--By not later than 3 years after the date of the 
Commission's first meeting, the Commission shall submit to the Secretary 
of Health and Human Services and the Congress a final report containing 
all of the findings and recommendations required by this section.
    (f) Sunset.--The Commission shall terminate 60 days after submitting 
its final report, but not later than the end of fiscal year 2021.

    Approved November 2, 2017.


            Sept. 6, considered and passed Senate.
            Oct. 11, considered and passed House.