[108th Congress Public Law 63]
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[[Page 117 STAT. 872]]

Public Law 108-63
108th Congress

                                 An Act

  To authorize the Secretary of the Interior to acquire the McLoughlin 
 House in Oregon City, Oregon, for inclusion in Fort Vancouver National 
                Historic Site, and for other purposes. 
                <<NOTE: July 29, 2003 - [H.R. 733]>> 

    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the 
United States of America in Congress <<NOTE: McLoughlin House Addition 
to Fort Vancouver National Historic Site Act. 16 USC 450ff 
note.>> assembled,


    (a) Short Title.--This Act may be cited as the ``McLoughlin House 
Addition to Fort Vancouver National Historic Site Act''.
    (b) Definitions.--For the purposes of this Act, the following 
definitions apply:
            (1) City.--The term ``City'' means Oregon City, Oregon.
            (2) McLoughlin house.--The term ``McLoughlin House'' means 
        the McLoughlin House National Historic Site which is described 
        in the Acting Assistant Secretary of the Interior's Order of 
        June 27, 1941, and generally depicted on the map entitled 
        ``McLoughlin House, Fort Vancouver National Historic Site'', 
        numbered 389/92,002, and dated 5/01/03, and includes the 
        McLoughlin House, the Barclay House, and other associated real 
        property, improvements, and personal property.
            (3) Secretary.--The term ``Secretary'' means the Secretary 
        of the Interior.


    (a) Acquisition.--The Secretary is authorized to acquire the 
McLoughlin House, from willing sellers only, by donation, purchase with 
donated or appropriated funds, or exchange, except that lands or 
interests in lands owned by the City may be acquired by donation only.
    (b) Map Availability.--The map identifying the McLoughlin House 
referred to in section 1(b)(2) shall be on file and available for 
inspection in the appropriate offices of the National Park Service, 
Department of the Interior.
    (c) Boundaries; Administration.--Upon acquisition of the McLoughlin 
House, the acquired property shall be included within the boundaries of, 
and be administered as part of, the Fort Vancouver National Historic 
Site in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.
    (d) Name Change.--Upon acquisition of the McLoughlin House, the 
Secretary shall change the name of the site from the ``McLoughlin House 
National Historic Site'' to the ``McLoughlin House''.
    (e) Federal Laws.--After the McLoughlin House is acquired and added 
to Fort Vancouver National Historic Site, any reference

[[Page 117 STAT. 873]]

in a law, map, regulation, document, paper, or other record of the 
United States to the ``McLoughlin House National Historic Site'' (other 
than this Act) shall be deemed a reference to the ``McLoughlin House'', 
a unit of Fort Vancouver National Historic Site.

    Approved July 29, 2003.


SENATE REPORTS: No. 108-66 (Comm. on Energy and Natural Resources).
            Apr. 8, considered and passed House.
            June 16, considered and passed Senate, amended.
            July 16, House concurred in Senate amendments.