[List of CFR Sections Affected (LSA), 1986-2000, Volume IV (Titles 42 through 50)]
[From the U.S. Government Printing Office, www.gpo.gov]


[lsqb]1986 through 2000[rsqb]=

Title 1

General Provisions [lsqb]1938-2000[rsqb]

Title 2

The Congress [lsqb]1938-1972[rsqb]

Reserved [lsqb]1973-1974[rsqb]

Clemency [lsqb]1975[rsqb]

Reserved [lsqb]1976-2000[rsqb]

Title 3

The President [lsqb]1938-2000[rsqb]

Title 3A

The President, Appendix [lsqb]1972-1975[rsqb]

Title 4

Accounts [lsqb]1938-1943[rsqb]

Accounts and Budget [lsqb]1944[rsqb]

Accounts [lsqb]1945-2000[rsqb]

Title 5

Administrative Personnel [lsqb]1938-2000[rsqb]

Title 6

Agricultural Credit [lsqb]1938-1966[rsqb]

Reserved [lsqb]1967-1971[rsqb]

Economic Stabilization [lsqb]1972-1981[rsqb]

Reserved [lsqb]1982-2000[rsqb]

Title 7

Agriculture [lsqb]1938-2000[rsqb]

Title 8

Aliens and Citizenship [lsqb]1938-1941[rsqb]

Aliens and Nationality [lsqb]1942-2000[rsqb]

Title 9

Animals and Animal Products [lsqb]1938-2000[rsqb]

Title 10

Army; War Department [lsqb]1938-1946[rsqb]

Army [lsqb]1947-1948[rsqb]

Atomic Energy [lsqb]1949-1973[rsqb]

Energy [lsqb]1974-2000[rsqb]

Title 11

Bankruptcy [lsqb]1938-1946[rsqb]

Atomic Energy [lsqb]1947-1948[rsqb]

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Bankruptcy [lsqb]Reserved[rsqb] [lsqb]1949-1962[rsqb]

Reserved [lsqb]1963-1971[rsqb]

Federal Elections [lsqb]1972-2000[rsqb]

Title 12

Banks and Banking [lsqb]1938-2000[rsqb]

Title 13

Business Credit [lsqb]1938-1956[rsqb]

Business Credit and Assistance [lsqb]1957-2000[rsqb]

Title 14

Civil Aviation [lsqb]1938-1959[rsqb]

Aeronautics and Space [lsqb]1960-2000[rsqb]

Title 15

Commerce [lsqb]1938-1948[rsqb]

Commerce and Foreign Trade [lsqb]1949-2000[rsqb]

Title 16

Commercial Practices [lsqb]1938-2000[rsqb]

Title 17

Commodity and Securities Exchanges [lsqb]1938-2000[rsqb]

Title 18

Conservation of Power [lsqb]1938-1965[rsqb]

Conservation of Power and Water Resources [lsqb]1966-2000[rsqb]

Title 19

Customs Duties [lsqb]1938-2000[rsqb]

Title 20

Employees' Benefits [lsqb]1938-2000[rsqb]

Title 21

Food and Drugs [lsqb]1938-2000[rsqb]

Title 22

Foreign Relations [lsqb]1938-2000[rsqb]

Title 23

Highways [lsqb]1938-1966[rsqb]

Highways and Vehicles [lsqb]1967-1968[rsqb]

Highways [lsqb]1969-2000[rsqb]

Title 24

Housing Credit [lsqb]1938-1948[rsqb]

Housing and Housing Credit [lsqb]1949-1971[rsqb]

Housing and Urban Development [lsqb]1972-2000[rsqb]

Title 25

Indians [lsqb]1938-2000[rsqb]

Title 26

Internal Revenue [lsqb]1938-2000[rsqb]

Internal Revenue, 1954 [lsqb]1955-1960[rsqb]

Title 27

Intoxicating Liquors [lsqb]1938-1972[rsqb]

Alcohol, Tobacco Products and Firearms [lsqb]1973-2000[rsqb]

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Title 28

Judicial Administration [lsqb]1938-2000[rsqb]

Title 29

Labor [lsqb]1938-2000[rsqb]

Title 30

Mineral Resources [lsqb]1938-2000[rsqb]

Title 31

Money and Finance: Treasury [lsqb]1938-2000[rsqb]

Title 32

National Defense [lsqb]1938-2000[rsqb]

Title 33

Navigation and Navigable Waters [lsqb]1938-2000[rsqb]

Title 34

Navy [lsqb]1938-1948[rsqb]

National Military Establishment [lsqb]1949[rsqb]

Reserved [lsqb]1950-1973[rsqb]

Government Management [lsqb]1974-1979[rsqb]

Education [lsqb]1980-2000[rsqb]

Title 35

Panama Canal [lsqb]1938-2000[rsqb]

Title 36

Parks and Forests [lsqb]1938-1948[rsqb]

Parks, Forests, and Memorials [lsqb]1949-1973[rsqb]

Parks, Forests, and Public Property [lsqb]1974-2000[rsqb]

Title 37

Patents and Copyrights [lsqb]1938-1946[rsqb]

Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights [lsqb]1947-2000[rsqb]

Title 38

Pensions, Bonuses, and Veterans' Relief [lsqb]1938-2000[rsqb]

Title 39

Postal Service [lsqb]1938-2000[rsqb]

Title 40

Prisons [lsqb]1938-1959[rsqb]

Reserved [lsqb]1960-1971[rsqb]

Protection of Environment [lsqb]1972-2000[rsqb]

Title 41

Public Contracts [lsqb]1938-1964[rsqb]

Public Contracts and Property Management [lsqb]1965-2000[rsqb]

Title 42

Public Health [lsqb]1938-1989[rsqb]

Title 43

Public Lands: Interior [lsqb]1938-2000[rsqb]

Title 44

Public Property and Works [lsqb]1938-1972[rsqb]

Reserved [lsqb]1973-1978[rsqb]

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Emergency Management Assistance [lsqb]1979-1989[rsqb]

Emergency Management and Assistance [lsqb]0000-0000[rsqb]

Title 45

Public Welfare [lsqb]1938-2000[rsqb]

Title 46

Shipping [lsqb]1938-2000[rsqb]

Title 47

Telecommunication [lsqb]1938-2000[rsqb]

Title 48

Territories and Insular Possessions [lsqb]1938-1957[rsqb]

Reserved [lsqb]1958-1985[rsqb]

Trade Agreements and Adjustment Assistance Programs [lsqb]1964-1968[rsqb]

Reserved [lsqb]1969-1983[rsqb]

Federal Acquisition Regulation System [lsqb]1984-1989[rsqb]

Federal Acquisition Regulations System [lsqb]0000-0000[rsqb]

Title 49

Transportation and Railroads [lsqb]1938-1948[rsqb]

Transportation [lsqb]1949-1989[rsqb]

Title 50

Wildlife [lsqb]1938-1960[rsqb]

Wildlife and Fisheries [lsqb]1961-1989[rsqb]