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      A. (or A.2d)              Atlantic Reporter                  
      ad hoc                    For a particular purpose or end    
      A.L.R.                    American Law Reports Annotated     
      Am Jur                    American Jurisprudence             
      amend.                    Amendment to the Constitution      
      Annals of Cong.           Annals of Congress (1789�091824)     
      App. D.C.                 Appeal Cases, District of Columbia 
      App. Div.                 Appellate Division                 
      art.                      Article of the Constitution        
      C.A.                      Court of Appeals                   
      Cert.                     Certiorari                         
      cf.                       Compare with                       
      CFR                       Code of Federal Regulations        
      Ch.                       Chapter                            
      Cir.                      Circuit Court of Appeals (federal) 
      Cir. Ct. App.             Circuit Court of Appeals (state)   
      cl.                       clause                             
      Comm.                     Committee                          
      Cong.                     Congress                           
      Cong. Deb.                Congressional Debates (1824�091837)  
      Cong. Globe               Congressional Globe (1833�091873)    
      Cong. Rec.                Congressional Record               
      contra                    Contradictory authority            
      Crim. App.                Court of Criminal Appeals          
      Ct. Cl.                   Court of Claims                    
      D.                        District Court (federal)           
      daily ed.                 Daily edition of Record            
      e.g.                      For example                        
      et al.                    Omission of party in case name     
      et seq.                   And the following                  
      ex rel.                   On the relation of. . .            
      Exec. Comm.               Executive Communication            
      F (or F2d)                Federal Reporter                   
      FCA                       Federal Code Annotated             
      Fed. Reg.                 Federal Register                   
      FRD                       Federal Rules Decisions            
      F Supp                    Federal Supplement                 
      H. Con. Res.              House Concurrent Resolution        
      H. Doc.                   House Document                     
      H.J. Res.                 House Joint Resolution             
      H. Jour.                  House Journal                      
      H.R.                      House Bill                         
      H. Rept.                  House Report                       
      H. Res.                   House Resolution                   

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      Id.                       Citation to same authority as in immedi- 
                                  ately preceding citation               
      i.e.                      That is                                  
      In re                     In the matter of . . .                   
      infra                     Subsequent section or chapter            
      inter alia                Among others                             
      L.Ed (or L.Ed2d)          Lawyers' Edition, U.S. Supreme Court     
      L.J.                      Law Journal                              
      L. Rev.                   Law Review                               
      Mem.                      Disposition of case without opinion      
      N.E. (or N.E.2d)          North Eastern Reporter                   
      N.W. (or N.W.2d)          North Western Reporter                   
      Op. Att'y Gen.            Attorney General's Opinions              
      P. (or P.2d)              Pacific Reporter                         
      Per Curiam                Disposition of case with short opinion   
      Priv. L.                  Private Law                              
      Pub. L.                   Uncodified Statute or Session Law        
      S.                        Senate Bill                              
      S. Con. Res.              Senate Concurrent Resolution             
      S. Ct.                    Supreme Court Reporter                   
      S. Doc.                   Senate Document                          
      S.E. (or S.E.2d)          South Eastern Reporter                   
      Sess.                     Session                                  
      Sic                       Mistake in original of quoted material   
      S.J. Res.                 Senate Joint Resolution                  
      S. Jour.                  Senate Journal                           
      S. Rept.                  Senate Report                            
      S. Res.                   Senate Resolution                        
      So. (or So.2d)            Southern Reporter                        
      Stat.                     Statutes at large                        
      Sup. Ct.                  Supreme Court                            
      supra                     Prior section or chapter                 
      S.W. (or S.W.2d)          South Western Reporter                   
      U.S.                      United States Supreme Court  Reports     
      USC (or USCA)             United States Code (or United States     
                                  Code Annotated)                        
      U.S. Code Cong. & Ad.     United States Code Congressional and     
        News                      Administrative News                    
      U.S. Const.               United States Constitution
      U.S.L.W.                  United States Law Week