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[Lewis Deschler, June 1976]
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    Acknowledgment is made with appreciation for assistance in the 
preparation of these volumes to Roy Miller, who supervised the 
preparation and production of these volumes; to the Parliamentarian of 
the House of Representatives Wm. Holmes Brown and Assistant 
Parliamentarian Charles W. Johnson, who reviewed the manuscript and 
made many helpful suggestions; to Evan Hoorneman, who contributed much 
of the material and revised several chapters; to David Paul Bird, John 
L. Darrouzet, John Theodore Fee, Alan Scott Frumin, David P. Gery, 
Thomas J. Nicola, Patricia Chambers Porter, Peter D. Robinson, and 
Norah Schwarz, for providing commentary and editorial assistance; to 
Joan Deschler Eddy, for copy editing and special research; to Deborah 
Woodard Khalili, for research assistance and copy preparation; to Mary 
Ann Shokoor, for copy preparation and transcription; and to James 
Robertson for assistance in the preparation of galleys and page proofs.

                                                        Lewis Deschler

  June 1976.

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