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[Compilation of Precedents of House of Representatives]
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    Lewis Deschler is authorized (during the current and succeeding 
fiscal years until the work is completed) to compile and prepare for 
printing the parliamentary precedents of the House of Representatives, 
together with such other materials as may be useful in connection 
therewith, and an index digest of such precedents and other materials. 
As so compiled and prepared, such precedents and other materials and 
index digest shall be printed on such size pages and in such type and 
format as Lewis Deschler may determine, and in such numbers and for 
such distribution as may hereafter be provided by law. For the purpose 
of carrying out such compilation and preparation, Lewis Deschler may 
(1) subject to the approval of the Speaker, appoint (as employees of 
the House of Representatives) and fix the compensation (at a per annum 
rate) of clerical and other personnel, and (2) utilize the services of 
personnel of the Library of Congress and the Government Printing 
Office. Pub. Law 89-90 (79 Stat. 270), July 27, 1965.

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