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[September 15, 2009]
[Pages 366-372]
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1200 Pennsylvania Avenue NW., Washington, DC 20460-0001
Phone, 202-272-0167. Internet, www.epa.gov.
ADMINISTRATOR                                     Lisa Jackson
Deputy Administrator                              Scott Fulton, Acting
Associate Administrator for Public Affairs        M. Allyn Brooks-
                                                          LaSure, Acting
Associate Administrator for Congressional and     Joyce Frank, Acting
        Intergovernmental Relations
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Associate Administrator for Policy, Economics,    Marcia Mulkey, Acting
        and Innovation
Associate Administrator for Homeland Security     Juan Reyes, Acting
Chief Judge, Office of Administrative Law Judges  Susan L. Biro
Director, Executive Secretariat                   Brian Hope, Acting
Director, Office of Children's Health Protection  Ruth McCully
        and Environmental Education
Director, Office of Civil Rights                  Karen D. Higginbotham
Director, Office of Cooperative Environmental     Rafael DeLeon
Director, Office of Executive Services            Diane N. Bazzle
Director, Office of Small Business Programs       Jeanette L. Brown
Director, Science Advisory Board                  Vanessa T. Vu
Lead Environmental Appeals Judge, Environmental   Edward Reich
        Appeals Board
Assistant Administrator for Administration and    Craig E. Hooks, Acting
        Resources Management
Assistant Administrator for Air and Radiation     Elizabeth Craig, 
Assistant Administrator for Enforcement and       Cathy McCabe, Acting
        Compliance Assurance
Assistant Administrator for Environmental         Linda Travers, Acting
        Information and Chief Information 
Assistant Administrator for International         Kathy Petruccelli, 
        Affairs                                           Acting
Assistant Administrator for Prevention,           James Jones, Acting
        Pesticides, and Toxic Substances
Assistant Administrator for Research and          Lek Kadeli, Acting
Assistant Administrator for Solid Waste and       Barry N. Breen, Acting
        Emergency Response
Assistant Administrator for Water                 Micheal H. Shapiro, 
Chief Financial Officer                           Maryann Froehlich, 
General Counsel                                   Pat Hirsch, Acting
Inspector General                                 Bill Roderick, Acting

[For the Environmental Protection Agency statement of organization, see 
        the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 40, Part 1]


The Environmental Protection Agency protects human health and safeguards 
the natural environment.

The Environmental Protection Agency was established in the executive 
branch as an independent agency pursuant to Reorganization Plan No. 3 of 
1970 (5 U.S.C. app.), effective December 2, 1970. It was created to 
permit coordinated and effective governmental action on behalf of the 
environment. The Agency is designed to serve as the public's advocate 
for a livable environment.

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Core Functions

Air and Radiation  The Office of Air and Radiation activities of the 
Agency include the following:
    --developing national programs, policies, regulations, and standards 
for air quality, emission standards for stationary and mobile sources, 
and emission standards for hazardous air pollutants;
    --conducting research and providing information on indoor air 
pollutants to the public;
    --providing technical direction, support, and evaluation of regional 
air activities;
    --providing training in the field of air pollution control;
    --providing technical assistance to States and agencies having 
radiation protection programs, including radon mitigation programs and a 
national surveillance and inspection program for measuring radiation 
levels in the environment; and
    --providing technical support and policy direction to international 
efforts to reduce global and transboundary air pollution and its 

For further information, call 202-564-7400.

Water  The Agency's water quality activities represent a coordinated 
effort to keep the Nation's waters clean and safe for fishing, swimming, 
and drinking, including the following:
    --development of national programs, technical policies, and 
regulations for water pollution control and water supply;
    --ground water and drinking water source protection;
    --marine and estuarine protection;
    --control of polluted runoff;
    --water quality standards and effluent guidelines development;
    --support of regional water activities;
    --development of programs for technical assistance and technology 
transfer; and
    --training in the field of water quality.

For further information, call 202-564-5700.

Solid Waste and Emergency Response  The Office of Solid Waste and 
Emergency Response provides policy, guidance, and direction for the 
Agency's hazardous waste and emergency response programs, including 
these tasks:
    --development of policies, standards, and regulations for hazardous 
waste treatment, storage, and disposal;
    --national coordination of solid waste and materials management;
    --national management of the Superfund toxic waste cleanup program;
    --development, coordination, implementation, and management of 
agencywide chemical and oil spill accident prevention, emergency 
preparedness and response, and right-to-know programs;
    --implementation of Title II of the Small Business Liability and 
Brownfields Revitalization Act;
    --advocate for the reuse and revitalization of formerly contaminated 
land to achieve agency land reuse goals;
    --management of environmental justice/public participation programs 
related to all waste programs;
    --development and implementation of programs to prevent and detect 
leakage from underground storage tanks and to clean up contamination 
from leaks which have occurred;
    --analysis of technologies and methods for the recovery of useful 
energy from solid waste;
    --economic impact assessment of the Resource Conservation and 
Recovery Act and Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and 
Liability Act regulations;
    --coordination with the Department of Defense on base closure 
environmental issues; and
    --technical assistance in the development, management, and operation 
of waste management activities, including technical assistance to 
Federal facilities.

For further information, call 202-566-0200.

Prevention, Pesticides, and Toxic Substances  The Office of Prevention, 
Pesticides, and Toxic Substances is responsible for the following tasks:
    --promoting the public's right to know about industrial chemicals;
    --promoting pollution prevention through innovative strategies;
    --evaluating and regulating pesticides and industrial chemicals to 
safeguard all Americans;
    --reviewing and regulating emerging technology, including 
nanotechnology-derived products;

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    --developing, evaluating, and implementing science policies both 
domestically and internationally;
    --establishing safe levels for pesticide residues on food;
    --developing national strategies for control of persistent, 
bioaccumulative, and toxic substances;
    --developing scientific criteria for assessing chemical substances, 
standards for test protocols for chemicals, rules and procedures for 
industry reporting, and scientific information for the regulation of 
pesticides and toxic chemicals to ensure protection of people or the 
environment; and
    --evaluating and assessing the impact of existing chemicals, new 
chemicals, and chemicals with new uses to determine the hazard and 
develop appropriate restrictions.
    The Office also coordinates its activities with States and other 
agencies during the assessment and control of toxic substances and 

For further information, call 202-564-2902.

Research and Development  The Office of Research and Development (ORD) 
provides the scientific foundation for the Agency's environmental 
protection mission. ORD's chief role is to conduct and support high-
quality research targeted to understanding and resolving the Nation's 
most serious environmental threats. In addition, ORD develops methods 
and technologies to reduce exposures to pollution and prevent its 
creation. The Office is also a major player in sharing information on 
technological innovations to protect people and the environment. ORD 
prepares health and ecological risk assessments and makes 
recommendations for sound risk management strategies in order to assure 
that highest risk pollution problems receive optimum remediation. The 
Office manages a vital extramural grants program entitled Science To 
Achieve Results, which awards research grants to scientists in 
universities and students in environmental science. All ORD extramural 
and intramural research is carefully aligned to support the Agency's 
environmental goals and strategic priorities.

For further information, call 202-564-6620.

Enforcement and Compliance Assurance  The Office of Enforcement and 
Compliance Assurance (OECA) is the lead agency office for matters 
pertaining to the Agency's enforcement and compliance assurance 
programs. OECA manages a national criminal enforcement, forensics, and 
training program. OECA also manages the Agency's regulatory, site 
remediation, and Federal facilities enforcement and compliance assurance 
programs, as well as the Agency's environmental justice program, and 
Federal activities program responsibilities under the National 
Environmental Policy Act.

For further information, call 202-564-2440.

Regional Offices

The Agency's 10 regional offices represent its commitment to the 
development of strong local programs for pollution abatement. The 
Regional Administrators are responsible for accomplishing, within their 
regions, the national program objectives established by the Agency. They 
develop, propose, and implement an approved regional program for 
comprehensive and integrated environmental protection activities.

            Regional Offices--Environmental Protection Agency
      Region/Address/Areas Served             Regional Administrator
Region I (Suite 1100, 1 Congress St.,    Robert W. Varney
 Boston, MA 02114-2023) (CT, MA, ME,
 NH, RI, VT).
Region II (290 Broadway, New York, NY    George Palou, Acting
 10007-1866) (NJ, NY, PR, VI).
Region III (1650 Arch St.,               Donald S. Welsh
 Philadelphia, PA 19103-2029) (DC, DE,
 MD, PA, VA, WV).
Region IV (61 Forsyth St. SW., Atlanta   Stan Meiburg, Acting
 GA 30303-3104) (AL, FL, GA, KY, MS,
 NC, SC, TN).
Region V (77 W. Jackson Blvd., Chicago,  Mary A Gade
 IL 60604-3507) (IL, IN, MI, MN, OH,
Region VI (Suite 1200, 1445 Ross Ave.,   Richard E. Greene
 Dallas, TX 75202-2733) (AR, LA, NM,
 OK, TX).
Region VII (901 N. 5th St., Kansas       John B. Askew
 City, KS 66101) (IA, KS, MO, NE).
Region VIII (1595 Wynkoop St., Denver,   Carol Rushin, Acting
 CO 80202-1129) (CO, MT, ND, SD, UT,
Region IX (75 Hawthorne St., San         Wayne H. Nastri
 Francisco, CA 94105) (AZ, CA, HI, NV,
 and U.S. affiliated Pacific Islands).
Region X (1200 6th Ave., Seattle, WA     Elin D. Miller
 98101) (AK, ID, OR, WA).

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Sources of Information

Information inquiries for the following subjects should be directed by 
telephone to the respective organization listed below; by mail to 1200 
Pennsylvania Avenue NW., Washington, DC 20460; or through the Internet 
at www.epa.gov.
Contracts and Procurement  Office of Acquisition Management. Phone, 202-
Grants and Fellowships  Office of Grants and Debarment. Internet, 
Employment  Office of Human Resources. Internet, www.epa.gov/careers.
Freedom of Information Act Requests  Freedom of Information Officer. 
Phone, 202-566-1667. Email, hq.foia@epa.gov.
Information Resources  Phone, 202-564-6665.
Telephone Directory  Available for sale by the Superintendent of 
Documents, Government Printing Office, P.O. Box 37194, Pittsburgh, PA 

For further information, contact the Office of Public Affairs, 
Environmental Protection Agency, 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue NW., 
Washington, DC 20460-0001. Phone, 202-564-4355. Internet, www.epa.gov.