[United States Government Manual]
[June 01, 2006]
[Pages 124-148]
[From the U.S. Government Publishing Office, www.gpo.gov]

[[Page 124]]


Fourteenth Street and Constitution Avenue NW., Washington, DC 20230

Phone, 202-482-2000. Internet, www.doc.gov.
SECRETARY OF COMMERCE                             Carlos M. Gutierrez
    Chief of Staff and Counselor to the           Claire E. Buchan
    Deputy Chief of Staff                         Joseph V. Schwan II
    Director, Office of White House               Christy Simon
    Director, Executive Secretariat               Tracey S. Rhoades
    Deputy Secretary of Commerce                  David A. Sampson
        Director, Office of Small and             LaJuene Desmukes
                Disadvantaged Business 
    Chief Information Officer                     Karen Hogan, Acting
        Deputy Chief Information Officer          Karen Hogan
    General Counsel                               John J. Sullivan
        Deputy General Counsel                    David M. Bearden
        Assistant General Counsel for             Barbara S. Fredericks
        Assistant General Counsel for             Michael A. Levitt
                Legislation and 
        Assistant General Counsel for             Joan B. Maginnis
                Finance and Litigation
    Chief Financial Officer and                   Otto J. Wolff
            Assistant Secretary for 
        Deputy Assistant Secretary for            Jeffery K. Nulf
    Director for Security                         Richard Yamamoto
        Deputy Director for Security              David K. Bell
    Director, Office of Budget                    Barbara A. Retzlaff
        Deputy Director                           (vacancy)
    Director for Management and                   John J. Phelan III
    Director, Office of Civil Rights              Suzan J. Aramaki
        Deputy Director                           (vacancy)
    Deputy Chief Financial Management             Lisa Casias, Acting
            Officer and Director for 
            Financial Management
        Deputy Director for Financial             Teresa Coppolino
        Deputy Director for Financial             (vacancy)
    Director for Human Resources                  Deborah Jefferson
        Deputy Director                           William Fleming
    Director for Administrative Services          Cherie A. Stallman
        Deputy Director                           (vacancy)
    Director for Acquisition Management           Michael S. Sade
    Assistant Secretary for Legislative           Nathaniel F. Wienecke, 
            and Intergovernmental                         Acting
        Director for Legislative and              Karen Swanson-Wolf
        Deputy Assistant Secretary for            (vacancy)
                Trade Legislation
        Director for Intergovernmental            Elizabeth Dial
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    Inspector General                             Johnnie E. Frazier
        Deputy Inspector General                  Edward L. Blansitt
        Counsel to the Inspector General          Allison C. Lerner
        Assistant Inspector General for           John M. Seeba
        Assistant Inspector General for           Elizabeth T. Barlow
        Assistant Inspector General for           Judith J. Gordon
                Systems Evaluation
        Assistant Inspector General for           Jill A. Gross
                Inspections and Program 
        Assistant Inspector General for           Jessica Rickenbach
    Director, Office of Public Affairs            E. Richard Mills
        Press Secretary                           Dan Nelson
    Director, Office of Business Liaison          Daniel McCardell
        Deputy Directors                          Jennifer Andberg, 
                                                          Ollison, Jr.


Department of Commerce, Washington, DC 20230

Phone, 202-482-3727
    Under Secretary for Economic Affairs          (vacancy)
        Deputy Under Secretary                    Elizabeth R. Anderson, 
        Associate Under Secretary for             Kim White
        Associate Under Secretary for             Elizabeth R. Anderson
        Chief Economist                           Keith Hall
        Director, Bureau of the Census            Charles L. Kincannon
        Director, Bureau of Economic              J. Steven Landefeld


Department of Commerce, Washington, DC 20230

Phone, 202-482-2721
    Under Secretary for Industry and              David H. McCormick
        Deputy Under Secretary                    Mark Foulon
        Assistant Secretary for Export            (vacancy)
        Assistant Secretary for Export            Darryl W. Jackson


Department of Commerce, Washington, DC 20230

Phone, 202-482-2309
    Assistant Secretary for Economic              Sandy K. Baruah
        Deputy Assistant Secretary                Benjamin Erulkar
        Deputy Assistant Secretary for            Mary C. Pleffner
                Management Services and 
                Chief Financial Officer


Department of Commerce, Washington, DC 20230

Phone, 202-482-3917
    Under Secretary for International             Franklin L. Lavin
        Deputy Under Secretary                    Michelle O' Neill

[[Page 126]]

        Assistant Secretary for Import            David Spooner
        Assistant Secretary for Market            David Bohigian
                Access and Compliance
        Assistant Secretary for                   Albert Frink
                Manufacturing and 
        Assistant Secretary for Trade             Israel Hernandez
                Promotion and Director 
                of the U.S. and Foreign 
                Commercial Service
        Chief Financial Officer and               Linda Cheatham
                Director of 
        Chief Information Officer                 Renee Macklin


Department of Commerce, Washington, DC 20230

Phone, 202-482-5061. Internet, www.mbda.gov.
    National Director, Minority Business          Ronald N. Langston
            Development Agency
        Deputy Director                           (vacancy)


Department of Commerce, Washington, DC 20230

Phone, 202-482-2985. Internet, www.noaa.gov.
    Under Secretary for Oceans and                Vice Adm. Conrad C. 
            Atmosphere                                    Lautenbacher, 
                                                          Jr., USN 
        Assistant Secretary for Oceans            James R. Mahoney
                and Atmosphere and 
                Deputy Administrator
        Deputy Assistant Secretary for            Timothy R.E. Keeney
                Oceans and Atmosphere
        Deputy Under Secretary for                John J. Kelly, Jr.
                Oceans and Atmosphere
        Chief Financial Officer                   Maureen E. Wylie
        Chief Administrative Officer              William Broglie
        Assistant Administrator for               William T. Hogarth
                Fisheries Service
        Assistant Administrator for               Richard Spinrad
                Ocean Services and 
                Coastal Zone Management
        Assistant Administrator for               Gregory W. Withee
                Environmental Satellite, 
                Data, and Information 
        Assistant Administrator for               D.L. Johnson
                Weather Service
        Assistant Administrator for               Richard D. Rosen
                Oceanic and Atmospheric 


Department of Commerce, Washington, DC 20230

Phone, 202-428-1840.
    Assistant Secretary for                       John M.R. Kneuer, 
            Communications and                            Acting
        Deputy Assistant Secretary                John M.R. Kneuer
        Chief Counsel                             Kathy D. Smith
        Associate Administrator for               Frederick R. Wentland
              Spectrum Management
[[Page 127]]

        Associate Administrator for               Eric R. Stark
                Policy Analysis and 
        Associate Administrator for               Fiona Alexander, 
                International Affairs                     Acting
        Associate Administrator for               Bernadette A. McGuire-
                Telecommunications and                    Rivera
                Information Applications
        Associate Administrator for               Alan Vincent


2121 Crystal Drive, Arlington, VA 22202

Phone, 703-305-8341. Internet, www.uspto.gov.
    Under Secretary for Intellectual              Jon W. Dudas
            Property and Director of the 
            U.S. Patent and Trademark 
        Deputy Under Secretary and                Stephen M. Pinkos
                Deputy Director
        Commissioner for Patents                  John J. Doll
        Commissioner for Trademarks               Lynne G. Beresford


Department of Commerce, Washington, DC 20230

Phone, 202-482-1575
    Under Secretary for Technology                Robert C. Cresanti
        Deputy Under Secretary                    Jo Gann, Acting
        Assistant Secretary for                   (vacancy)
                Technology Policy
        Director, National Institute of           William A. Jeffrey
                Standards and Technology
        Director, National Technical              Ellen Herbst
                Information Service


The Department of Commerce encourages, serves, and promotes the Nation's 
international trade, economic growth, and technological advancement. The 
Department provides a wide variety of programs through the competitive 
free enterprise system. It offers assistance and information to increase 
America's competitiveness in the world economy; administers programs to 
prevent unfair foreign trade competition; provides social and economic 
statistics and analyses for business and government planners; provides 
research and support for the increased use of scientific, engineering, 
and technological development; works to improve our understanding and 
benefits of the Earth's physical environment and oceanic resources; 
grants patents and registers trademarks; develops policies and conducts 
research on telecommunications; provides assistance to promote domestic 
economic development; and assists in the growth of minority businesses.
The Department was designated as such by act of March 4, 1913 (15 U.S.C. 
1501), which reorganized the Department of Commerce and Labor, created 
by act of February 14, 1903 (15 U.S.C. 1501), by transferring all labor 
activities into a new, separate Department of Labor.

Office of the Secretary

Secretary  The Secretary is responsible for the administration of all 
functions and authorities assigned to the Department of Commerce and for 
advising the President on Federal policy and programs affecting the 
industrial and commercial segments of the national economy. The 
Secretary is served by the


[[Page 129]]

offices of Deputy Secretary, Inspector General, General Counsel, and the 
Assistant Secretaries of Administration, Legislative and 
Intergovernmental Affairs, and Public Affairs. Other offices whose 
public purposes are widely administered are detailed below.

Business Liaison  The Office of Business Liaison directs the business 
community to the offices and policy experts who can best respond to 
their needs by promoting proactive, responsive, and effective outreach 
programs and relationships with the business community. It also informs 
the Secretary and Department officials of the critical issues facing the 
business community, informs the business community of Department and 
administration initiatives and priorities, as well as information 
regarding Department resources, policies, and programs, and provides 
general assistance to the business community.

For further information, call 202-482-1360.

Economics and Statistics Administration

The Economics and Statistics Administration (ESA) provides broad and 
targeted economic data, analyses, and forecasts for use by Government 
agencies, businesses, and others, as well as develops domestic and 
international economic policy. The Under Secretary is the chief economic 
adviser to the Secretary and provides leadership and executive 
management of the Bureau of the Census and the Bureau of Economic 
    ESA provides key business, economic, and international trade 
information products that American business and the public can use to 
make informed decisions through STAT.USA.

 For further information, contact the Economics and Statistics 
Administration, Department of Commerce, Washington, DC 20230. Phone, 

Bureau of the Census

[For the Bureau of the Census statement of organization, see the Federal 
Register of Sept. 16, 1975, 40 FR 42765]

The Bureau of the Census was established as a permanent office by act of 
March 6, 1902 (32 Stat. 51). The major functions of the Census Bureau 
are authorized by the Constitution, which provides that a census of 
population shall be taken every 10 years, and by laws codified as title 
13 of the United States Code. The law also provides that the information 
collected by the Census Bureau from individual persons, households, or 
establishments be kept strictly confidential and be used only for 
statistical purposes. The Census Bureau is responsible for:
    --the decennial censuses of population and housing;
    --the quinquennial censuses of State and local governments, 
manufacturers, mineral industries, distributive trades, construction 
industries, and transportation;
    --current surveys that provide information on many of the subjects 
covered in the censuses at monthly, quarterly, annual, or other 
    --compilation of current statistics on U.S. foreign trade, including 
data on imports, exports, and shipping;
    --special censuses at the request and expense of State and local 
government units;
    --publication of estimates and projections of the population;
    --publication of current data on population and housing 
characteristics; and
    --current reports on manufacturing, retail and wholesale trade, 
services, construction, imports and exports, State and local government 
finances and employment, and other subjects.
    The Census Bureau makes available statistical results of its 
censuses, surveys, and other programs to the public through printed 
reports, CD-ROMs and DVDs, the Internet and other media, and prepares 
special tabulations sponsored

[[Page 130]]

and paid for by data users. It also produces statistical compendia, 
catalogs, guides, and directories that are useful in locating 
information on specific subjects. Upon request, the Bureau makes 
searches of decennial census records and furnishes certificates to 
individuals for use as evidence of age, relationship, or place of birth. 
A fee is charged for searches.

For further information, contact the Marketing Service Office, Bureau of 
the Census, Department of Commerce, Washington, DC 20233. Phone, 301-
763-INFO (4636). Fax, 301-457-3842.

                                    Field Organization--Bureau of the Census
                Regional Office (Areas Served)                                      Address
Atlanta, GA (AL, FL, GA)                                       Suite 3200, 101 Marietta St. NW., 30303-2700
Boston, MA (CT, MA, ME, NH, NY (all counties not listed under  Suite 301, 4 Copley Pl., 02117-9108
 the New York Regional Office), PR, RI, VI, and VT)
Charlotte, NC (KY, NC, SC, TN, VA)                             Suite 106, 901 Center Park Dr., 28217-2935
Chicago, IL (IL, IN, WI)                                       Suite 5501, 2255 Enterprise Dr., Westchester, IL
Dallas, TX (LA, MS, TX)                                        Suite 800S, 8585 Stemmons N. Fwy., 75237-3836
Denver, CO (AZ, CO, MT, NE, ND, NM, NV, SD, UT, and WY)        Suite 100, 6900 W. Jefferson Ave., Lakewood, CO
Detroit, MI (MI, OH, WV)                                       Suite 100, 1395 Brewery Park Blvd., 48207-2635
Kansas City, KS (AR, IA, KS, MN, MO, OK)                       1211 North 8th St., 66101-2129
Los Angeles, CA (CA (counties of Fresno, Imperial, Inyo,       Suite 300, 15350 Sherman Way, Van Nuys, CA 91406-
 Kern, Kings, Los Angeles, Madera, Mariposa, Merced,            4224
 Monterey, Orange, Riverside, San Benito, San Bernardino, San
 Diego, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Tulare, and Ventura),
New York, NY (NJ (counties of Bergen, Essex, Hudson,           Suite 800, 395 Hudson St., 10014
 Middlesex, Morris, Passaic, Somerset, Sussex, Union, and
 Warren), NY (counties of Bronx, Kings, Nassau, New York,
 Queens, Richmond, Rockland, Suffolk, and Westchester))
Philadelphia, PA (DC, DE, MD, NJ (all counties not listed      Suite 504, 833 Chestnut St., 19107-4405
 under the New York Regional Office), PA)
Seattle, WA (AK, CA (all counties not listed under the Los     Suite 3800, 601 Union St., 98101-1074
 Angeles Regional Office), ID, OR, WA)

Bureau of Economic Analysis

[For the Bureau of Economic Analysis statement of organization, see the 
Federal Register of Dec. 29, 1980, 45 FR 85496]

The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) promotes a better understanding of 
the U.S. economy by providing the most timely, relevant, and accurate 
economic accounts data in an objective and cost-effective manner. BEA's 
economic statistics are closely watched and provide a comprehensive 
picture of the U.S. economy. BEA prepares national, regional, industry, 
and international accounts that present essential information on such 
issues in the world economy.
    BEA's national economic statistics provide a comprehensive look at 
U.S. production, consumption, investment, exports and imports, and 
income and saving. The international transactions accounts provide 
information on trade in goods and services (including the balance of 
payments and trade), investment income, and government and private 
finances. In addition, the accounts measure the value of U.S. 
international assets and liabilities and direct investment by 
multinational companies.
    The regional accounts provide data on total and per capita personal 
income by region, State, metropolitan area, and county, and on gross 
State product. The industry economic account provides a detailed view of 
the interrelationships between U.S. producers and users and the 
contribution to production across industries.

For further information, contact the Public Information Office, Bureau 
of Economic Analysis, Department of Commerce, Washington, DC 20230. 
Phone, 202-606-9900. Fax, 202-606-5310. Internet, www.bea.gov. E-mail, 
[email protected].

[[Page 131]]

For further information, contact the Economics and Statistics 
Administration, Department of Commerce, Washington, DC 20230. Phone, 

Bureau of Industry and Security

[For the Bureau of Industry and Security statement of organization, see 
the Federal Registers of June 7, 1988, 53 FR 20881 and April 26, 2002, 
67 FR 20630]

The mission of the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) is to advance 
U.S. national security, foreign policy, and economic objectives by 
ensuring an effective export control and treaty compliance system and 
promoting continued U.S. strategic technology leadership. BIS activities 
include regulating the export of sensitive goods and technologies in an 
effective and efficient manner; enforcing export control, antiboycott, 
and public safety laws; cooperating with and assisting other countries 
on export control and strategic trade issues; assisting U.S. industry to 
comply with international arms control agreements; and monitoring the 
viability of the U.S. defense industrial base and seeking to ensure that 
it is capable of satisfying U.S. national and homeland security needs.
Export Administration  The Office of the Assistant Secretary for Export 
Administration is responsible for export licenses, treaty compliance, 
treaty obligations relating to weapons of mass destruction, and the 
defense industrial and technology base. The primary objectives are to 
determine the items requiring export licenses for reasons of national 
security, nonproliferation, foreign policy, and short supply; ensure 
that approval or denial is consistent with economic and security 
concerns; act as the liaison with the business community to ensure its 
compliance with regulations; represent the Department in interagency and 
international fora relating to export controls; ensure the availability 
of industrial resources for national defense under the authority of the 
Defense Production Act; and assess the security consequences for the 
United States of various trade activities.
Export Enforcement  The Office of the Assistant Secretary for Export 
Enforcement enforces dual-use export controls for reasons of national 
security, nonproliferation, counterterrorism, foreign policy, and short 
supply, enabling exporters to take advantage of legal export 
opportunities while ensuring that illegal exports will be detected and 
either prevented or investigated and sanctioned. The Office also ensures 
prompt, aggressive action against restrictive trade practices such as 
boycotts; reviews visa applications of foreign nationals to prevent 
illegal technology transfers; and conducts cooperative enforcement 
activities on an international basis.
Office of International Programs  The Office of International Programs 
provides technical assistance to nations lacking effective export and 
transit control systems. These nations are identified as potential 
locations for export or transit of nuclear, chemical, biological or 
radiological weapons, missile delivery systems, or the commodities, 
technologies, or equipment that could be used to design or build such 
weapons or their delivery systems.

             Field Offices--Bureau of Industry and Security
               Field Area                             Address
Export Enforcement
Boston, MA..............................  Rm. 350, 10 Causeway St.,
Dallas, TX..............................  Suite 622, 525 S. Griffin St.,
Hillside, IL............................  Suite 350, 4415 W. Harrison
                                           St., 60162
Houston, TX.............................  Suite 250, 15355 Vantage Pkwy.
                                           West, 77032
El Segundo, CA..........................  Suite 720, 222 N. Sepulveda
                                           Blvd., 90245
Fort Lauderdale, FL.....................  Suite 2060, 200 E. Las Olas
                                           Blvd., 33301
Herndon, VA.............................  Suite 1125, 381 Elden St.,

[[Page 132]]

Irvine, CA..............................  Suite 310, 2601 Main St.,
San Jose, CA............................  Suite 250, 96 N. 3d St., 95112-
Staten Island, NY.......................  Suite 104, 1200 South Ave.,
Export Administration
Newport Beach, CA.......................  Suite 345, 3300 Irvine Ave.,
San Jose, CA............................  Rm. 605, 111 N. Market St.,
                                           6th Fl., 95113

For further information, contact the Bureau of Industry and Security, 
Office of Public Affairs, Room 3897, Fourteenth Street and Constitution 
Avenue NW., Washington, DC 20230. Phone, 202-482-2721.

Economic Development Administration

The Economic Development Administration (EDA) was created in 1965 under 
the Public Works and Economic Development Act (42 U.S.C. 3121) as part 
of an effort to target Federal resources to economically distressed 
areas and to help develop local economies in the United States. It was 
mandated to assist rural and urban communities that were outside the 
mainstream economy and that lagged in economic development, industrial 
growth, and personal income.
    The Administration provides grants to partners (States, regions, and 
communities) across the Nation to help create wealth and minimize 
poverty by promoting a favorable business environment to attract private 
capital investment and higher skill, higher wage jobs through world-
class capacity building, planning, infrastructure, research grants, and 
strategic initiatives. Through its grant programs, the Administration 
seeks to utilize public sector resources in a manner that leverages 
investment by the private sector to create an environment where the 
private sector risks capital, and job opportunities are created.
    Public works and development facilities grants support 
infrastructure projects that foster the establishment or expansion of 
industrial and commercial businesses, supporting the retention and 
creation of jobs.
    Planning grants support the design and implementation of effective 
economic development policies and programs, by local development 
organizations, in States and communities. EDA funds a network of over 
300 planning districts throughout the country.
    Technical assistance provides for local feasibility and industry 
studies, management and operational assistance, natural resource 
development, and export promotion. In addition, EDA funds a network of 
university centers that provides technical assistance.
    Research, evaluation, and demonstration funds are used to support 
studies about the causes of economic distress and to seek solutions to 
counteract and prevent such problems.
    Economic adjustment grants help communities adjust to a gradual 
erosion or sudden dislocation of their local economic structure. 
Economic assistance provides funding for both planning and 
implementation to address economic change.
    The Trade Adjustment Assistance program helps U.S. firms and 
industries injured as the result of economic globalization. A nationwide 
network of Trade Adjustment Assistance Centers offers low-cost, 
effective professional assistance to certified firms in developing and 
implementing recovery strategies.

          Regional Offices--Economic Development Administration
          Region (Areas Served)                       Address
Atlanta, GA (AL, FL, GA, MS, NC, SC, TN)  Suite 1820, 401 W. Peachtree
                                           St. NW., 30308-3610

[[Page 133]]

  Kentucky..............................  Suite 200, 771 Corporate Dr.,
                                           Lexington, 40503-5477
Austin, TX (AK, NM, OK, TX).............  Suite 100, 504 Lavalle St.,
  Louisiana.............................  Rm. 1025, 500 Poydras St., New
                                           Orleans, 70130
Chicago, IL (IN, MI, WI)................  Suite 855, 111 N. Canal, 60606-
  Minnesota.............................  Rm. 104, 515 W. 1st St.,
                                           Duluth, MN 55802
  Ohio..................................  Rm. 740, 200 N. High St.,
                                           Columbus, OH 43215
Denver, CO (CO, SD, UT).................  Rm. 632, 1244 Speer Blvd.,
  Iowa and Nebraska.....................  Rm. 823, 210 Walnut St., Des
                                           Moines, IA 50309
  Kansas and Missouri...................  Suite C, 101 Park DeVille Dr.,
                                           Columbia, MO 65203
  Montana, North Dakota, and Wyoming....  Rm. 123, 301 S. Park Ave.,
                                           P.O. Box 578, Helena, MT
Philadelphia, PA (CT, NJ, NY, PA, PR,     Suite 140 S., Independence Sq.
 RI, VT,).                                 W., 19106
  Delaware, District of Columbia,         Rm. 474, 400 N. 8th St.,
 Maryland, and Virginia.                   Richmond, VA 23240-1001
  Massachusetts and New Hampshire.......  Rm. 3503, Federal Bldg., 55
                                           Pleasant St., Concord, NH
  New York and Vermont..................  Suite 104, 620 Erie Blvd. W.,
                                           Syracuse, NY 13204-2442
  Pennsylvania..........................  525 N. Broad St., W. Hazelton,
  West Virginia.........................  Rm. 411, 405 Capital St.,
                                           Charleston, 25301-1727
Seattle, WA (AZ, WA)....................  Rm. 1890, 915 2d Ave., 98174
  Alaska................................  Suite 444, 510 L St.,
                                           Anchorage, 99501-7594
  California (Northern) and Oregon......  Suite 244, One World Trade
                                           Ctr., 121 SW. Salmon St.,
                                           Portland, OR 97204
  California (Central)..................  Suite 411, 801 I St.,
                                           Sacramento, CA, 95814
  California (Coastal)..................  709 Martinelli St.,
                                           Watonville, CA, 95076
  California (Southern).................  Suite 1675, 5777 W. Century
                                           Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90045
  Hawaii, Guam, American Samoa, Marshall  Rm. 5180, Federal Bldg., 300
 Islands, Micronesia, Northern Marianas    Ala Moana Blvd., P.O. Box
 and Republic of Palau.                    50264, Honolulu, HI 96850
  Idaho and Nevada......................  Rm. 146, 304 N. 8th St.,
                                           Boise, ID 83702

For further information, contact the Economic Development 
Administration, Department of Commerce, Washington, DC 20230. Phone, 
202-482-2900. Fax, 202-273-4723.

International Trade Administration

[For the International Trade Administration statement of organization, 
see the Federal Register of Jan. 25, 1980, 45 FR 6148]

The International Trade Administration (ITA) was established on January 
2, 1980, by the Secretary of Commerce to promote world trade and to 
strengthen the international trade and investment position of the United 
    ITA is headed by the Under Secretary for International Trade, who 
coordinates all issues concerning trade promotion, international 
commercial policy, market access, and trade law enforcement. The 
Administration is responsible for nonagricultural trade operations of 
the U.S. Government and supports the trade policy negotiation efforts of 
the U.S. Trade Representative.
Import Administration  The Office of the Assistant Secretary for Import 
Administration defends American industry against injurious and unfair 
trade practices by administering efficiently, fairly, and in a manner 
consistent with U.S. international trade obligations the antidumping and 
countervailing duty laws of the United States. The Office ensures the 
proper administration of foreign trade zones and advises the Secretary 
on establishment of new zones; oversees the administration of the 
Department's textiles program; and administers programs governing watch 
assemblies, and other statutory import programs.
Market Access and Compliance  The Office of the Assistant Secretary for 
Market Access and Compliance advises on the analysis, formulation, and 
implementation of U.S. international economic policies and carries out 
programs to promote international trade, improve access by U.S. 
companies to overseas markets, and strengthen the international trade 
and investment position of the United States. The Office analyzes and 
develops recommendations

[[Page 134]]

for region- and country-specific international economic, trade, and 
investment policy strategies and objectives. In addition, the Office is 
responsible for implementing, monitoring, and enforcing foreign 
compliance with bilateral and multilateral trade agreements.
Manufacturing and Services  The Assistant Secretary for Manufacturing 
and Services advises on domestic and international trade and investment 
policies affecting the competitiveness of U.S. industry and carries on a 
program of research and analysis on manufacturing and services. Based on 
this analysis and interaction with U.S. industry, the Assistant 
Secretary develops strategies, policies, and programs to strengthen the 
competitive position of U.S. industries in the United States and world 
markets. The Assistant Secretary manages an integrated program that 
includes both industry and economic analysis, trade policy development 
and multilateral, regional, and bilateral trade agreements for 
manufactured goods and services; administers trade arrangements (other 
than those involving AD/CVD proceedings) with foreign governments in 
product and service areas; and develops and provides business 
information and assistance to the United States on its rights and 
opportunities under multilateral and other agreements.
Trade Promotion and U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service  The Assistant 
Secretary for Trade Promotion and Director General of the U.S. and 
Foreign Commercial Service directs ITA's export promotion programs, 
develops and implements a unified goal-setting and evaluation process to 
increase trade assistance to small- and medium-sized businesses, directs 
a program of international trade events, market research, and export-
related trade information products and services; and directs programs to 
aid U.S. firms to compete successfully for major projects and 
procurements worldwide. ITA provides a comprehensive platform of export 
assistance services to support U.S. firms who enter or expand their 
presence in overseas markets, including counseling, trade events, and 
outreach services through 109 export assistance centers located in the 
United States and 158 posts located in 83 countries throughout the 

                          Export Assistance Centers--International Trade Administration
                    Address                             Director/Manager             Telephone          Fax
Alabama (Rm. 707, 950 22d St. N., Birmingham,   George Norton...................    205-731-1331    205-731-0076
Alaska (Suite 1770, 431 W. 7th Ave.,            Chuck Becker....................    907-271-6237    907-271-6242
 Anchorage, 99501).
Arizona (Suite 970, 2901 N. Central Ave.,       (Vacancy).......................    602-640-2513    602-640-2518
 Phoenix, 85012).
  (166 W. Alameda, Tucson, 85701).............  Eric Nielsen....................    520-670-5540    520-791-5413
Arkansas (Suite 700, 425 W. Capitol Ave.,       (Vacancy).......................    501-324-5794    501-324-7380
 Little Rock, 72201).
California (Suite 166, 2100 Chester Ave.,       Glen Roberts....................    661-637-0136    661-637-0156
 Bakersfield, 93301).
  (550 E. Shaw Ave., Fresno, 93710)...........  Eduardo Torres..................    559-227-6582    559-227-6509
  (84-245 Indio Springs Dr., Indio, 92203-      Cynthia Torres..................    760-342-4455    760-342-3535
  (Suite 121, 2940 Inland Empire Blvd.,         Fred Latuperissa................    909-466-4134    909-466-4140
 Ontario, 91764).
  (Suite 509, 350 S. Figueroa St., Los          Rachid Sayouty..................    213-894-4231    213-894-8789
 Angeles, 90071).
  (Suite 975, 11150 Olympic Blvd., Los          Julieanne Hennessy..............    310-235-7104    310-235-7220
 Angeles, 90064).
  (Suite 316A, 411 Pacific St., Monterey,       Chris Damm, Acting..............    408-641-9850    408-641-9849
  (Suite 305, 3300 Irvine Ave., Newport Beach   Mary Delmege, HUB Director......    949-660-1688    949-660-1338
  (Suite 630N, 1301 Clay St., Oakland, 94612).  Rod Hirsch......................    510-273-7350    510-273-7352
  (Suite 200, 440 Civic Center Dr., San         Elizabeth Krauth................    415-492-4546    415-492-4549
 Rafael, 94903).
  (2d Fl., 917 7th St., Sacramento, 95814)....  George Tastard..................    916-498-5155    916-498-5923
  (Suite 230, 6363 Greenwich Dr., San Diego,    Matt Andersen...................    619-557-5395    619-557-6176
  (14th Fl., 250 Montgomery St., San            Stephan Crawford................    415-705-2300    415-705-2297
 Francisco, 94104).
  ((Silicon Valley) Suite 550, 152 N. 3d St.,   Greg Mignano, HUB Director......    408-271-7300    408-271-7306
 San Jose, 95113-5591).
  (Suite 550, 152 N. 3d St., San Jose, 95113-   Joanne Vilet....................    408-271-7300    408-271-7306
  ((Ventura County) 333 Ponoma St., Port        Gerald Vaughn...................    805-488-4844    805-488-7801
 Hueneme, 93041).
Colorado (Suite 680, 1625 Broadway, Denver,     James Kennedy...................    303-844-6001    303-844-5651
Connecticut (Suite 903, 213 Court St.,          Carl Jacobsen...................    860-638-6950    860-638-6970
 Middletown, 06457-3346).
Delaware (Served by the Philadelphia,
 Pennsylvania, Export Assistance Center).

[[Page 135]]

District of Columbia (Served by the Arlington,
 Virginia (Northern Virginia) Export
 Assistance Center).
Florida (Suite 704, 14010 Roosevelt Blvd.,      George Martinez.................    727-893-3738    727-893-3839
 Clearwater, 33762).
  (Suite 1600, 200 E. Las Olas Blvd., Ft.       John McCartney..................    954-356-6640    954-356-6644
 Lauderdale, 33301).
  (3 Independent Dr., Jacksonville, 32202-      Jorge Arce......................    904-232-1270    904-232-1271
  (Suite 203, 5835 Blue Lagoon Dr., Miami,      Linda Santucci..................    305-526-7425    305-526-7434
  (P.O. Box 5115, Deltona, 32728-5115)........  Kenneth Mouradian...............    407-968-8122
  (Suite 201, Atrium Bldg., 325 John Knox Rd.,  Michael Higgins.................    850-942-9635    850-922-9595
 Tallahassee, 32303).
Georgia (Suite 105, 75th St. NW., Atlanta,      Thomas A. Stauss................    404-897-6090    404-897-6085
  (Suite 202, 111 E. Liberty St., Savannah,     Joseph Kramer...................    912-652-4204    912-652-4241
Hawaii (Rm. 214, 521 Ala Moana Blvd.,           Paul Tambakis...................    808-522-8040    808-522-8045
 Honolulu, 96813).
Idaho (2d Fl., 700 W. State St., Boise, 83720)  Amy Benson......................    208-364-7791    208-334-2783
Illinois (Suite 2440, 200 W. Adams St.,         Mary N. Joyce, HUB Director.....    312-353-8045    312-353-8120
 Chicago, 60606).
  (Rm. 141, Jobst Hall, 922 N. Glenwood Ave.,   Shari Stout.....................    309-671-7815    309-671-7818
 Peoria, 61606).
  (Suite 212, 28055 Ashley Cir., Libertyville,  Robin F. Mugford................    847-327-9082    847-247-0423
  (515 N. Court St., Rockford, 61103).........  Patrick Hope....................    815-987-8123    815-963-7943
Indiana (Suite 106, 11405 N. Pennsylvania St.,  Mark Cooper.....................    317-582-2300    317-582-2301
 Carmel, 46032).
Iowa (Suite 100, 700 Locust St., Des Moines,    Allen Patch.....................    515-288-8614    515-288-1437
Kansas (Suite 300, 209 E. William, Wichita,     A.J. Anderson...................    316-263-4067    316-263-8306
Kentucky (4th Fl., 140 E. Main St., Lexington,  Sara M. Moreno..................    859-225-7001    859-225-6501
  (Rm. 634B, 601 W. Broadway, Louisville,       Peggy Pauley, Acting............    502-582-5066    502-582-6573
  (Suite 240, 2292 S. Hwy. 27, Somerset,        (Vacancy).......................    606-677-6160    606-677-6161
Louisiana (Suite 2710, 2 Canal St., New         Donald Van De Werken............    504-589-6546    504-589-2337
 Orleans, 70130).
  (Business Education Bldg. 119H, One           Patricia Holt...................    318-676-3064    318-676-3063
 University Pl., Shreveport, 71115-2399).
Maine (c/o Maine Int'l Trade Ctr., 511          Jeffrey Porter..................    207-541-7400    207-541-7420
 Congress St., Portland, 04101).
Maryland (Suite 300, 300 W. Pratt St.,          William Burwell.................    410-962-4539    410-962-4529
 Baltimore, 21202).
Massachusetts (WTC, Suite 307, 164 Northern     Jim Cox.........................    617-424-5990    617-424-5992
 Ave., Boston, 02210).
  (WTC, Suite 307, 164 Northern Ave., Boston,   Dorothy Zur Muhlen-Tomaszeska...    617-424-5990    617-424-5992
Michigan (Suite 1104, 211 W. Fort St.,          Sara Coulter....................    313-226-3650    313-226-3657
 Detroit, 48226).
  (Suite 311-C, 401 W. Fulton St., Grand        Thomas Maguire..................    616-458-3564    616-458-3872
 Rapids, 49504).
  (Suite 1300 W., 250 Elizabeth Lake Rd.,       Richard Corson..................    248-975-9600    248-975-9606
 Pontiac, 48341).
  ((Ypsilanti) Suite 306G, 300 W. Michigan      Paul Litton.....................    734-487-0259    734-485-2396
 Ave., c/o Eastern Michigan University, Owen,
Minnesota (Suite 2240, 45 S. 7th St.,           Ryan Kanne......................    612-348-1638    612-348-1650
 Minneapolis, 55402).
Mississippi (Suite 255, 175 E. Capitol St.,     Carol Moore.....................    601-965-4130    601-965-4132
 Jackson, 39201).
Missouri (Suite 520, 8235 Forsyth Ctr., St.     Randall J. LaBounty.............    314-425-3302    314-425-3381
 Louis, 63105).
  (Suite 650, 2345 Grand, Kansas City, 64108).  Regina Heise....................    816-426-6285    816-426-6292
Montana (P.O. Box 7487, Missoula, 59807)......  Mark Peters.....................    406-542-6656    406-542-6659
Nebraska (11135 ``O'' St., Omaha, 68137)......  Meredith Bond...................    402-597-0193    402-597-0194
Nevada (400 Las Vegas Blvd. S., Las Vegas,      Tony Michalski..................    702-366-9406    702-366-0688
  (16th Fl., 1 E. 1st St., Reno, 89502).......  Bill Cline......................    775-784-5203    775-784-5343
New Hampshire (17 New Hampshire Ave.,           Susan Berry.....................    603-334-6074    603-334-6110
 Portsmouth, 03801-2838).
New Jersey (Suite 1505, 744 Broad St., Newark,  Carmela Mammas..................    973-645-4682    973-645-4783
  (P.O. Box 820, 20 W. State St., Trenton,      Rod Stuart......................    609-989-2100    609-989-2395
New Mexico (1100 St. Francis Dr., c/o NM Dept.  Sandra Necessary................    505-827-0350    505-827-0263
 of Economic Development, Santa Fe, 87505-
New York (Rm. 1304, 111 W. Huron St., Buffalo,  James Mariano...................    716-551-4191    716-551-5290
  (Suite 904, 163 W. 125th St., Harlem, 10027)  K.L. Fredericks.................    212-860-6200    212-860-6203
  ((Long Island) Rm. 109, Harriman Hall, SBDC   Kenneth Reidbord................    631-897-9349    631-632-7176
 Stony Brook Univ., Stony Brook, 11794-3777.
  (40th Fl., 20 Exchange Pl., New York, 10007)  William Spitler.................    212-809-2675    212-809-2687
  (Suite 710, 400 Andrews St., Rochester,       Erin Cole.......................    585-263-6480    585-325-6505
  ((Westchester) Suite 209, 707 Westchester     Joan Kanlian....................    914-682-6712    914-682-6698
 Ave., White Plains, 10604).
North Carolina (Suite 435, 521 E. Morehead      Samuel P. Troy, HUB Director....    704-333-4886    704-332-2681
 St., Charlotte, 28202).
  (Suite 435, 521 E. Morehead St., Charlotte,   Greg Sizemore...................    704-333-4886    704-332-2681
  (2nd Fl., 342 N. Elm St., Greensboro, 27401)  John Schmonsees.................    336-333-5345    336-333-5158
  ((Triangle) Suite 110, 10900 World Trade      Debbie Strader..................    919-715-7373    919-715-7777
 Blvd., Raleigh, 27617).
North Dakota (Served by the Minneapolis Export
 Assistance Center).
Ohio (17th Fl., One Cascade Plz., Akron,        Ricardo Pelaez..................    330-237-1264    330-375-5612
  (Suite 2650, 36 E. 7th St., Cincinnati,       (Vacancy).......................    513-684-2944    513-684-3227

[[Page 136]]

  (Suite 700, 600 Superior Ave. E., Cleveland,  Michael Miller, HUB Director....    216-522-4750    216-522-2235
  (Suite 700, 600 Superior Ave. E., Cleveland,  Susan Whitney...................    216-522-4750    216-522-2235
  (Suite 1400, 280 N. High St., Columbus,       Roberta Ford....................    614-365-9510    614-365-9598
  (300 Madison Ave., Toledo, 43604)...........  Robert Abrahams.................    419-241-0683    419-241-0684
Oklahoma (Suite 330, 301 NW. 63d St., Oklahoma  Ronald L. Wilson................    405-608-5302    405-608-4211
 City, 73116).
  (Suite 1400, 700 N. Greenwood Ave., Tulsa,    Jim Williams....................    918-581-7650    918-581-6263
Oregon (Suite 242, One World Trade Ctr., 121    Scott Goddin....................    503-326-3001    503-326-6351
 SW. Salmon St., Portland, 97204.
Pennsylvania (Suite 850, P.O. Box 11698, 228    Deborah Doherty.................    717-221-4510    717-221-4505
 Walnut St., Harrisburg, 17108-1698).
  (The Curtis Ctr., Suite 580 West,             Joseph Hanely, HUB Director.....    215-597-6101    215-597-6123
 Independence Sq. W., Philadelphia, 19106).
  (The Curtis Ctr., Suite 580 West,             Michael Lally...................    215-597-6101    215-597-6123
 Independence Sq. W., Philadelphia, 19106).
  (Suite 2950, 425 6th Ave., Pittsburgh,        Lynn Doverspike.................    412-664-2800    412-664-2803
Puerto Rico (10th Fl., Midtown Bldg., 420       Maritza Ramos...................    787-766-5555    787-766-5692
 Ponce de Leon Ave., San Juan (Hato Rey),
Rhode Island (One W. Exchange St., Providence,  Keith Yatsuhashi................    401-528-5104    401-528-5067
South Carolina (Suite 201-C, 5300               Phil Minard.....................    843-760-3794    843-760-3798
 International Blvd., North Charleston, 29418).
  (Suite 1720, 1201 Main St., Columbia, 29201)  Ann Watts.......................    803-765-5345    803-253-3614
  (Suite 109, Bldg. 1, 555 N. Pleasantburg      Denis Csizmadia.................    864-271-1976    864-271-4171
 Dr., Greenville, 29607).
South Dakota (Rm. 122, Madsen Ctr., Augusta     Cinnamon King...................    605-330-4264    605-330-4266
 College, 2001 S. Summit Ave., Sioux Falls,
Tennessee (Suite 300, 601 W. Summit Hill Dr.,   George Frank....................    865-545-4637    865-545-4435
 Knoxville, 37902-2011).
  (Suite 348, Buckman Hall, 650 East Pkwy. S.,  (Vacancy).......................    901-323-1543    901-320-9128
 Memphis, 38104).
  (Suite 100, 3d Fl., 211 Commerce St.,         Dean Peterson...................    615-259-6060    615-259-6064
 Nashville, 37201).
Texas (2d Fl., 1700 Congress, Austin, 78701)..  Karen Parker....................    512-916-5939    512-916-5940
  (808 Throckmorton St., Fort Worth, 76102)...  Mark Weaver.....................    817-392-2673    817-392-2668
  (Suite 530, 15600 JFK Blvd., Houston, 77002)  Duaine Priestley................    281-449-9402    281-449-9437
  ((North Texas) Suite 220, 1450 Hughes Rd.,    Daniel Stewart..................    817-310-3744    817-310-3757
 Grapevine, 76051).
  (Suite 360, 203-A St. Mary's St., San         Daniel Rodriguez................    210-228-9878    210-228-9874
 Antonio, 78205).
  ((South Texas) Suite 4, 6401 S. 36th St.,     (Vacancy).......................    956-661-0238    956-661-0239
 McAllen, 78503).
  ((West Texas) Rm. 1303, 1400 FM 1788,         Steve Recobs....................    432-552-2490    432-552-3490
 Midland, 79707-1423).
Utah (Suite 331, 9690 South 300 West, Sandy,    David Fiscuss...................    801-255-1871    801-255-3147
Vermont (6th Fl., National Life Bldg.,          Susan Murray....................    802-828-4508    802-828-3258
 Montpelier, 05620-0501).
Virginia ((Northern Virginia) Suite 1225, 1401  Ann Grey........................    703-235-0331    703-524-2649
 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, 22209).
  (Suite 412, P.O. Box 10026, 400 N. 8th St.,   Eric McDonald...................    804-771-2246    804-771-2390
 Richmond, 23240-0026).
Washington (Suite 320, 2601 4th Ave., Seattle,  Diane Mooney....................    206-553-5615    206-553-7253
  (Suite 400, 801 W. Riverside Ave., Spokane    Janet Daubel....................    509-353-2625    509-353-2449
 Regional Chamber of Commerce, Spokane, 99201).
  (Suite 410, 950 Pacific Ave., Tacoma, 98402)  Young Oh........................    253-593-6736    253-383-4676
West Virginia (Suite 807, 405 Capitol St.,      (Vacancy).......................    304-347-5123    304-347-5408
 Charleston, 25301).
  (316 Washington Ave., Wheeling Jesuit         James F. Fitzgerald.............    304-243-5493    304-243-5494
 University NTTC, Wheeling, 26003).
Wisconsin (Rm. 596, 517 E. Wisconsin Ave.,      Paul D. Churchill...............    414-297-3473    414-297-3470
 Milwaukee, 53202).
Wyoming (Served by the Denver Export
 Assistance Center).
National Director (Rm. 3810 HCH Bldg., 14th     Thomas McGinty..................    202-482-3940    202-501-4007
 and Constitution Ave. NW., Washington, DC

For further information, contact the International Trade Administration, 
Department of Commerce, Washington, DC 20230. Phone, 202-482-3917.

[[Page 137]]

Minority Business Development Agency

[For the Minority Business Development Agency statement of organization, 
see the Federal Register of Mar. 17, 1972, 37 FR 5650, as amended]

The Minority Business Development Agency was established by Executive 
order in 1969. The Agency develops and coordinates a national program 
for minority business enterprise.
    The Agency was created to assist minority businesses in achieving 
effective and equitable participation in the American free enterprise 
system and in overcoming social and economic disadvantages that have 
limited their participation in the past. The Agency provides national 
policies and leadership in forming and strengthening a partnership of 
business, industry, and government with the Nation's minority 
    Business development services are provided to the minority business 
community through three vehicles: the minority business opportunity 
committees which disseminate information on business opportunities; the 
minority business development centers that provide management and 
technical assistance and other business development services; and 
electronic commerce which includes a Web page on the Internet that will 
show how to start a business and use the service to electronically match 
business with contract opportunities.
    The Agency promotes and coordinates the efforts of other Federal 
agencies in assisting or providing market opportunities for minority 
business. It coordinates opportunities for minority firms in the private 
sector. Through such public and private cooperative activities, the 
Agency promotes the participation of Federal, State, and local 
governments, and business and industry in directing resources for the 
development of strong minority businesses.

                        National Enterprise Centers--Minority Business Development Agency
             Region                         Address                         Director                 Telephone
Atlanta, GA.....................  Suite 1715, 401 W.           Robert Henderson.................    404-730-3300
                                   Peachtree St. NW., 30308-
Chicago, IL.....................  Suite 1406, 55 E. Monroe     Eric Dobyne......................    312-353-0182
                                   St., 60603.
Dallas, TX......................  Suite 7B23, 1100 Commerce    John Iglehart....................    214-767-8001
                                   St., 75242.
El Monte, CA....................  Suite 455, 9660 Flair Dr.,   Maria Accosta....................    818-453-8636
New York, NY....................  Suite 3720, 26 Federal       Heyward Davenport................    212-264-3262
                                   Plz., 10278.
Philadelphia, PA................  Rm. 10128, 600 Arch St.,     Alfonso C. Jackson...............    215-597-9236
San Francisco, CA...............  Rm. 1280, 221 Main St.,      Linda Marmolejo..................    415-744-3001

For further information, contact the Office of the Director, Minority 
Business Development Agency, Department of Commerce, Washington, DC 
20230. Phone, 202-482-5061. Internet, www.mbda.gov.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Department of Commerce, Washington, DC 20230

Phone, 202-482-2985. Internet, www.noaa.gov.

[For the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration statement of 
organization, see the Federal Register of Feb. 13, 1978, 43 FR 6128]

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) was formed on 
October 3, 1970, by Reorganization Plan No. 4 of 1970 (5 U.S.C. app.).
    NOAA's mission entails environmental assessment, prediction, and 
stewardship. It is dedicated to monitoring and assessing the state of 
the environment in order to make accurate and timely forecasts to 
protect life, property, and natural resources, as well as to promote the 
economic well-being of the United States and to enhance its 
environmental security. NOAA is committed to protecting America's ocean, 
coastal, and living marine resources while promoting sustainable 
economic development.

[[Page 138]]

National Weather Service

The National Weather Service (NWS) provides weather, water and climate 
warnings, forecasts and data for the United States, its territories, 
adjacent waters, and ocean areas. NWS data and products form a national 
information database and infrastructure used by Government agencies, the 
private sector, the public, and the global community to protect life and 
property and to enhance the national economy. Working with partners in 
Government, academic and research institutions and private industry, NWS 
strives to ensure their products and services are responsive to the 
needs of the American public. NWS data and information services support 
aviation and marine activities, wildfire suppression, and many other 
sectors of the economy. NWS supports national security efforts with 
long- and short-range forecasts, air quality and cloud dispersion 
forecasts, and broadcasts of warnings and critical information over the 
800-station NOAA Weather Radio network.

For further information, contact the National Weather Service, 
Attention: Executive Affairs, 1325 East-West Highway, Silver Spring, MD 
20910-3283. Phone, 301-713-0689. Fax, 301-713-0049. Internet, 

National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service

The National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service 
(NESDIS) operates the Nation's civilian geostationary and polar-orbiting 
environmental satellites. It also manages the largest collection of 
atmospheric, geophysical, and oceanographic data in the world. From 
these sources, NESDIS develops and provides, through various media, 
environmental data for forecasts, national security, and weather 
warnings to protect life and property. This data is also used to assist 
in energy distribution, the development of global food supplies, the 
management of natural resources, and in the recovery of downed pilots 
and mariners in distress.

For further information, contact the National Environmental Satellite, 
Data, and Information Service, 1335 East-West Highway, Silver Spring, MD 
20910-3283. Phone, 301-713-3578. Fax, 301-713-1249. Internet, 

National Marine Fisheries Service

The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) supports the management, 
conservation, and sustainable development of domestic and international 
living marine resources and the protection and restoration of healthy 
ecosystems. NMFS is involved in the stock assessment of the Nation's 
multi-billion-dollar marine fisheries, protecting marine mammals and 
threatened species, habitat conservation operations, trade and industry 
assistance, and fishery enforcement activities.

For further information, contact the National Marine Fisheries Service, 
1315 East-West Highway, Silver Spring, MD 20910. Phone, 301-713-2239. 
Fax, 301-713-2258. Internet, kingfish.ssp.nmfs.gov.

National Ocean Service

The National Ocean Service (NOS) works to balance the Nation's use of 
coastal resources through research, management, and policy. NOS monitors 
the health of U.S. coasts by examining how human use and natural events 
impact coastal ecosystems. Coastal communities rely on NOS for 
information about natural hazards so they can more effectively reduce or 
eliminate the destructive effects of coastal hazards. NOS assesses the 
damage caused by hazardous material spills and works to restore or 
replace the affected coastal resources. Through varied programs, NOS 
protects wetlands, water quality, beaches, and wildlife. In addition, 
NOS provides a wide range of navigational products and data that assist 
vessels' safe movement through U.S. waters and provides the basic set of 
information that establishes the latitude, longitude, and elevation 
framework necessary for the Nation's surveying,

[[Page 139]]

navigation, positioning, and mapping activities.

For further information, contact the National Ocean Service, Room 13231, 
SSMC 4, 1305 East-West Highway, Silver Spring, MD 20910. Phone, 301-713-
3070. Fax, 301-713-4307. Internet, www.nos.noaa.gov.

Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research

The Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research (OAR) carries out 
research on weather, air quality and composition, climate variability 
and change, and coastal and Great Lakes ecosystems. OAR conducts and 
directs its research programs in coastal, marine, atmospheric, and space 
sciences through its own laboratories and offices, as well as through 
networks of university-based programs across the country.

For further information, contact the Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric 
Research, Room 11627, 1315 East-West Highway, Silver Spring, MD 20910. 
Phone, 301-713-2458. Fax, 301-713-0163. Internet, www.oar.noaa.gov.

NOAA Marine and Aviation Operations

NOAA also maintains a fleet of ships and aircraft under the auspices of 
its NOAA Marine and Aviation Operations (NMAO). These are used for 
scientific, engineering, and technical services, as well as to serve as 
research platforms for gathering critical marine and atmospheric data in 
support of a number of NOAA's research programs. This includes flying 
``hurricane hunter'' aircraft into nature's most turbulent storms to 
collect data critical to hurricane research.

For further information, contact NOAA Marine and Aviation Operations, 
Room 12857, 1315 East-West Highway, Silver Spring, MD 20910-3282. Phone, 

   Field Organization--National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
         Organization           Address/Telephone         Director
National Weather Service
  Headquarters...............  Attention:           D.L. Johnson
                                Executive Affairs,
                                1325 East-West
                                Hwy., Silver
                                Spring, MD 20910-
                                3283. Phone, 301-
                                713-0689. Fax, 301-
  Office of Climate, Water,    1325 East-West       Dennis H. McCarthy
 and Weather Service.           Hwy., Silver
                                Spring, MD 20910-
                                3283. Phone, 301-
                                713-0700. Fax, 301-
  Office of Science and        1325 East-West       Greg Mandt
 Technology.                    Hwy., Silver
                                Spring, MD 20910-
                                3283. Phone, 301-
                                713-1746. Fax, 301-
  Office of Hydrologic         1325 East-West       Gary M. Carter
 Development.                   Hwy., Silver
                                Spring, MD 20910-
                                3283. Phone, 301-
                                713-1658. Fax, 301-
  Office of Systems            1325 East-West       John McNulty
 Operations.                    Hwy., Silver
                                Spring, MD 20910-
                                3283. Phone, 301-
                                713-0165. Fax, 301-
  National Centers for         5200 Auth Rd., Camp  Louis W. Uccellini
 Environmental Prediction.      Springs, MD 20746-
                                4304. Phone, 301-
                                763-8016. Fax, 301-
  Eastern region.............  630 Johnson Ave.,    Dean P. Gulezian
                                Bohemia, NY 11716-
                                2626. Phone, 516-
                                244-0100. Fax, 516-
  Southern region............  Rm. 10A26, 819       X. William Proenza
                                Taylor St., Fort
                                Worth, TX 76102-
                                6171. Phone, 817-
                                978-2651. Fax, 817-
  Central region.............  7220 NW 101st        Lynn Maximuk
                                Terrace, Kansas
                                City, MO 64153-
                                2371. Phone, 816-
                                891-8914x600. Fax,
  Western region.............  Rm. 1210, 125 S.     Vickie L. Nadolski
                                State St., Salt
                                Lake City, UT
                                84138-1102. Phone,
                                801-524-5722. Fax,
  Alaska region..............  Rm. 517, 222 W. 7th  Laura Furgione
                                Ave., Anchorage,
                                AK 99513-7575.
                                Phone, 907-271-
                                5136. Fax, 907-271-
  Pacific region.............  Suite 2200, 737      Jeff LaDouce
                                Bishop St.,
                                Honolulu, HI
                                96813. Phone, 808-
                                532-6416. Fax, 808-
  Office of the Federal        1500 Ctr., 8455      Samuel Williamson
 Coordinator for                Colesville Rd.,
 Meteorological Services and    Silver Spring, MD
 Supporting Research.           20910-3315. Phone,

[[Page 140]]

National Marine Fisheries Service
  Headquarters...............  1315 East-West       William T. Hogarth
                                Hwy., Silver
                                Spring, MD 20910.
                                Phone, 301-713-
                                2239. Fax, 301-713-
  Alaska region..............  P.O. Box 21668,      James W. Balsiger
                                Juneau, AK 99802-
                                1668. Phone, 907-
                                586-7221. Fax, 907-
  Alaska Fisheries Science     Bin C15700, Bldg.    Douglas DeMaster
 Center.                        4, 7600 Sand Point
                                Way NE., Seattle,
                                WA 98115. Phone,
                                206-526-4000. Fax,
  Northwest region...........  Bin C15700, Bldg.    D. Robert Lohn
                                1, 7600 Sand Point
                                Way NE., Seattle,
                                WA 98115-0070.
                                Phone, 206-526-
                                6150. Fax, 206-526-
  Northwest Fisheries Science  2725 Montlake Blvd.  Usha Varanasi
 Center.                        E., Seattle, WA
                                98112. Phone, 206-
                                860-3200. Fax, 206-
  Northeast region...........  1 Blackburn Dr.,     Patricia Kurkul
                                Gloucester, MA
                                01930. Phone, 978-
                                281-9250. Fax, 978-
  Northeast Fisheries Science  166 Water St.,       John Boreman
 Center.                        Woods Hole, MA
                                02543. Phone, 508-
                                548-5123. Fax, 508-
  Southeast region...........  263 13th Ave.        Roy Crabtree
                                South, St.
                                Petersburg, FL
                                33701. Phone, 727-
                                824-5301. Fax, 727-
  Southeast Fisheries Science  75 Virginia Beach    Nancy Thompson
 Center.                        Dr., Miami, FL
                                33149. Phone, 305-
                                361-5761. Fax, 305-
  Southwest region...........  Suite 4200, 501 W.   Rodney McInnis
                                Ocean Blvd., Long
                                Beach, CA 90802.
                                Phone, 562-980-
                                4001. Fax, 562-980-
  Southwest Fisheries Science  P.O. Box 271, 8604   William Fox
 Center.                        La Jolla Shores
                                Dr., La Jolla, CA
                                92038. Phone, 858-
                                546-7067. Fax, 858-
  Pacific Islands region.....  Suite 1110, 1601     William Robinson
                                Kapiolani Blvd.,
                                Honolulu, HI
                                96814. Phone, 808-
                                944-2280. Fax, 808-
  Pacific Islands Fisheries    2570 Dole Ave.,      Samuel Pooley
 Science Centers.               Honolulu, HI 96822-
                                2396. Phone, 808-
                                983-5303. Fax, 808-
National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service
  Headquarters...............  1335 East-West       Gregory W. Withee
                                Highway, Silver
                                Spring, MD 20910.
                                Phone, 301-713-
                                3578. Fax, 301-713-
  Integrated Program Office..  Rm. 1450, 8455       John Cunningham
                                Colesville Rd.,
                                Silver Spring, MD
                                20910. Phone, 301-
  Satellite operations.......  Rm. 0135, 5200 Auth  Kathleen A. Kelly
                                Rd., Suitland, MD
                                20746. Phone, 301-
                                817-4000. Fax, 301-
  Satellite data processing    Rm. 1069, 5200 Auth  Richard Barazotto
 and distribution.              Rd., Suitland, MD
                                20746. Phone, 301-
                                457-5120. Fax, 301-
  Research and applications..  NOAA Science         Marie Colton
                                Center, 5200 Auth
                                Rd., Camp Springs,
                                MD 20233. Phone,
                                301-763-8127. Fax,
  Systems development........  1335 East-West       Gary K. Davis
                                Hwy., Silver
                                Spring, MD 20910.
                                Phone, 301-713-
                                0100. Fax, 301-713-
  National Climatic Data       151 Patton Ave.,     Tom Karl
 Center.                        Asheville, NC
                                28801-5001. Phone,
                                828-271-4476. Fax,
  National Geophysical Data    RL-3, 325 Broadway,  Christopher Fox
 Center.                        Boulder, CO 80303-
                                3328. Phone, 303-
                                497-6215. Fax, 303-
  National Oceanographic Data  1315 East-West       (Vacancy)
 Center.                        Hwy., Silver
                                Spring, MD 20910.
                                Phone, 301-713-
                                3303. Fax, 301-713-
National Ocean Service
  Headquarters...............  Rm. 13632, 1305      (Vacancy)
                                East-West Hwy.,
                                Silver Spring, MD
                                20910. Phone, 301-
                                713-3074. Fax, 301-
  International Programs.....  Rm. 5651, 1315 East- Clement Lewsey,
                                West Hwy., Silver    Acting
                                Spring, MD 20910.
                                Phone, 301-713-
                                3078. Fax, 301-713-
  NOAA Coastal Services        2234 S. Hobson       Margaret A. Davidson
 Center.                        Ave., Charleston,
                                SC 29405-2409.
                                Phone, 843-740-
                                1200. Fax 843-740-
  Center for Operational       Rm. 6633, 1305 East- Michael Szabados
 Oceanographic Products and     West Hwy., Silver
 Services.                      Spring, MD 20910.
                                Phone, 301-713-
                                2981. Fax, 301-713-
  National Centers for         Rm. 8211, 1305 East- Gary C. Matlock
 Coastal Ocean Science.         West Hwy., Silver
                                Spring, MD 20910.
                                Phone, 301-713-
                                3020. Fax, 301-713-
  Coast survey...............  Rm. 6147, 1315 East- Capt. Roger L.
                                West Hwy., Silver    Parsons, NOAA
                                Spring, MD 20910.
                                Phone, 301-713-
                                2770. Fax, 301-713-
  National Geodetic Survey...  Rm. 8657, 1315 East- Charles W.
                                West Hwy., Silver    Challstrom
                                Spring, MD 20910.
                                Phone, 301-713-
                                3222. Fax, 301-713-

[[Page 141]]

  Office of Response and       Rm. 4389, 1305 East- David M. Kennedy
 Restoration.                   West Hwy., Silver
                                Spring, MD 20910.
                                Phone, 301-713-
                                2989. Fax, 301-713-
  Ocean and coastal resource   Rm. 10414, 1305      Eldon Hout
 management.                    East-West Hwy.,
                                Silver Spring, MD
                                20910. Phone, 301-
                                713-3155. Fax, 301-
Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research
  Headquarters...............  Rm. 11627, 1315      Richard Spinrad
                                East-West Hwy.,
                                Silver Spring, MD
                                20910. Phone, 301-
                                713-2458. Fax, 301-
  Climate Programs Office....  Rm. 1225G, 1100      Chester A. Koblinsky
                                Wayne Ave., Silver
                                Spring, MD 20910-
                                5603. Phone, 301-
                                427-2089. Fax, 301-
  Earth System Research        Rm. 2204, Bldg. 24,  Alexander E.
 Laboratory.                    325 Broadway,        MacDonald, Acting
                                Boulder, CO 80303.
                                Phone, 303-497-
                                3134. Fax, 303-497-
  Air Resources Laboratory...  Rm. 3151, 1315 East- Richard S. Artz,
                                West Hwy., Silver    Acting
                                Spring, MD 20910.
                                Phone, 301-713-
                                0684, ext. 100.
                                Fax, 301-713-0295.
  Atlantic Oceanographic and   4301 Rickenbacker    Robert Atlas
 Meteorological Laboratory.     Causeway, Miami,
                                FL 33149. Phone,
                                305-361-4300. Fax,
  Climate Diagnostics Center.  Rm. 247, RL3, 325    (Vacancy)
                                Broadway, Boulder,
                                CO 80303. Phone,
                                303-497-6878. Fax,
  Geophysical Fluid Dynamics   P.O. Box 308,        Ants Leetmaa
 Laboratory.                    Princeton
                                Forrestral Campus,
                                Princeton, NJ
                                08452. Phone, 609-
                                452-6503. Fax, 609-
  Great Lakes Environmental    2205 Commonwealth    Stephen Brandt
 Research Laboratory.           Blvd., Ann Arbor,
                                MI 48105. Phone,
                                734-741-2244. Fax,
  National Severe Storms       1313 Halley Circle,  James Kimpel
 Laboratory.                    Norman, OK 73069.
                                Phone, 405-366-
                                0426. Fax, 405-366-
  Pacific Marine               Bin C 15700, Bldg.   Eddie N. Bernard
 Environmental Laboratory.      3, 7600 Sand Point
                                Way NE., Seattle,
                                WA 98115. Phone,
                                206-526-6800. Fax,
  National Undersea Research   Rm. 11350, 1315      Barbara  S.P. Moore
 Program.                       East-West Hwy.,
                                Silver Spring, MD
                                20910. Phone, 301-
                                713-2427. Fax, 301-
  National Sea Grant College   Rm. 11716, 1315      Leon Cammen, Acting
 Program.                       East-West Hwy.,
                                Silver Spring, MD
                                20910. Phone, 301-
                                713-2448. Fax, 301-
  Office of Research and       Rm. 11464, 1315      Joe Bishop
 Technology Applications.       East-West Hwy.,
                                Silver Spring, MD
                                20910. Phone, 301-
                                713-3565. Fax, 301-
  Chief Financial Officer....  Rm. 6805, 14th St.   William E. Wylie
                                and Constitution
                                Ave. NW.,
                                Washington, DC
                                20230. Phone, 202-
  Chief Administrative         Rm. 8431, 1305 East- William Broglis
 Officer.                       West Hwy., Silver
                                Spring, MD 20910.
                                Phone, 301-713-
  Budget Office..............  Rm. 6114, 14th St.   Steven I. Gallagher
                                and Constitution
                                Ave. NW.,
                                Washington, DC
                                20230. Phone, 202-
  Finance Office.............  20020 Century        Jon Alexander
                                Blvd., Germantown,
                                MD 20874-1143.
                                Phone, 301-444-
  Real Property Management...  Rm. 4162, 1305 East- (Vacancy)
                                West Hwy., Silver
                                Spring, MD 20910.
                                Phone, 301-713-
  Environment, Compliance and  Rm. 5555, MPO Bldg.  Ezekiel Dennison
 Safety Office.                 1, 325 Broadway,
                                Boulder, CO 80305-
                                3228. Phone, 303-
  Logistics Staff Office.....  Rm. 8553, East-West  Anthony Fleming
                                Hwy., Silver
                                Spring, MD 20910.
                                Phone, 301-713-
  Office of Civil Rights.....  Rm. 12222, 1305      Al Corea
                                East-West Hwy.,
                                Silver Spring, MD
                                20910. Phone, 301-
  Audit and Internal Control   Rm. 10662, 1315      Mack Cato
 Branch.                        East-West Hwy.,
                                Silver Spring, MD
                                20910. Phone, 301-
  Budget Office..............  Rm. 6114, 14th St.   Steven I. Gallagher
                                and Constitution
                                Ave. NW.,
                                Washington, DC
                                20230. Phone, 202-
  Finance Office.............  20020 Century        R.J. Dominic
                                Blvd., Germantown,
                                MD 20874-1143.
                                Phone, 301-444-
  Human Resources Management   Rm. 12434, 1305      Eduardo J. Ribas
 Office.                        East-West Hwy.,
                                Silver Spring, MD
                                20910. Phone, 301-
  Chief Information Officer..  Rm. 10452, 1315      Carl Staton
                                East-West Hwy.,
                                Silver Spring, MD
                                20910. Phone, 301-

[[Page 142]]

  Acquisition and Grants       Rm. 6300, 1305 East- Helen Hurcombe
 Office.                        West Hwy., Silver
                                Spring, MD 20910.
                                Phone, 301-713-
NOAA Marine and Aviation Operations
  Headquarters...............  Rm. 12857, 1315      Rear Adm. Samuel P.
                                East-West Hwy.,      DeBow, Jr., NOAA
                                Silver Spring, MD
                                20910-3282. Phone,
  Marine and Aviation          Rm. 12857, 1315      Rear Adm. Richard
 Operations Center.             East-West Hwy.,      Behn, NOAA
                                Silver Spring, MD
                                20910-3282. Phone,
  Marine Operations Center     439 W. York St.,     Capt. Gary Bulmer,
 Atlantic.                      Norfolk, VA 23510-   NOAA Commanding
                                1114. Phone, 757-    Officer
  Marine Operations Center     1801 Fairview Ave.   Capt. John Clary,
 Pacific.                       E., Seattle, WA      NOAA
                                98102. Phone, 206-
  Aircraft Operations Center.  7917 Hangar Loop     Capt. Steve Kozak,
                                Dr., MacDill AFB,    NOAA Commanding
                                FL 33621-5401.       Officer
                                Phone, 813-828-
  Commissioned Personnel       1315 East-West       Capt. Jon Bailey,
 Center.                        Hwy., Silver         NOAA
                                Spring, MD 20910.
                                Phone, 301-713-

For further information, contact the Office of Public Affairs, National 
Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce, 
Washington, DC 20230. Phone, 202-482-4190.

National Telecommunications and Information Administration

[For the National Telecommunications and Information Administration 
statement of organization, see the Federal Register of June 5, 1978, 43 
FR 24348]

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) 
was established in 1978 by Reorganization Plan No. 1 of 1977 (5 U.S.C. 
app.) and Executive Order 12046 of March 27, 1978 (3 CFR, 1978 Comp., p. 
158), by combining the Office of Telecommunications Policy of the 
Executive Office of the President and the Office of Telecommunications 
of the Department of Commerce to form a new agency reporting to the 
Secretary of Commerce.
    The Administration's principal responsibilities and functions 
    --serving as the principal executive branch adviser to the President 
on telecommunications and information policy;
    --developing and presenting U.S. plans and policies at international 
communications conferences and related meetings;
    --prescribing policies for and managing Federal use of the radio 
frequency spectrum;
    --serving as the principal Federal telecommunications research and 
engineering laboratory, through NTIA's Institute for Telecommunication 
Sciences (ITS), headquartered in Boulder, CO;
    --providing grants through the Technology Opportunities Program for 
demonstration projects to promote the widespread availability of digital 
network technologies in the public and nonprofit sectors, which will 
help stimulate economic development, improve learning at all levels, 
improve delivery of health care, strengthen public safety efforts, and 
allow greater access for citizens to nationwide information resources; 
    --providing grants through the Public Telecommunications Facilities 
Program to extend delivery of public telecommunications services to U.S. 
citizens, to increase ownership and management by women and minorities, 
and to strengthen the capabilities of existing public broadcasting 
stations to provide telecommunications services.

[[Page 143]]

For further information, contact the National Telecommunications and 
Information Administration, Department of Commerce, Washington, DC 
20230. Phone, 202-482-1551. Internet, www.ntia.doc.gov.

Patent and Trademark Office

[For the Patent and Trademark Office statement of organization, see the 
Federal Register of Apr. 14, 1975, 40 FR 16707]

The patent system was established by Congress ``. . . to promote the 
progress of . . . the useful arts. . .'' The registration of trademarks 
is based on the commerce clause of the U.S. Constitution.
    The Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) examines applications for 
patents to determine if the applicants are entitled to patents and 
grants the patents when they are so entitled. The patent law provides 
for the granting of patents in three major categories: utility patents, 
design patents, and plant patents. The term of a design patent is 14 
years from the date of grant. It also issues statutory invention 
registrations, which have the defensive but not the enforceable 
attributes of a patent. It also processes international applications for 
    PTO registers and renews trademarks. A trademark includes any 
distinctive word, name, symbol, device, or any combination thereof 
adopted and used or intended to be used by a manufacturer or merchant to 
identify his goods or services and distinguish them from those 
manufactured or sold by others. Trademarks are examined by the Office 
for compliance with various statutory requirements to prevent unfair 
competition and consumer deception.
    In addition to the examination of patent and trademark applications, 
issuance of patents, and registration of trademarks, the Patent and 
Trademark Office:
    --sells printed copies of issued patents and trademark 
    --records and indexes documents transferring ownership;
    --maintains a scientific library and search files with access to 
technical information documents, including U.S. and foreign patents and 
U.S. trademarks;
    --provides research facilities for the public;
    --hears and decides appeals from prospective inventors and trademark 
    --participates in legal proceedings involving the issue of patents 
or registration of trademarks;
    --advocates strengthening intellectual property protection 
    --compiles the Official Gazettes, a weekly notice of patents issued 
and trademarks registered by the Office, including other information; 
    --maintains a roster of patent agents and attorneys qualified and 
recognized to practice before the Office.
    Patents and trademarks may be reviewed and searched at PTO in over 
80 patent and trademark depository libraries throughout the country and 
online. The patent system fosters innovation, investment in developing 
and marketing inventions, and prompt disclosure of technological 

For further information, contact the Office of Public Affairs, Patent 
and Trademark Office, Washington, DC 20231. Phone, 703-305-8341. 
Internet, www.uspto.gov. The Office's operations are located at 2121 
Crystal Drive, Arlington, VA 22202.

Technology Administration

The Technology Administration (TA) was established by Congress in 1988 
(15 U.S.C. 3704) and was directed to work with U.S. industry to maximize

[[Page 144]]

technology's contribution to U.S. economic growth by maintaining and 
improving key components of the Nation's technological infrastructure; 
fostering the development, diffusion, and adoption of new technologies 
and leading business practices; creating a business and policy 
environment conducive to innovation; and disseminating technical 
    The Technology Administration serves as a policy portal for the 
technology community to the executive branch. Led by the Under Secretary 
for Technology, TA fulfills its broad responsibilities through its three 
component organizations: the Office of Technology Policy, the National 
Institute of Standards and Technology, and the National Technical 
Information Service.

Office of Technology Policy

Through analytical reports and memoranda, briefings and congressional 
testimony, the Office of Technology Policy (OTP) provides national, 
State, and local policymakers with information and deeper understanding 
of trends and policy implications of new technologies, business models 
and practices, and the implications for U.S. competitiveness of 
technology policy issues. OTP serves as the U.S. Government's technology 
ambassador to industry, frequently meeting with innovative leaders and 
entrepreneurs to better understand their needs and concerns and to 
represent TA's technology policies and agenda. OTP also assists others 
across America--from managers of traditional industries to regional 
economic development leaders to middle school students--to better 
understand and appreciate the importance of technology and innovation to 
America's future. In its advocacy role, OTP helps shape policies that 
support a vibrant national innovation infrastructure and the interests 
of entrepreneurs and technologists in Federal policymaking circles.

For further information, call 202-482-5687.

National Institute of Standards and Technology

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) operates under 
the authority of the National Institute of Standards and Technology Act 
(15 U.S.C. 271), which amends the Organic Act of March 3, 1901 (ch. 
872), that created the National Bureau of Standards (NBS) in 1901. In 
1988, Congress renamed NBS as NIST and also established the Regional 
Centers for the Transfer of Manufacturing Technology (15 U.S.C. 278k) 
and the Advanced Technology Program (15 U.S.C. 278n). The National 
Quality Program was established and its functions were assigned to NIST 
by the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Improvement Act of 1987 (15 
U.S.C. 3711a).
    NIST develops and disseminates measurement techniques, reference 
data, test methods, standards, and other infrastructural technologies 
and services required by U.S. industry to innovate and compete in global 
markets. In addition to its core measurement, testing, and standards 
functions, NIST also conducts several extramural programs, including the 
Advanced Technology Program, to stimulate the development of high-risk, 
broad-impact technologies by U.S. firms; the Manufacturing Extension 
Partnership, to help smaller firms adopt new manufacturing and 
management technologies; and the Baldrige National Quality Program, to 
help U.S. businesses and other organizations improve the performance and 
quality of their operations by providing clear standards and benchmarks 
of quality.
    NIST is a non-regulatory Federal agency within the Commerce 
Department's Technology Administration. NIST's mission is to develop and 
promote measurement, standards, and technology to enhance productivity, 
facilitate trade, and improve the quality of life. Major program areas 
include measurement and standards laboratories that perform research in 
the areas of electronics, electrical engineering, manufacturing 
engineering, chemical science and

[[Page 145]]

technology, physics, materials science and engineering, building and 
fire research, and information technology.

For further information, call 301-975-NIST (301-975-6478). Fax, 301-926-
1630. E-mail, [email protected]. Internet, www.nist.gov.

National Technical Information Service

The National Technical Information Service (NTIS) operates a central 
clearinghouse of scientific and technical information that is useful to 
U.S. business and industry. NTIS collects scientific and technical 
information; catalogs, abstracts, indexes, and permanently archives the 
information; disseminates products in the forms and formats most useful 
to its customers; develops electronic and other new media to disseminate 
information; and provides information processing services to other 
Federal agencies, without appropriated funds. NTIS's revenue comes from 
these sources: the sale of technical reports to business and industry, 
schools and universities, State and local government offices, and the 
public at large; and from services to Federal agencies that help them 
communicate more effectively with their employees and constituents.
    The NTIS collection of more than 3 million works covers a broad 
array of subjects and includes reports on the results of research and 
development and scientific studies on manufacturing processes, current 
events, and foreign and domestic trade; business and management studies; 
social, economic, and trade statistics; computer software and databases; 
health care reports, manuals, and data; environmental handbooks, 
regulations, economic studies, and applied technologies; directories to 
Federal laboratory and technical resources; and global competitive 
intelligence. The collection also includes audiovisual training 
materials in such areas as foreign languages, workplace safety and 
health, law enforcement, and fire services.
    Information products in the NTIS collection are cataloged in the 
NTIS Bibliographic Database, which is available online through 
commercial vendors, on CD-ROM from NTIS, and for recently acquired 
materials, via FedWorld, NTIS online information network (Internet, 

For further information, or to order NTIS products, call the NTIS sales 
desk at 800-553-NTIS (6847) or visit the NTIS Web site at www.ntis.gov. 
For information on dissemination services for other agencies, call 703-

For further information about the Technology Administration, contact the 
Office of Technology Policy, U.S. Department of Commerce, Room 4814C 
HCHB, Washington, DC 20230. Phone, 202-482-1575. Internet, 

Sources of 

Age and Citizenship  Age search and citizenship information is available 
from the Personal Census Search Unit, Bureau of the Census, National 
Processing Center, P.O. Box 1545, Jeffersonville, IN 47131. Phone, 812-
Economic Development Information Clearinghouse  The EDA will host on its 
Web site the Economic Development Information Clearinghouse, an online 
depository of information on economic development (Internet, 
Employment  Information is available electronically through the 
Internet, at www.doc.gov/ohrm. Phone, 202-482-5138.
    The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has field 
employment offices at the Western Administrative Support Center, Bin 
C15700, 7600 Sand Point Way NE., Seattle, WA 98115 (phone, 206-526-
6294); 325 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80303 (phone, 303-497-6332); 601 East 
Twelfth Street, Kansas City, MO 64106 (phone, 816-426-2056); and 200 

[[Page 146]]

Trade Center, Norfolk, VA 23510-1624 (phone, 757-441-6516).
Environment  The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration 
conducts research and gathers data about the oceans, atmosphere, space, 
and Sun, and applies this knowledge to science and service in ways that 
touch the lives of all Americans, including warning of dangerous 
weather, charting seas and skies, guiding our use and protection of 
ocean and coastal resources, and improving our understanding and 
stewardship of the environment which sustains us all. For further 
information, contact the Office of Public and Constituent Affairs, 
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Room 6013, Fourteenth 
Street and Constitution Avenue NW., Washington, DC 20230. Phone, 202-
482-6090. Fax, 202-482-3154. Internet, www.noaa.gov.
Patent and Trademark Office  The Office has priority programs for 
advancement of examination of certain patent applications where the 
invention could materially enhance the quality of the environment of 
mankind. For further information, contact the Commissioner for Patents, 
Office of Petitions, Washington, DC 20231. Phone, 703-305-9282.
Inspector General Hotline  The Office of Inspector General works to 
promote economy, efficiency, and effectiveness and to prevent and detect 
fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement in departmental programs and 
operations. Contact the Hotline, Inspector General, P.O. Box 612, Ben 
Franklin Station, Washington, DC 20044. Phone, 202-482-2495, or 800-424-
5197 (toll free). TTD, 202-482-5923, or 800-854-8407 (toll free). Fax, 
202-789-0522. Internet, www.oig.doc.gov. E-mail, [email protected].
Publications  The titles of selected publications are printed below with 
the operating units responsible for their issuance. These and other 
publications dealing with a wide range of business, economic, 
environmental, scientific, and technical matters are announced in the 
weekly Business Service Checklist, which may be purchased from the 
Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, DC 
20402. Phone, 202-512-1800.
Bureau of the Census  Numerous publications presenting statistical 
information on a wide variety of subjects are available from the 
Government Printing Office, including the following: Statistical 
Abstract of the U.S.; Historical Statistics of the United States, 
Colonial Times to 1970; County and City Data Book, 1994; and State and 
Metropolitan Area Data Book, 1997-1998.
    Employment opportunities, data highlights, large data files, access 
tools, and other material are available on the World Wide Web. Internet, 
www.census.gov. E-mail, [email protected].
Bureau of Economic Analysis  The Survey of Current Business (Monthly 
Journal) is available from the Government Printing Office. Current and 
historical estimates, general information, and employment opportunities 
are available on BEA's Web site at www.bea.gov. For more information, 
contact the Public Information Office. Phone, 202-606-9900. E-mail, 
[email protected].
Bureau of Industry and Security  The Bureau's Web site (Internet, 
www.bis.doc.gov) provides information for the U.S. business community, 
including export news, general, subject and policy fact sheets, updates 
to the Export Administration regulations, Bureau program information, e-
FOIA information, and export seminar event schedules. Publications 
available on the site include the Bureau's annual report, foreign policy 
controls report, and international diversification and defense market 
assessment guides. The Government Printing Office, in conjunction with 
the Bureau, has created a Web site that contains an up-to-date database 
of the entire export administration regulations, including the commerce 
control list, the commerce country chart, and the denied persons list 
(Internet, www.access.gpo.gov/bis/index.html). The Outreach and

[[Page 147]]

Educational Services Division has offices in Washington, DC (phone, 202-
482-4811; fax, 202-482-2927) and on the West Coast (phone 949-660-0144, 
or 408-351-3378; fax, 949-660-9347, or 408-351-3355). For enforcement-
related questions, contact the partnership-in-security hotline (phone, 
International Trade Administration  The Administration maintains a Web 
site, (Internet, www.trade.gov), which offers the single best place for 
individuals or firms seeking reports, documents, import case/
regulations, texts of international agreements like NAFTA and GATT, 
market research, and points of contact for assistance in exporting, 
obtaining remedies from unfair trading practices, or receiving help with 
market access problems. Customers are able to review comprehensive 
information on how to export, search for trade information by either 
industry or by country, learn how to petition against unfairly priced 
imports, and obtain information on a number of useful international 
trade related products like overseas trade leads and agent distributor 
reports. The Web site also features e-mail addresses and locations for 
trade contacts in Washington, overseas, in major exporting centers in 
the United States, and in other parts of the Federal Government.
Minority Business Development Agency  Copies of Minority Business Today 
and the BDC Directory may be obtained by contacting the Office of 
Business Development. Phone, 202-482-6022. Comprehensive information 
about programs, policy, centers, and access to the job matching 
database, is available through the Internet at www.mbda.gov.
National Institute of Standards and Technology  Journal of Research; 
Publications of the Advanced Technology Program and Manufacturing 
Extension Partnership Program; Handbook of Mathematical Functions; 
Experimental Statistics; International System of Units (SI); Standard 
Reference Materials Catalog; Specifications, Tolerances, and Other 
Technical Requirements for Weighing and Measuring Devices Handbook; and 
Uniform Laws and Regulations Handbook are available from the Government 
Printing Office.
National Technical Information Service  To place an order, request the 
Catalog of NTIS Products and Services. For other general inquiries, 
contact the NTIS Sales Desk from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (eastern standard 
time) (phone, 800-553-NTIS; fax, 703-321-8547; TDD, 703-605-6043; 
Internet, www.ntis.gov).
    To inquire about NTIS information services for other Federal 
agencies, call 703-605-6540.
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration  The Administration 
provides technical memoranda, technical reports, monographs, nautical 
and aeronautical charts, coastal zone maps, data tapes, and a wide 
variety of raw and processed environmental data. Information on NOAA 
products is available through the Internet at www.noaa.gov. Contact the 
Office of Public and Constituent Affairs, Fourteenth Street and 
Constitution Avenue NW., Washington, DC 20230. Phone, 202-482-6090. Fax, 
National Telecommunications and Information Administration  Several 
hundred Technical Reports, Technical Memoranda, Special Publications, 
Contractor Reports, and other information products have been published 
by NTIA or its predecessor agency since 1970. The publications are 
available from the National Telecommunications and Information 
Administration, Department of Commerce, Washington, DC 20230 (phone, 
202-482-1551); or the National Telecommunications and Information 
Administration, Institute for Telecommunication Sciences, Department of 
Commerce, Boulder, CO 80302 (phone, 303-497-3572). Electronic 
information can be obtained from the NTIA homepage (Internet, 
Patent and Trademark Office  General Information Concerning Patents, 
Basic Facts About Trademarks, Official Gazette of the United States 
Patent and Trademark Office, and Attorneys and

[[Page 148]]

Agents Registered To Practice Before the U.S. Patent and Trademark 
Office are available from the Government Printing Office. Publications 
can be accessed through the Internet at www.uspto.gov. File transfer 
protocol, ftp.uspto.gov. Phone, 703-308-HELP, or 800-PTO-9199.
Small Business  The Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business 
Utilization (OSDBU) was established under the authority of Public Law 
95-507. It is responsible for promoting the use of small, small-
disadvantaged, (8a), HUBZone, veteran-owned, service-disabled-veteran-
owned, and women-owned businesses. It also assists such businesses in 
obtaining contracts and subcontracts with the Department of Commerce and 
its prime contractors. The goals of OSDBU are to institutionalize the 
use of small businesses and to fully integrate them into the Department 
of Commerce's competitive base of contractors. Phone, 202-482-1472. 
Internet, www.doc.gov/osdbu.

For further information concerning the Department of Commerce, contact 
the Office of Public Affairs, Department of Commerce, Fourteenth Street 
and Constitution Avenue NW., Room 5040, Washington, DC 20230. Phone, 
202-482-3263. Internet, www.doc.gov.