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Department of the Army

Notice of Intended Disinterment

AGENCY: Department of the Army, DoD.

ACTION: Notice of intended disinterment.


SUMMARY: The Office of Army Cemeteries (OAC) is honoring the requests 
of the family members to disinter the human remains of 6 Native 
American students from the Carlisle Barracks Post Cemetery, Carlisle, 
Pennsylvania. The decedent names are: Raleigh James from the Washoe 
tribe, Wade Ayres from the Catawba tribe, Anatasia Achwak(Ashowak) and 
Anna Vereskin from the Alaskan (Aleut) tribe, Ellen Macy from the Umqua 
tribe and Frank Green from the Oneida tribe. These students died 
between 1880 and 1910 while attending the Carlisle Indian Industrial 
School. At the request of the closest living relative for each 
decedent, OAC will disinter and facilitate the transport and 
reinternment of the remains in private cemeteries chosen by the 
families at government expense. This disinterment will be conducted in 
accordance with Army Regulation 290-5. This is not a Native American 
Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) action because the 
remains are not part of a collection. They are interred in graves that 
are individually marked at the Carlisle Barracks Post Cemetery.

DATES: The disinterment is scheduled to begin on June 17, 2022. 
Transportation to and re-interment in private cemeteries will take 
place as soon as practical after the disinterment. If other living 
relatives object to the disinterment of these remains, please provide 
written objection to Captain Travis Fulmore at the email addresses 
listed below prior to March 1st, 2022. Such objections may delay the 
disinterment for the decedent in question.

ADDRESSES: Objections from family members and public comments can be 
mailed to Captain Travis Fulmore, OAC Project Manager, 1 Memorial 
Avenue, Arlington, VA 22211 or emailed to [email protected] (preferred).

Managers, 703-695-3570, or at [email protected] (preferred).

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Additional information related to Native 
Americans buried at the Carlisle Barracks Post Cemetery can be found at 

James W. Satterwhite Jr.,
Army Federal Register Liaison Officer.
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