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[Notice-MA-2021-03; Docket No. 2021-0002; Sequence No. 15]

Maximum Per Diem Reimbursement Rates for the Continental United 
States (CONUS)

AGENCY: Office of Government-wide Policy (OGP), General Services 
Administration (GSA).

ACTION: Notice of GSA Per Diem Bulletin FTR 22-01, Fiscal Year (FY) 
2022 CONUS per diem reimbursement rates.


SUMMARY: The GSA FY 2022 per diem reimbursement rates review has 
resulted in meal allowance changes for certain locations within CONUS 
to provide for reimbursement of Federal employees' subsistence expenses 
while on official travel. The FY 2022 maximum lodging allowance rates 
will remain unchanged at the FY 2021 levels.

DATES: Applicability Date: This notice applies to travel performed on 
or after October 1, 2021, through September 30, 2022.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: For clarification of content, contact 
Sarah Selenich, Office of Government-wide Policy, Office of Asset and 
Transportation Management, at 202-969-7798, or by email at 
[email protected]. Please cite Notice of GSA Per Diem Bulletin FTR 



    The CONUS per diem reimbursement rates prescribed in Bulletin 22-01 
may be found at https://www.gsa.gov/perdiem. GSA bases the maximum 
lodging allowance rates on average daily rate, a widely accepted 
lodging industry measure. If a maximum lodging allowance rate and/or a 
meals and incidental expenses (M&IE) per diem reimbursement rate is 
insufficient to meet necessary expenses in any given location, Federal 
executive agencies can request that GSA review that location. Please 
review questions six and seven of GSA's per diem Frequently Asked 
Questions page at https://www.gsa.gov/perdiem for more information on 

[[Page 45732]]

special review process. In addition, the Federal Travel Regulation 
(FTR) allows for actual expense reimbursement as provided in Sec. Sec.  
301-11.300 through 301-11.306.
    For FY 2022, all current non-standard area (NSA) maximum lodging 
allowance rates will remain at FY 2021 levels. The standard lodging 
rate will also remain unchanged at $96. The M&IE reimbursement rates 
were revised for FY 2022; they were last revised in FY 2019. The M&IE 
NSA tiers are revised from $56-$76 to $59-$79, and the standard M&IE 
rate is revised from $55 to $59.
    Notices published periodically in the Federal Register now 
constitute the only notification of revisions in CONUS per diem 
reimbursement rates to agencies, other than the changes posted on the 
GSA website.

Krystal J. Brumfield,
Associate Administrator, Office of Government-wide Policy.
[FR Doc. 2021-17491 Filed 8-13-21; 8:45 am]