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International Trade Administration


Certain Softwood Lumber Products from Canada: Final Results of 
Antidumping Duty Administrative Review; 2017-2018

AGENCY: Enforcement and Compliance, International Trade Administration, 
Department of Commerce.
SUMMARY: The Department of Commerce (Commerce) determines that 
producers and/or exporters subject to this administrative review made 
sales of subject merchandise at less than normal value during the 
period of review (POR), June 30, 2017 through December 31, 2018.

DATES: Effective November 30, 2020.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Jeff Pedersen (Canfor), Stephen Bailey 
(Resolute), Thomas Martin (West Fraser), or Maisha Cryor, AD/CVD 
Operations, Office IV, Enforcement and Compliance, International Trade 
Administration, Department of Commerce, 1401 Constitution Avenue NW, 
Washington, DC 20230; telephone: (202) 482-2769, (202) 482-0193, (202) 
482-3936, or (202) 482-5831, respectively.



    Commerce published the Preliminary Results of this administrative 
review on February 7, 2020.\1\ This review covers 253 producers/
exporters of subject merchandise, including three mandatory 
respondents: Canfor,\2\ Resolute,\3\ and West Fraser.\4\ For events 
subsequent to the Preliminary Results, see Commerce's Issues and 
Decision Memorandum.\5\ The final weighted-average dumping margins are 
listed below in the ``Final Results of Review'' section of this notice. 
Commerce conducted this administrative review in accordance with 
section 751(a) of the Tariff Act of 1930, as amended (the Act).

    \1\ See Certain Softwood Lumber Products from Canada: 
Preliminary Results of Antidumping Duty Administrative Review and 
Rescission of Review, in Part; 2017-2018, 85 FR 7282 (February 7, 
2020) (Preliminary Results) and accompanying Preliminary Decision 
Memorandum (PDM).
    \2\ We continue to treat Canfor Corporation; Canadian Forest 
Products Ltd.; and Canfor Wood Products Marketing Ltd. 
(collectively, Canfor) as a single entity. See Preliminary Results 
PDM at 5.
    \3\ We continue to treat Resolute Growth Canada Inc.; Forest 
Products Mauricie LP; Soci[eacute]t[eacute] en commandite Scierie 
Opitciwan; Resolute-LP Engineered Wood Larouche Inc.; Resolute-LP 
Engineered Wood St-Prime Limited Partnership; and Resolute FP Canada 
Inc. (collectively, Resolute) as a single entity. See Preliminary 
Results PDM at 6.
    \4\ We continue to treat West Fraser Mills Ltd.; Blue Ridge 
Lumber Inc.; Manning Forest Products Ltd.; and Sundre Forest 
Products Inc. (collectively, West Fraser) as a single entity. See 
Preliminary Results PDM at 6-7.
    \5\ See IDM.

Scope of the Order

    The product covered by this review is softwood lumber from Canada. 
For a full description of the scope, see the IDM.

Analysis of Comments Received

    All issues raised in the case briefs filed in this administrative 
review are addressed in the Issues and Decision Memorandum (IDM). A 
list of the topics discussed in the Issues and Decision Memorandum is 
appended to this notice. The IDM is a public document and is available 
electronically via Enforcement and Compliance's Antidumping and 
Countervailing Duty Centralized Electronic Services System (ACCESS). 
ACCESS is available to registered users at http://access.trade.gov. In 
addition, a complete version of the IDM is also accessible at http://enforcement.trade.gov/frn/index.html. The signed IDM and the electronic 
versions of the IDM are identical in content.

Changes Since the Preliminary Results

    Based on our review of the record and comments received from 
interested parties regarding our Preliminary Results, Commerce has made 
the following changes to the Preliminary Results:
     As detailed in the February 28, 2020 Memorandum, 
``Correction of Company names on the Record,'' we revised certain names 
listed in the Preliminary Results. These revisions resulted in the 
number of stated producers/exporters under review changing from 257 to 
     In the Preliminary Results, we incorrectly stated the all-
others rate established in the LTFV investigation to be 6.58 percent. 
The correct all-others rate, as stated in the Softwood Lumber Order, is 
6.04 percent.\6\

    \6\ See Certain Softwood Lumber Products from Canada: 
Antidumping Duty Order and Partial Amended Final Determination, 83 
FR 350 (January 3, 2018) (Softwood Lumber Order).

     We adjusted Canfor's affiliated purchase prices of 
electricity and an input the identity of which is proprietary by the 
percentage the affiliated electricity purchases were below market 

    \7\ See IDM at Comment 4.

     We included Canfor's inventory carrying costs incurred in 
the United States that were reported in U.S. dollars

[[Page 76520]]

in calculating Canfor's final dumping margin.\8\

    \8\ See IDM at Comment 7.

     We included Resolute's domestic inventory carrying costs 
in the constructed export price calculation.\9\

    \9\ See IDM at Comment 9.

Final Results of Review

    As a result of this administrative review, we are assigning the 
following weighted-average dumping margins to the manufacturers/
exporters listed below for the period of June 30, 2017 through December 
31, 2018:

                    Exporter/producer                         margin
Canfor Corporation/Canadian Forest Products Ltd./Canfor             1.99
 Wood Products Marketing Ltd............................
Resolute Growth Canada Inc./Forest Products Mauricie LP,            1.15
 Soci[eacute]t[eacute] en commandite Scierie Opitciwan/
 Resolute-LP Engineered Wood Larouche Inc./Resolute-LP
 Engineered Wood St-Prime Limited Partnership/Resolute
 FP Canada Inc..........................................
West Fraser Mills Ltd., Blue Ridge Lumber Inc./Manning              1.40
 Forest Products Ltd./and Sundre Forest Products Inc....
Non-selected Companies..................................            1.57

Assessment Rates

    Pursuant to section 751(a)(2)(A) the Act and 19 CFR 351.212(b)(1), 
Commerce shall determine, and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) 
shall assess, antidumping duties on all appropriate entries of subject 
merchandise in accordance with the final results of this review.
    We intend to calculate importer- (or customer-) specific assessment 
rates on the basis of the ratio of the total amount of antidumping 
duties calculated for each importer's (or customer's) examined sales 
and the total entered value of the sales in accordance with 19 CFR 
351.212(b)(1). Where an importer- (or customer-) specific rate is zero 
or de minimis within the meaning of 19 CFR 351.106(c)(1), we will 
instruct CBP to liquidate the appropriate entries without regard to 
antidumping duties.
    Generally, when calculating margins for non-selected respondents, 
Commerce looks to section 735(c)(5) of the Act for guidance, which 
provides instructions for calculating the all-others margin in an 
investigation. Section 735(c)(5)(A) of the Act provides that when 
calculating the all-others margin, Commerce will exclude any zero and 
de minimis weighted-average dumping margins, as well as any weighted-
average dumping margins based on total facts available. Accordingly, 
Commerce's usual practice has been to average the margins for selected 
respondents, excluding margins that are zero, de minimis, or based 
entirely on facts available.
    In this review, we calculated a weighted-average dumping margin of 
1.99 percent for Canfor, 1.15 percent for Resolute, and 1.40 percent 
for West Fraser. In accordance with section 735(c)(5)(A) of the Act, 
Commerce assigned the weighted-average of these three calculated 
weighted-average dumping margins, 1.57 percent, to the non-selected 
companies in these final results. The rate calculated for the non-
selected companies is a weighted-average percentage margin which is 
calculated based on the U.S. values of the three reviewed companies 
with an affirmative antidumping duty margin.\10\ Accordingly, we have 
applied a rate of 1.57 percent to the non-selected companies.\11\ A 
list of all non-selected companies is included in Attachment II.

    \10\ See Ball Bearings and Parts Thereof from France, Germany, 
Italy, Japan, and the United Kingdom: Final Results of Antidumping 
Duty Administrative Reviews, Final Results of Changed-Circumstances 
Review, and Revocation of an Order in Part, 75 FR 53661, 53663 
(September 1, 2010).
    \11\ See Memorandum, ``Calculation of the Rate for Non-Selected 
Respondents,'' dated concurrently with this notice.

    For entries of subject merchandise during the POR produced by each 
respondent for which it did not know its merchandise was destined for 
the United States, we will instruct CBP to liquidate such entries at 
the all-others rate if there is no rate for the intermediate company or 
companies involved in the transaction.
    We intend to issue liquidation instructions to CBP 15 days after 
publication of the final results of this administrative review.

Cash Deposit Requirements

    The following cash deposit requirements will be effective for all 
shipments of subject merchandise entered, or withdrawn from warehouse, 
for consumption on or after the publication date of these final 
results, as provided by section 751(a)(2)(C) of the Act: (1) The cash 
deposit rate for the companies under review will be equal to the 
weighted-average dumping margin listed above in the ``Final Results of 
Review'' section; (2) for merchandise exported by producers or 
exporters not covered in this review but covered in a previously 
completed segment of this proceeding, the cash deposit rate will 
continue to be the company-specific rate published in the final results 
for the most recent period in which that producer or exporter 
participated; (3) if the exporter is not a firm covered in this review 
or in any previous segment of this proceeding, but the producer is, 
then the cash deposit rate will be that established for the producer of 
the merchandise in these final results of review or in the final 
results for the most recent period in which that producer participated; 
and (4) if neither the exporter nor the producer is a firm covered in 
this review or in any previously completed segment of this proceeding, 
then the cash deposit rate will be 6.04 percent ad valorem, the all-
others rate established in the less than fair value investigation.\12\ 
These cash deposit requirements, when imposed, shall remain in effect 
until further notice.

    \12\ See Certain Softwood Lumber Products from Canada: Final 
Affirmative Determination of Sales at Less Than Fair Value and 
Affirmative Final Determination of Critical Circumstances, 82 FR 
51806 (November 8, 2017).

Notification to Importers

    This notice serves as a final reminder to importers of their 
responsibility under 19 CFR 351.402(f)(2) to file a certificate 
regarding the reimbursement of antidumping duties prior to liquidation 
of the relevant entries during this POR. Failure to comply with this 
requirement could result in Commerce's presumption that reimbursement 
of antidumping duties occurred and the subsequent assessment of doubled 
antidumping duties.
    Notification Regarding Administrative Protective Order
    This notice is the only reminder to parties subject to the 
administrative protective order (APO) of their responsibility 
concerning the return or destruction of proprietary information 
disclosed under the APO in accordance with 19 CFR 351.305(a)(3), which

[[Page 76521]]

continues to govern business proprietary information in this segment of 
the proceeding. Timely written notification of the return or 
destruction of APO materials, or conversion to judicial protective 
order, is hereby requested. Failure to comply with the regulations and 
the terms of an APO is a violation subject to sanction.

Notification to Interested Parties

    We are issuing and publishing these final results and this notice 
in accordance with sections 751(a)(1) and 777(i)(1) of the Act and 19 
CFR 351.213(h).

    Dated: November 23, 2020.
Joseph A. Laroski Jr.,
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy and Negotiations.

Appendix I

List of Topics Discussed in the Issues and Decision Memorandum

I. Summary
II. Background
III. Scope of the Order
IV. Discussion of the Issues
    Comment 1. Particular Market Situation Allegation
    Comment 2. Canfor's Reported Grades
    Comment 3. Canfor's Reported Costs
    Comment 4. Valuing Affiliated Transactions Involving Canfor's 
Grande Prairie Mill
    Comment 5. Valuing Canfor's Seed Purchases
    Comment 6. Canfor's Price George Sawmill's Purchases of 
    Comment 7. Ministerial Error Regarding Canfor's Inventory 
Carrying Costs Incurred in the United States
    Comment 8. Whether to Adjust Resolute's Grade Groups and Grade 
    Comment 9. Whether to Adjust for DINVCARU and INVCARU
    Comment 10. Whether to Adjust Resolute's Costs for Other Direct 
    Comment 11. Zeroing
    Comment 12. The Differential Pricing Analysis is Inconsistent 
with the AD Agreement
    Comment 13. The Cohen's d and Ratio Tests are Irrational
    Comment 14. Time Periods for the Cohen's d Test
    Comment 15. Simple Average of Variances in the Cohen's d 
    Comment 16. External Factors Which Explain the Price Differences
    Comment 17. Cohen's d Test is Subject to Rule-Making Procedures
    Comment 18. Whether Commerce Should Modify West Fraser's 
Reporting of Alternate Grades
    Comment 19. Whether Commerce Should Apply Facts Available Due to 
Discrepancies in West Fraser's Reported Tally Sales
    Comment 20. Whether to Apply Offsets to West Fraser's General 
and Administrative (G&A) Expense Ratio
    Comment 21. Whether Commerce Should Allocate Certain Affiliate 
Expenses to West Fraser G&A Expenses
    Comment 22. Whether Commerce Should Offset West Fraser's G&A 
Expenses for Greenhouse Gas Credits
    Comment 23. Whether Commerce Should Include Equity-Based 
Compensation in G&A Expenses
    Comment 24. Whether Commerce Should Exclude Foreign Exchange 
Gain in West Fraser's Financial Expense Ratio
    Comment 25. Iterations of Olympic's Name
    Comment 26. Listing of Tolko's Name in the Final Results
V. Recommendation

Appendix II

Non-Selected Exporters/Producers

 1074712 BC Ltd.
 5214875 Manitoba Ltd.
 752615 B.C Ltd, Fraserview Remanufacturing Inc, dba 
Fraserview Cedar Products.
 9224-5737 Quebec Inc. (aka A.G. Bois)
 A.B. Cedar Shingle Inc.
 Absolute Lumber Products, Ltd.
 AJ Forest Products Ltd.
 Alberta Spruce Industries Ltd.
 Aler Forest Products, Ltd.
 Alpa Lumber Mills Inc.
 American Pacific Wood Products
 Anbrook Industries Ltd.
 Andersen Pacific Forest Products Ltd.
 Anglo American Cedar Products Ltd.
 Anglo-American Cedar Products Ltd.
 Antrim Cedar Corporation
 Aquila Cedar Products, Ltd.
 Arbec Lumber Inc.
 Aspen Planers Ltd.
 B&L Forest Products Ltd
 B.B. Pallets Inc.
 Babine Forest Products Limited
 Bakerview Forest Products Inc.
 Bardobec Inc.
 Barrette-Chapais Ltee
 BarretteWood Inc.
 Benoit & Dionne Produits Forestiers Ltee
 Best Quality Cedar Products Ltd.
 Blanchet Multi Concept Inc.
 Blanchette & Blanchette Inc.
 Bois Aise de Montreal inc.
 Bois Bonsa[iuml] inc.
 Bois D'oeuvre Cedrico Inc. (aka Cedrico Lumber Inc.)
 Bois Daaquam inc.
 Bois et Solutions Marketing SPEC, Inc.
 Boscus Canada Inc.
 Boucher Bros. Lumber Ltd.
 BPWood Ltd.
 Bramwood Forest Inc.
 Brunswick Valley Lumber Inc.
 Busque & Laflamme Inc.
 C&C Wood Products Ltd.
 Caledonia Forest Products Inc.
 Campbell River Shake & Shingle Co., Ltd.
 Canadian American Forest Products Ltd.
 Canadian Wood Products Inc.
 Canusa cedar inc.
 Canyon Lumber Company, Ltd.
 Careau Bois inc.
 Carrier & Begin Inc.
 Carrier Forest Products Ltd.
 Carrier Lumber Ltd.
 Cedar Valley Holdings Ltd.
 Cedarline Industries, Ltd.
 Central Cedar Ltd.
 Centurion Lumber, Ltd.
 Chaleur Sawmills LP
 Channel-ex Trading Corporation
 Clair Industrial Development Corp. Ltd.
 Clermond Hamel Ltee
 Coast Clear Wood Ltd.
 Coast Mountain Cedar Products Ltd.
 Commonwealth Plywood Co. Ltd.
 Comox Valley Shakes Ltd.
 Conifex Fibre Marketing Inc.
 Cowichan Lumber Ltd.
 CS Manufacturing Inc. dba Cedarshed
 CWP--Industriel inc.
 CWP--Montreal inc.
 D & D Pallets, Ltd.
 Dakeryn Industries Ltd.
 Decker Lake Forest Products Ltd.
 Delco Forest Products Ltd.
 Delta Cedar Specialties Ltd.
 Devon Lumber Co. Ltd.
 DH Manufacturing Inc.
 Direct Cedar Supplies Ltd.
 Doubletree Forest Products Ltd.
 Downie Timber Ltd.
 Dunkley Lumber Ltd.
 EACOM Timber Corporation
 East Fraser Fiber Co. Ltd.
 Edgewood Forest Products Inc.
 ER Probyn Export Ltd.
 Eric Goguen & Sons Ltd.
 Falcon Lumber Ltd.
 Fontaine Inc
 Foothills Forest Products Inc.
 Fornebu Lumber Co. Ltd.
 Fraser Specialty Products Ltd.
 Fraserview Cedar Products
 Furtado Forest Products Ltd.
 G & R Cedar Ltd.
 Galloway Lumber Company Ltd.
 Glandell Enterprises Inc.
 Goat Lake Forest Products Ltd.
 Goldband Shake & Shingle Ltd.
 Golden Ears Shingle Ltd.
 Goldwood Industries Ltd.
 Goodfellow Inc.
 Gorman Bros. Lumber Ltd.
 Groupe Crete Chertsey
 Groupe Crete division St-Faustin
 Groupe Lebel inc.
 Groupe Lignarex inc.
 H.J. Crabbe & Sons Ltd.
 Haida Forest Products Ltd.
 Harry Freeman & Son Ltd.
 Hornepayne Lumber LP
 Imperial Cedar Products, Ltd.
 Imperial Shake Co. Ltd.
 Independent Building Materials Dist.
 Interfor Corporation
 Island Cedar Products Ltd
 Ivor Forest Products Ltd.
 J&G Log Works Ltd.
 J.D. Irving, Limited
 J.H. Huscroft Ltd.
 Jan Woodland (2001) inc.
 Jhajj Lumber Corporation
 Kalesnikoff Lumber Co. Ltd.
 Kan Wood, Ltd.
 Kebois Ltee/Ltd
 Keystone Timber Ltd.
 Kootenay Innovative Wood Ltd.
 Lafontaine Lumber Inc.
 Langevin Forest Products Inc.
 Lecours Lumber Co. Limited
 Ledwidge Lumber Co. Ltd.

[[Page 76522]]

 Leisure Lumber Ltd.
 Les Bois d'oeuvre Beaudoin Gauthier inc.
 Les Bois Martek Lumber
 Les Bois Traites M.G. Inc.
 Les Chantiers de Chibougamau ltd.
 Les Produits Forestiers D&G Ltee
 Leslie Forest Products Ltd.
 Lignum Forest Products LLP
 Linwood Homes Ltd.
 Longlac Lumber Inc.
 Lulumco inc.
 Magnum Forest Products, Ltd.
 Maibec inc.
 Manitou Forest Products Ltd.
 Marcel Lauzon Inc.
 Marwood Ltd.
 Materiaux Blanchet Inc.
 Matsqui Management and Consulting Services Ltd. dba 
Canadian Cedar Roofing Depot
 Metrie Canada Ltd.
 Mid Valley Lumber Specialties, Ltd.
 Midway Lumber Mills Ltd.
 Mill & Timber Products Ltd.
 Millar Western Forest Products Ltd.
 Mobilier Rustique (Beauce) Inc.
 MP Atlantic Wood Ltd.
 Multicedre ltee
 Nakina Lumber Inc.
 National Forest Products Ltd.
 New Future Lumber Ltd.
 Nicholson and Cates Ltd
 Norsask Forest Products Limited Partnership
 North American Forest Products Ltd. (located in Saint-
Quentin, New Brunswick)
 North American Forest Products, Ltd. (located in 
Abbotsford, British Columbia)
 North Enderby Timber Ltd.
 Olympic Industries ULC/Olympic Industries ULC-Reman/Olympic 
Industries ULC-Reman Code/Olympic Industries Inc./Olympic Industries 
Inc-Reman Codes
 Pacific Coast Cedar Products Ltd.
 Pacific Pallet, Ltd.
 Pacific Western Wood Works Ltd.
 Parallel Wood Products Ltd.
 Pat Power Forest Products Corporation
 Phoenix Forest Products Inc.
 Pine Ideas Ltd.
 Pioneer Pallet & Lumber Ltd
 Porcupine Wood Products Ltd.
 Power Wood Corp.
 Precision Cedar Products Corp.
 Prendiville Industries Ltd. (aka Kenora Forest Products)
 Produits Forestiers Petit Paris
 Produits forestiers Temrex, s.e.c.
 Produits Matra Inc.
 Promobois G.D.S. inc.
 Rayonier A.M. Canada GP
 Rembos Inc.
 Rene Bernard Inc.
 Richard Lutes Cedar Inc.
 Rielly Industrial Lumber Inc.
 Roland Boulanger & Cie Ltee
 S & K Cedar Products Ltd.
 S&R Sawmills Ltd
 S&W Forest Products Ltd.
 San Industries Ltd.
 Sawarne Lumber Co. Ltd.
 Scierie Alexandre Lemay & Fils Inc.
 Scierie St[hyphen]Michel inc.
 Scierie West Brome Inc.
 Scotsburn Lumber Co. Ltd.
 Sechoirs de Beauce Inc.
 Serpentine Cedar Ltd.
 Serpentine Cedar Roofing Ltd.
 Sexton Lumber Co. Ltd.
 Sigurdson Forest Products Ltd.
 Silvaris Corporation
 Silver Creek Premium Products Ltd.
 Sinclar Group Forest Products Ltd.
 Skana Forest Products Ltd.
 Skeena Sawmills Ltd
 Sound Spars Enterprise Ltd.
 South Beach Trading Inc.
 Specialiste du Bardeau de Cedre Inc
 Spruceland Millworks Inc.
 Surrey Cedar Ltd.
 T.G. Wood Products, Ltd
 Taan Forest Products
 Taiga Building Products Ltd.
 Tall Tree Lumber Company
 Teal Cedar Products Ltd.
 Tembec Inc.
 Terminal Forest Products Ltd.
 The Teal-Jones Group
 The Wood Source Inc.
 Tolko Industries Ltd./Tolko Marketing and Sales Ltd./
Gilbert Smith Forest Products Ltd.
 Trans-Pacific Trading Ltd.
 Triad Forest Products Ltd.
 Twin Rivers Paper Co. Inc.
 Tyee Timber Products Ltd.
 Universal Lumber Sales Ltd.
 Usine Sartigan Inc.
 Vaagen Fibre Canada, ULC
 Valley Cedar 2 ULC
 Vancouver Island Shingle, Ltd.
 Vancouver Specialty Cedar Products Ltd.
 Visscher Lumber Inc
 W.I. Woodtone Industries Inc.
 Waldun Forest Product Sales Ltd.
 Watkins Sawmills Ltd.
 West Bay Forest Products Ltd.
 West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd.
 West Wind Hardwood Inc.
 Western Forest Products Inc.
 Western Lumber Sales Limited
 Western Wood Preservers Ltd.
 Weston Forest Products Inc.
 Westrend Exteriors Inc.
 Weyerhaeuser Co.
 White River Forest Products L.P.
 Winton Homes Ltd.
 Woodline Forest Products Ltd.
 Woodstock Forest Products
 Woodtone Specialties Inc.
 Yarrow Wood Ltd.

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