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Office on Violence Against Women; Notice of Request for 
Nominations for New Members for the Task Force on Research on Violence 
Against American Indian and Alaska Native Women

AGENCY: Office on Violence Against Women, United States Department of 

ACTION: Notice of request for nominations for new members for the Task 
Force on Research on Violence Against American Indian and Alaska Native 


SUMMARY: The Office on Violence Against Women of the U.S. Department of 
Justice requests recommendations for individuals to serve as members on 
a federal advisory committee, the Task Force on Research on Violence 
Against American Indian and Alaska Native Women (Task Force). 
Recommendations should consist of a cover letter recommending the 
individual and explaining the individual's qualifications to serve on 
the Task Force, as well as a copy of the individual's resume or 
curriculum vitae. Self-recommendations are not accepted. If you would 
like to make a membership recommendation for this federal advisory 
committee, please send your recommendation to the email address or 
contact person listed below.

ADDRESSES: Nominations may be submitted by email to 
[email protected] or by mail to: Laura L. Rogers, Acting 
Director, Office on Violence Again Women, U.S. Department of Justice, 
145 N Street NE, Washington, DC 20530 by September 13, 2019.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The Task Force was authorized by Section 
904(a)(3) of the Violence Against Women and Department of Justice 
Reauthorization Act of 2005 (Pub. L. 109-162) and is subject to the 
requirements of the Federal Advisory Committee Act. The Task Force 
provides advice and recommendations on the development and 
implementation of a program of research that examines violence against 
Indian women in Indian Country and Alaska Native villages, including 
domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, stalking, murder, 
and sex trafficking, and evaluates the effectiveness of federal, state, 
tribal, and local responses to these crimes.
    By statute, Task Force members must be representatives of one of 
the following entities: Tribal governments; national tribal domestic 
violence and sexual assault non-profit organizations; or national 
tribal organizations. Task Force candidates should be nominated by the 
authorized representative of the listed governments or organizations 
(i.e., tribal council or executive director). Task Force members are 
expected to: Attend meetings that usually last 1-2 days; be prepared to 
discuss materials distributed in advance of each meeting; and draft 
written recommendations and reports, as necessary. Additional 
information on the Task Force can be found on the OVW and NIJ websites 
at: https://www.justice.gov/ovw/section-904-task-force and https://www.nij.gov/topics/tribal-justice/vaw-research/pages/task-force.aspx.
    While OVW has previously solicited and received nominations for new 
Task Force members, OVW would like to expand OVW's pursuit for 
experience and expertise and solicit additional nominations for new 
members to supplement the nominations that OVW has previously received. 
OVW is particularly interested in individuals with law enforcement, 
prosecutorial and research experience.
    For further information contact: Sherriann C. Moore, Deputy 
Director for Tribal Affairs, Office on Violence Against Women, United 
States Department of Justice, 145 N Street NE, Suite 10W.121, 
Washington, DC 20530.

    Dated: August 12, 2019.
Mary E. Powers,
Acting Director, Deputy Director for Policy, Office on Violence Against 
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