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Transportation Security Administration

[Docket No. TSA-2011-0008]

Request for Applicants for Appointment to the Aviation Security 
Advisory Committee

AGENCY: Transportation Security Administration, DHS.

ACTION: Committee management; Request for applicants.


SUMMARY: The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is requesting 
individuals who are interested in serving on the Aviation Security 
Advisory Committee (ASAC) for the constituencies specified below to 
apply for appointment. ASAC's mission is to provide advice and 
recommendations to the Administrator of TSA on improving aviation 
security matters, including developing, refining, and implementing 
policies, programs, rulemaking and security directives pertaining to 
aviation security, while adhering to sensitive security guidelines.

DATES: Applications for membership must be submitted to TSA using one 
of the methods in the ADDRESSES section below on or before July 3, 

ADDRESSES: Applications must be submitted by one of the following 
     Email: [email protected].
     Mail: Tamika McCree Elhilali, ASAC Designated Federal 
Officer, Transportation Security Administration (TSA-28), 601 12th St. 
South, Arlington, VA 20598-4028.
    See SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION for application requirements.

Designated Federal Officer, Transportation Security Administration 
(TSA-28), 601 12th St. South, Arlington, VA 20598-4028, 
[email protected], 571-227-2632.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: ASAC is an advisory committee established 
pursuant to 49 U.S.C. 44946. The committee is composed of individual 
members representing key constituencies affected by aviation security 

Balanced Membership Plans

    The ASAC will be composed of individuals representing not more than 
34 member organizations. Each organization shall be represented by one 
individual (or the individual's designee). TSA is seeking applications 
for the membership categories scheduled to expire in May 2019, which 
are marked with an asterisk in this section below. Individuals are 
appointed by the Administrator of TSA to represent the following 19 key 
constituencies affected by aviation security requirements, as defined 
at 49 U.S.C. 44946(c)(1)(C):
    1. Air carriers.
    2. All-cargo air transportation.*
    3. Labor organizations representing air carrier employees.*
    4. Aircraft manufacturers.*
    5. Airport operators.*
    6. General aviation.*
    7. Travel industry.*
    8. Victims of terrorist acts against aviation.*
    9. Law enforcement and security experts.
    10. Indirect air carriers.*
    11. Aviation security technology industry (including screening 
technology and biometrics).
    12. Airport-based businesses (including minority-owned small 
    13. Passenger advocacy groups.
    14. Businesses that conduct security operations at airports 
(Screening Partnership Program contractors).*
    15. Labor organizations representing transportation security 
    16. Airport construction and maintenance contractors.*
    17. Labor organizations representing employees of airport 
construction and maintenance contractors.
    18. Privacy organizations.*
    19. Aeronautical repair stations.
    ASAC does not have a specific number of members allocated to any 
membership category and the number of members in a category may change 
to fit the needs of the Committee, but each organization shall be 
represented by one individual. Members will serve as representatives 
and speak on behalf of their respective constituency group, and will 
not be appointed as Special Government Employees as defined in 18 
U.S.C. 202(a). Membership on the Committee is personal to the appointee 
and a member may not send an alternate to a Committee meeting. Pursuant 
to 49 U.S.C 44946(c)(3) members shall not receive pay, allowances, or 
benefits from the Government by reason of their service on the 

Committee Meetings

    The Committee typically convenes four times per year; however, 
additional meetings may be held with the approval of the Designated 
Federal Official. Due to the sensitive nature of the material 
discussed, meetings are typically closed to the public. At least one 
meeting will be open to the public each year. In addition, members are 
expected to participate on ASAC subcommittees that typically meet more 
frequently to deliberate and discuss specific aviation matters.

Committee Membership

    Committee members are appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the 
Administrator of TSA for a two-year term or until a successor is 
appointed. Members who are currently serving on the Committee are 
eligible to reapply for membership. A new application is required.

Application for Advisory Committee Appointment

    TSA is seeking applications for the membership categories scheduled 
to expire in May 2019, which are marked with an asterisk in the 
Balanced Membership Plans section above. Any person wishing to be 
considered for appointment to ASAC must provide the following:
     Complete professional resume.
     Statement of interest and reasons for application, 
including the membership category and how you represent a significant 
portion of that constituency.
     Home and work addresses, telephone number, and email 
    Please submit your application to the Responsible TSA Official in 
ADDRESSES noted above by July 3, 2019.

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    Dated: June 6, 2019.
Eddie D. Mayenschein,
Assistant Administrator, Policy, Plans, and Engagement.
[FR Doc. 2019-12383 Filed 6-11-19; 8:45 am]