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39 CFR Part 111

New Mailing Standards for Domestic Mailing Services Products

AGENCY: Postal Service \TM\.

ACTION: Final rule.


SUMMARY: On October 10, 2018, the Postal Service filed a notice of 
mailing services price adjustments with the Postal Regulatory 
Commission (PRC), effective January 27, 2019. This final rule contains 
the revisions to Mailing Standards of the United States Postal Service, 
Domestic Mail Manual (DMM[supreg]) to implement the changes coincident 
with the price adjustments and other minor DMM changes.

DATES: Effective: January 27, 2019.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Jacqueline Erwin at (202) 268-2158.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: On November 13, 2018, the PRC found that the 
price adjustments proposed by the Postal Service may take effect as 
planned. The price adjustments and DMM revisions are scheduled to 
become effective on January 27, 2019. Final prices are available under 
Docket No. R2019-1 (Order No. 4875) on the Postal Regulatory 
Commission's website at www.prc.gov.

Comments on Proposed Changes and USPS Responses

    The Postal Service did not receive any formal comments on the 
October 17, 2018 proposed rule.
    The Postal Service's final rule includes the following changes:

Periodicals Address Corrections for Alternate Addressed Nonsubscriber-
Nonrequester Copies

    The Postal Service will introduce a specifically tailored 
Periodicals Service Type ID (STID) for publishers to include in the 
Intelligent Mail[supreg] barcode (IMb[supreg]) along with authorized 
alternative addressing formats. Publishers will no longer receive 
address-related notices if the address is vacant or not deliverable.

Correcting Business Reply Mail[supreg]/Qualified Business Reply Mail 
TM (BRM/QBRM TM) Postage Anomaly

    The Postal Service will correct the BRM/QBRM postage anomaly by 
applying the retail ``stamped'' letter price to basic and high volume 
BRM. To offset the postage increase, basic and high volume BRM per 
piece fees have decreased.

Picture Permit Imprint Indicia

    The Postal Service will eliminate the Full-service requirement on 
commercial mailings of First-Class Mail[supreg] or USPS Marketing 
Mail[supreg] postcards, letters, or flats using picture permit imprint 

Small Parcel Forwarding Fee

    The Postal Service will add a small parcel forwarding fee for USPS 
Marketing Mail parcels, endorsed ``Change Service Requested'' under 
``Option 2'' (ACS only), that are forwarded due to an active change-of-

Overweight Item Charge

    The Postal Service will introduce a charge for items identified in 
the postal network that exceed the 70 pound weight limit for Postal 
Service products, and are therefore nonmailable. Overweight items 
identified in the postal network will be assessed a $100 charge payable 
before release of the item, unless the item is discovered at the same 
facility where it was entered.
    The Postal Service adopts the following changes to Mailing 
Standards of the United States Postal Service, Domestic Mail Manual 
(DMM), incorporated by reference in the Code of Federal Regulations. 
See 39 CFR 111.1.
* * * * *

List of Subjects in 39 CFR Part 111

    Administrative practice and procedure, Postal Service.
    Accordingly, 39 CFR part 111 is amended as follows:


1. The authority citation for part 111 continues to read as follows:

    Authority: 5 U.S.C. 552(a); 13 U.S.C. 301-307; 18 U.S.C. 1692-
1737; 39 U.S.C. 101, 401, 403, 404, 414, 416, 3001-3011, 3201-3219, 
3403-3406, 3621, 3622, 3626, 3632, 3633, and 5001.

2. Revise the Mailing Standards of the United States Postal Service, 
Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) as follows:

[[Page 65088]]

Mailing Standards of the United States Postal Service, Domestic Mail 
Manual (DMM)

* * * * *

500 Additional Mailing Services

* * * * *

505 Return Services

1.0 Business Reply Mail (BRM)

1.1 BRM Postage and Fees

1.1.1 Basic BRM

    [Revise the first sentence of the introductory text in 1.1.1 to 
read as follows:]
    For basic BRM, a permit holder is required to pay an annual permit 
fee as provided under 1.2 and a per piece fee under 1.1.7 in addition 
to the applicable Retail First-Class Mail (stamped letters), First-
Class Package Service--Retail, or Priority Mail postage for each 
returned piece.***
* * * * *

1.1.3 Basic Qualified BRM (QBRM)

    [Revise the first sentence of the introductory text in 1.1.3 to 
read as follows:]
    For basic qualified BRM, a permit holder is required to pay an 
account maintenance fee under 1.1.8, and a per piece fee under 1.1.7 in 
addition to the applicable retail letter or card First-Class Mail 
(stamped letters) postage for each returned piece.***
* * * * *

507 Mailer Services

1.0 Treatment of Mail

* * * * *

1.5 Treatment for Ancillary Services by Class of Mail

* * * * *

1.5.2 Periodicals

    Undeliverable-as-addressed (UAA) Periodicals publications 
(including publications pending Periodicals authorization) are treated 
as described in Exhibit 1.5.2, with these additional conditions:
* * * * *
    [Revise the text in items 1.5.2b and 1.5.2c to read as follows:]
    b. Publications with an alternative addressing format under 602.3.0 
are delivered to the address when possible. Forwarding service is not 
provided for such mail.
    c. Address correction service is mandatory for all Periodicals 
publications, except when publishers use authorized alternative 
addressing and an IMb with proper STID. An address correction service 
fee must be paid for each notice issued.
* * * * *

1.5.3 USPS Marketing Mail and Parcel Select Lightweight

* * * * *

Exhibit 1.5.3 Treatment of Undeliverable USPS Marketing Mail and Parcel 
Select Lightweight

        Mailer Endorsement              USPS Treatment of UAA pieces

* * * * *

``Change Service Requested'' 1, 4

* * * * *
    [Revise the parenthetical for ``Option 2'' to read as follows:]
    (Available via ACS only; for USPS Marketing Mail (all shapes) and 
Parcel Select Lightweight)
* * * * *
    If change-of-address order on file:
    [Revise the text under ``If change-of-address order on file:'' for 
``Months 1 through 12'' to read as follows:]
    Months 1 through 12: Piece forwarded; postage due charged to the 
mailer at applicable Forwarding Fee based on the piece shape for USPS 
Marketing Mail or Parcel Select Lightweight; separate notice of new 
address provided (electronic ACS fee charged).
* * * * *

600 Basic Standards For All Mailing Services

* * * * *

602 Addressing

* * * * *

3.0 Use of Alternative Addressing

3.1 General Information

* * * * *

3.1.3 Treatment

    [Revise the third sentence of the introductory text in 3.1.3 to 
read as follows:]
    ***Periodicals publishers are notified when a mailpiece with an 
occupant or exceptional address format is undeliverable for solely 
address-related reasons, (except publishers using an IMb with proper 
STID on non-subscriber or non-requester copies under 207.7.0.***
* * * * *

604 Postage Payment Methods and Refunds

* * * * *

5.0 Permit Imprint (Indicia)

* * * * *

5.4 Picture Permit Imprint Indicia

5.4.1 Description

    [Revise the third sentence of 5.4.1 to read as follows:]
    ***Picture permit imprints may be used to pay postage and extra 
service fees on commercial mailings of First-Class Mail or USPS 
Marketing Mail postcards, letters, or flats.
* * * * *

5.4.5 Picture Permit Imprint Indicia Format

    As options to the basic format under 5.3.11 and if all other 
applicable standards in 5.0 are met, permit imprint indicia may be 
prepared in picture permit imprint format subject to these conditions:
* * * * *
    [Delete 5.4.5f in its entirety and renumber current 5.4.5g through 
5.4.5k as new 5.4.5f through 5.4.5j.]
* * * * *

Notice 123 (Price List)

    [Revise prices as applicable.]
* * * * *
    We will publish an appropriate amendment to 39 CFR part 111 to 
reflect these changes.

Brittany M. Johnson,
Attorney, Federal Compliance.
[FR Doc. 2018-27412 Filed 12-18-18; 8:45 am]