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Draft FY 2018-2022 Environmental Protection Agency Strategic Plan

AGENCY: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

ACTION: Notice of availability, request for public comments.


SUMMARY: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is announcing 
the availability of the Draft FY 2018-2022 EPA Strategic Plan for 
public review and comment, which is being revised as required by the 
Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) Modernization Act of 
2010. The agency anticipates the final Strategic Plan will be submitted 
to Congress in February 2018. For this notice, the EPA is seeking 
comment from individual citizens, states, tribes, local governments, 
industry, the academic community, non-governmental organizations, and 
all other interested parties.

DATES: Comments must be received on or before October 31, 2017.

ADDRESSES: Submit your comments, identified by Docket ID No. [EPA-HQ-
OA-2017-0533] to the Federal eRulemaking Portal: http://www.regulations.gov. Follow the online instructions for submitting 
comments. Once submitted, comments cannot be edited or withdrawn. The 
EPA may publish any comment received to its public docket. Do not 
submit electronically any information you consider to be Confidential 
Business Information (CBI) or other information whose disclosure is 
restricted by statute. Multimedia submissions (audio, video, etc.) must 
be accompanied by a written comment. The written comment is considered 
the official comment and should include discussion of all points you 
wish to make. The EPA will generally not consider comments or comment 
contents located outside of the primary submission (i.e. on the web, 
cloud, or other file sharing system). For additional submission 
methods, the full EPA public comment policy, information about CBI or 
multimedia submissions, and general guidance on making effective 
comments, please visit http://www2.epa.gov/dockets/commenting-epa-dockets.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Vivian Daub, Director, Planning 
Division, Office of Planning, Analysis, and Accountability, Office of 
the Chief Financial Officer, [email protected].



    The GPRA Modernization Act of 2010 (Pub. L. 111-352), holds federal 
agencies accountable for using resources wisely and achieving program 
results. Specifically, the GPRA Modernization Act requires agencies to 
develop: Strategic Plans, which include a mission statement, set out 
long-term goals, objectives, and strategic measures, and describe 
strategies to achieve them over a four-year time horizon; two-year 
Agency Priority Goals to advance progress toward the highest 
priorities; Annual Performance Plans, which provide annual performance 
measures and activities toward the long-term Strategic Plan; and, 
Annual Performance Reports, which evaluate an agency's success in 
achieving the annual performance measures.
    The Strategic Plan reflects the Administrator's priorities for 
advancing the Agency's mission to protect human health and the 
environment by setting three strategic goals:
     Core Mission: Deliver real results to provide Americans 
with clean air, land, and water.
     Cooperative Federalism: Rebalance the power between 
Washington and the states to create tangible environmental results for 
the American people.
     Rule of Law and Process: Administer the law, as Congress 
intended, to refocus the Agency on its statutory obligations under the 
    This Strategic Plan includes objectives and strategies for 
achieving the strategic goals, and establishes strategic measures and 
FY 2018-2019 Agency Priority Goals by which EPA will hold itself 
accountable to monitor progress in improving significantly the way EPA 
does business and environmental benefits, engaging closely with public 
sector partners at all levels and the regulated community.

    Dated: September 19, 2017.
David A. Bloom,
Acting Chief Financial Officer, Office of the Chief Financial Officer.
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