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Bureau of Indian Affairs

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Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation Act; Indian Dam 

AGENCY: Bureau of Indian Affairs, Interior.

ACTION: Public meeting.


SUMMARY: The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), Office of Trust Services, 
Division of Water and Power, will be conducting a public meeting by 
teleconference to obtain input from landowners served by Indian dams on 
the implementation of the Water Infrastructure Improvements for the 
Nation Act with regard to Indian dam safety.

DATES: Written comments must be received by March 3, 2017. The 
teleconference will be held on Tuesday, February 14, 2017, from 1 p.m. 
to 4 p.m., Eastern Time.

ADDRESSES: You may submit comments by one of the following methods:
     Email: [email protected].
     By hard copy: Submit by U.S. mail or hand delivery to: Ms. 
Elizabeth Appel, Office of Regulatory Affairs and Collaborative Action, 
U.S. Department of the Interior, 1849 C Street NW., Mail Stop 3642-MIB, 
Washington, DC 20240.
    Please see the SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION section of this notice for 
directions for registering for and attending the teleconference 

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Yulan Jin, Division Chief, Water and 
Power, (202) 219-0941, [email protected].


I. Executive Summary

    The Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation (WIIN) Act 
became law on December 16, 2016. Section 3101 of the WIIN Act provides 
for consultation with affected Indian tribes, as well as solicitation 
and consideration of comments and recommendations from landowners 
served by relevant Indian dams, within 60 days of the Act's passage 
Section 3101 also requires the Secretary to submit a report to Congress 
within 120 days of enactment (by April 14, 2017) on programmatic goals 
to address the deferred maintenance needs of Indian dams and funding 
prioritization criteria for distributing funds from the High-Hazard 
Indian Dam Safety Deferred Maintenance Fund and the Low-Hazard Indian 
Dam Safety Deferred Maintenance Fund.
    Section 3101 establishes a program to address the deferred 
maintenance needs of Indian dams and authorizes $32.75 million per year 
($22.75 million designated for high- and significant-hazard potential 
dams and $10 million designated for low-hazard potential dams), plus 
accrued interest, for each of the fiscal years 2017 through 2023. 
Subject to appropriations, the funds would be available to carry out 
maintenance, repair, and replacement activities for qualified Indian 
    Eligible dams are defined as dams that are included under the 
Indian Dams Safety Act of 1994 and that are: (1) Owned by the Federal 
Government (per Executive Order 13327) and managed by the BIA, 
including dams managed under Indian Self-Determination contracts or 
compacts; or (2) have deferred maintenance identified by the BIA.

II. Public Teleconference Session

    The BIA will be hosting a public meeting by teleconference at the 
date listed in the DATES section of this notice. The call-in number is 
(800) 857-9738 and the passcode is 7199390. Please refer to the 
following Web site for additional information: https://www.bia.gov/WhoWeAre/BIA/OTS/IPSOD/index.htm.

    Dated: January 27, 2017.
Michael S. Black,
Acting Assistant Secretary--Indian Affairs.
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