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Sunshine Act Meetings

TIME AND DATES: The Members of the National Council on Disability (NCD) 
will hold a quarterly meeting on Friday, December 2, 2016 via 
teleconference from 12:00 p.m.-2:15 p.m., Eastern.

PLACE: The meeting will occur by phone. NCD staff will participate in 
the call from the NCD office at 1331 F Street NW., Suite 850, 
Washington, DC 20004. Interested parties may join the meeting in person 
at the NCD office or may join the phone line in a listening-only 
capacity (other than the period allotted for public comment noted 
below) using the following call-in information:
    Teleconference number: 888-221-9508; Conference ID: 3506445; 
Conference Title: NCD Meeting; Host Name: Clyde Terry.

MATTERS TO BE CONSIDERED: The Council will receive an update on the 
Council's ongoing policy projects; the agency's finances; legislative 
activity; and the agency's annual progress report. The Council will 
also vote on a change to its bylaws. The Council will receive public 
comment on poverty and disability.

AGENDA:  The times provided below are approximations for when each 
agenda item is anticipated to be discussed (all times Eastern):

Friday, December 2

12:00-12:05 p.m.--Welcome and Call to Order
12:05-12:10 p.m.--Attendance and Roll Call
12:10-12:15 p.m.--Approval of July Minutes
12:15-12:25 p.m.--Chairperson's Report
12:25-12:35 p.m.--Executive Director's Report
12:35-12:45 p.m.--Policy Update
12:45-1:05 p.m.--Finance Update
1:05-1:15 p.m.--Legislative Update
1:15-1:20 p.m.--Vote on Bylaw Change
1:20-1:35 p.m.--Progress Report Update
1:35-2:05 p.m.--Public Comment
2:05-2:15 p.m.--Council Discussion
2:15 p.m.--Adjournment

PUBLIC COMMENT: To better facilitate NCD's public comment, any 
individual interested in providing public comment is asked to register 
his or her intent to provide comment in advance by sending an email to 
[email protected] with the subject line ``Public Comment'' with 
your name, organization, state, and topic of comment included in the 
body of your email. Full-length written public comments may also be 
sent to that email address. All emails to register for public comment 
at the quarterly meeting must be received by Wednesday, November 30, 
2016. Priority will be given to those individuals who are in-person to 
provide their comments during the town hall portions of the agenda. 
Those commenters on the phone will be called on according to the list 
of those registered via email. Due to time constraints, NCD asks all 
commenters to limit their comments to three minutes. Comments received 
at the quarterly meeting will be limited to the topic of disability and 

CONTACT PERSON: Anne Sommers, NCD, 1331 F Street NW., Suite 850, 
Washington, DC 20004; 202-272-2004 (V), 202-272-2074 (TTY).

ACCOMMODATIONS: A CART streamtext link has been arranged for this 
teleconference meeting. The Web link to access CART on Friday, December 
2, 2016 is: https://www.streamtext.net/player?event=NCD.
    Those who plan to attend the meeting in-person and require 
accommodations should notify NCD as soon as possible to allow time to 
make arrangements. To help reduce exposure to fragrances for those with 
multiple chemical sensitivities, NCD requests that all those attending 
the meeting in person refrain from wearing scented personal care 
products such as perfumes, hairsprays, and deodorants.

    Dated: November 9, 2016.
Rebecca Cokley,
Executive Director.
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