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Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

[Document Identifier: CMS-10635]

Agency Information Collection Activities: Proposed Collection; 
Comment Request

AGENCY: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, HHS.

ACTION: Notice.


SUMMARY: The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is 
announcing an opportunity for the public to comment on CMS' intention 
to collect information from the public. Under the Paperwork Reduction 
Act of 1995 (the PRA), federal agencies are required to publish notice 
in the Federal Register concerning each proposed collection of 
information (including each proposed extension or reinstatement of an 
existing collection of information) and to allow 60 days for public 
comment on the proposed action. Interested persons are invited to send 
comments regarding our burden estimates or any other aspect of this 
collection of information, including any of the following subjects: (1) 
The necessity and utility of the proposed information collection for 
the proper performance of the agency's functions; (2) the accuracy of 
the estimated burden; (3) ways to enhance the quality, utility, and 
clarity of the information to be collected; and (4) the use of 
automated collection techniques or other forms of information 
technology to minimize the information collection burden.

DATES: Comments must be received by December 20, 2016.

ADDRESSES: When commenting, please reference the document identifier or 
OMB control number. To be assured consideration, comments and 
recommendations must be submitted in any one of the following ways:
    1. Electronically. You may send your comments electronically to 
http://www.regulations.gov. Follow the instructions for ``Comment or 
Submission'' or ``More Search Options'' to find the information 
collection document(s) that are accepting comments.
    2. By regular mail. You may mail written comments to the following 
address: CMS, Office of Strategic Operations and Regulatory Affairs, 
Division of Regulations Development, Attention: Document Identifier/OMB 
Control Number __, Room C4-26-05, 7500 Security Boulevard, Baltimore, 
Maryland 21244-1850.
    To obtain copies of a supporting statement and any related forms 
for the proposed collection(s) summarized in this notice, you may make 
your request using one of following:
    1. Access CMS' Web site address at http://www.cms.hhs.gov/PaperworkReductionActof1995.
    2. Email your request, including your address, phone number, OMB 
number, and CMS document identifier, to [email protected].
    3. Call the Reports Clearance Office at (410) 786-1326.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Reports Clearance Office at (410) 786-


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    This notice sets out a summary of the use and burden associated 
with the following information collections. More detailed information 
can be found in each collection's supporting statement and associated 
materials (see ADDRESSES).

CMS-10635 Montana Health and Economic Livelihood Partnership (HELP) 
Federal Evaluation

    Under the PRA (44 U.S.C. 3501-3520), federal agencies must obtain 
approval from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for each 
collection of information they conduct or sponsor. The term 
``collection of information'' is defined in 44 U.S.C. 3502(3) and 5 CFR 
1320.3(c) and includes agency requests or requirements that members of 
the public submit reports, keep records, or provide information to a 
third party. Section 3506(c)(2)(A) of the PRA requires federal agencies 
to publish a 60-day notice in the Federal Register concerning each 
proposed collection of information, including each proposed extension 
or reinstatement of an existing collection of information, before 
submitting the collection to OMB for approval. To comply with this 
requirement, CMS is publishing this notice.

Information Collection

    1. Type of Information Collection Request: New collection (Request 
for a new OMB control number); Title of Information Collection: Montana 
Health and Economic Livelihood Partnership (HELP) Federal Evaluation; 
Use: CMS approved the Montana Health and Economic Livelihood 
Partnership (HELP) demonstration in November 2015. The demonstration 
provides flexibility for the expanded Medicaid population under the 
Affordable Care Act for individuals in the state of Montana 
(hereinafter, ``State'' or ``Montana'').
    Montana expects to achieve the following: (1) Premiums and 
copayment liability that will encourage HELP Program enrollees to be 
discerning health care purchasers, take personal responsibility for 
their health care decisions and develop health-conscious behaviors as 
consumers of health care services; (2) 12 month continuous eligibility 
to improve continuity of care. The State also seeks to demonstrate the 
following over the life of the demonstration: (1) Premiums will not 
pose a barrier to accessing care for HELP Program beneficiaries; (2) 
HELP Program enrollees will exhibit health-conscious health care 
behaviors without harming beneficiary health; and (3) 12 month 
continuous eligibility will promote continuity of coverage and reduce 
churning rates.
    The demonstration includes the authority to charge premiums of 2 
percent of household income to individuals in the new adult group with 
incomes between 50 and 133 percent of the FPL. The state will credit 
such individuals' premium obligation towards copayments due. Non-
payment of premiums may result in disenrollment for individuals with 
incomes above 100 percent of the FPL after notice and a grace period. 
Individuals at or below 100 percent who stop paying premiums will not 
be disenrolled.
    To adequately inform CMS decision-making regarding Section 1115 
Demonstrations, this federal evaluation of Montana's HELP demonstration 
includes surveys and associated focus groups, and informational 
interviews conducted during site visits and via phone.
    Form Number: CMS-10635 (OMB control number: 0938--New); Frequency: 
Once and on occasion; Affected Public: Individuals and Households, 
Business or other for-profits and Not-for-profits institutions, and 
State, Local, or Tribal Governments; Number of Respondents: 1,458; 
Total Annual Responses: 1,458; Total Annual Hours: 497. (For policy 
questions regarding this collection contact Serge King at 410-786-

     Dated: October 18, 2016.
William N. Parham, III,
Director, Paperwork Reduction Staff, Office of Strategic Operations and 
Regulatory Affairs.
[FR Doc. 2016-25547 Filed 10-20-16; 8:45 am]