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Bureau of the Census

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2020 Census Tribal Consultation Meetings

AGENCY: Bureau of the Census, Department of Commerce.

ACTION: Notice of 2020 Census tribal consultation meetings.


SUMMARY: Pursuant to Executive Order 13175, the Bureau of the Census 
(Census Bureau) is continuing tribal consultation meetings through 
calendar year 2016 with federally recognized tribes across the country 
as part of our ongoing government-to-government relations. The Census 
Bureau is planning to conduct tribal consultation meetings with 
federally recognized tribes across the country between September 2016 
and December 2016. These meetings will provide a forum for tribes to 
share insights, make recommendations and discuss concerns related to 
the 2020 Census. The Census Bureau's procedures for outreach, notice 
and consultation will ensure involvement of tribes, to the extent 
practicable and permitted by law, before making decisions or 
implementing policies, rules or programs that affect federally 
recognized tribal governments. The Census Bureau requests that 
interested members of the public comment with any questions or topics 
they would like to see considered in these meetings. For a list of 
dates, locations and times please check http://www.census.gov/aian/census_2020/. These meetings are open to members of federally 
recognized tribes by invitation.

DATES: Any questions or topics to be considered in the tribal 
consultation meetings must be received in writing by September 9, 2016.

ADDRESSES: Please direct all comments on this notice to Dee Alexander, 
Tribal Affairs Coordinator, Office of Congressional and 
Intergovernmental Affairs, Intergovernmental Affairs Office, U.S. 
Census Bureau Washington, DC 20233; telephone (301) 763-9335 or fax 
(301) 763-3780 or by email [email protected].

Coordinator, Office of Congressional and Intergovernmental Affairs, 
Intergovernmental Affairs Office, U.S. Census Bureau, at the above 
listed address and telephone number.



    The Census Bureau's Decennial Directorate and the Intergovernmental 
Affairs Office is responsible for the development and implementation of 
outreach and promotion activities to assist in obtaining a complete and 
accurate census count in 2020 among all residents including the 
American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN) populations. This program is 
one part of the overall outreach and promotion efforts directed at 
building awareness about the importance of the census and motivating 
response to the census in communities all across the country.
    In accordance with Executive Order 13175, Consultation and 
Coordination with Indian Tribal Governments, issued November 6, 2000, 
the Census Bureau will be adhering to its tribal consultation policy by 
seeking the input of tribal governments in the planning and 
implementation of the 2020 Census with the goal of ensuring the most 
accurate counts and data for the American Indian and Alaska Native 
population. In that regard, we are seeking comments with regard to the 
following operational topics:
    Enumeration--Enumeration is the process of collecting data, and is 
the central focus of the decennial census operation. Most successful 
enumeration occurs at the respondent's domicile either through self-
response, or through some method of non-response follow-up. The Census 
Bureau is exploring ways to increase its self-response rates, and is 
developing tools to ease the burden of responding by leveraging 
technology, and exploring new modalities to promote Internet response.
    Demographic Statistics--Demographic statistics provide information 
that is used to develop an understanding of the age, sex, and racial 
composition of a population and how it has changed over time through 
the basic demographic processes of birth, death, and migration.
    Geography--Geography is a determinative part of the decennial 
census operation because it provides meaning and context to decennial 
census counts. Geographic planning provides the framework for census 
design, data collection, tabulation, and data dissemination. The Census 
Bureau seeks to use the latest and best geographic methodologies 
available to support the decennial census.
    2020 Census Field Partnerships and Recruitment--Partnership efforts 
focus on maximizing public engagement in the decennial census process 
in an effort to keep the public informed, encourage self-response, and 
assist with recruiting the workforce necessary to complete the 
decennial census. Partnership efforts are directed at individuals from 
all walks of life, as well as the widest variety of public, private and 
governmental organizations.
    2020 Census Communications and Planning--Communications planning 
seeks to motivate the entire population of the 50 states and its 
territories to participate in the decennial census and its partnership 
activities. Communications planning will culminate in a communications 
campaign that will focus on increasing participation in self-response 
options, improving accuracy, reducing the differential undercount and 
improving cooperation with enumerators and field operations.
    For additional information on the tribal consultation sessions 
please visit: http://www.census.gov/aian/census_2020/.

    Dated: July 29, 2016.
John H. Thompson,
Director, Bureau of the Census.
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