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Indian Health Service

Request for Public Comment: 60-Day Information Collection: 
Application for Participation in the IHS Scholarship Program

AGENCY: Indian Health Service, HHS.

ACTION: Notice and request for comments. Request for extension of 


SUMMARY: In compliance the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995, the Indian 
Health Service (IHS) invites the general public to comment on the 
information collection titled, ``Application for Participation in the 
IHS Scholarship Program,'' Office of Management and Budget (OMB) 
Control No. 0917-0006. IHS is requesting OMB to approve an extension 
for this collection, which expires on September 30, 2016.

DATES: Comment Due Date: September 6, 2016. Your comments regarding 
this information collection are best assured

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of having full effect if received within 60 days of the date of this 

ADDRESSES: Send your written comments, requests for more information on 
the collection, or requests to obtain a copy of the data collection 
instrument and instructions to Mr. Robert Pittman by one of the 
following methods:
     Mail: Robert E. Pittman, BPharm, MPH, Acting Chief, 
Scholarship Branch Director, Division of Health Professions Support, 
Indian Health Service, 5600 Fishers Lane, Mail Stop: OHR 11E53A, 
Rockville, MD 20857.
     Phone: (301) 443-6197.
     Email: [email protected].
     Fax: 301-443-6048.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: This previously approved information 
collection project was last published in the Federal Register (78 FR 
49532) on August 14, 2013 and allowed 30 days for public comment. No 
public comment was received in response to the notice. The purpose of 
this notice is to allow 60 days for public comment. A copy of the 
supporting statement is available at www.regulations.gov (see Docket ID 
    Information Collection: Title: ``Application for Participation in 
the IHS Scholarship Program,'' OMB Control No. 0917-0006. Type of 
Information Collection Request: Extension of the currently approved 
information collection ``Application for Participation in the IHS 
Scholarship Program,'' OMB Control No. 0917-0006. Form Number(s): IHS-
856-3, IHS-856-5 through 856-19, IHS-856-21 through 856-24, IHS-817, 
and IHS-818 are retained for use by the IHS Scholarship Program (IHSSP) 
as part of this current information collection request. Reporting forms 
are found on the IHS Web site at www.ihs.gov/scholarship. Need and Use 
of Information Collection: The IHS Scholarship Branch needs this 
information for program administration and uses the information to: 
solicit, process, and award IHS Pre-graduate, Preparatory, and/or 
Health Professions Scholarship recipients; monitor the academic 
performance of recipients; and to place recipients at payback sites. 
The IHSSP application is electronically available on the internet at 
the IHS Web site at: https://www.ihs.gov/scholarship/applynow/. 
Affected Public: Individuals, not-for-profit institutions and State, 
local or Tribal Governments. Type of Respondents: Students pursuing 
health care professions.
    The table below provides: Types of data collection instruments, 
Estimated number of respondents, Number of responses per respondent, 
Annual number of responses, Average burden hour per response, and Total 
annual burden hours.

                                                  Responses      Total                                  Annual
  Data collection instrument(s)      Number of       per         annual    Burden hour per response     burden
                                    respondents   respondent    response               *                hours
Faculty/Employer Evaluation (IHS-         1,500            2        3,000  0.42 (25 min)...........        1,250
Delinquent Federal Debt (IHS-856-         1,500            1        1,500  0.13 (8 min)............          200
Course Curriculum Verification            1,500            1        1,500  0.70 (42 min)...........        1,050
Verification of Acceptance or               350            1          350  0.13 (8 min)............           47
 Decline of Award (IHS-856-7).
Recipient's Initial Program               1,200            1        1,200  0.13 (8 min)............          160
 Progress Report (IHS-856-8).
Notification of Academic Problem             50            1           50  0.13 (8 min)............            7
Change of Status (IHS-856-10)....            50            1           50  .045 (25 min)...........           21
Request for Approval of Deferment            20            1           20  0.13 (8 min)............            3
Preferred Placement (IHS-856-12).           150            1          150  0.50 (30 min)...........           75
Notice of Impending Graduation              120            1          120  0.17 (10 min)...........           20
Notification of Deferment Program            20            1           20  0.13 (8 min)............            3
Placement Update (IHS-856-15)....           120            1          120  0.18 (11 min)...........           22
Annual Status Report (IHS-856-16)           200            1          200  0.25 (15 min)...........           50
Extern Site Preference Request              300            1          300  0.13 (8 min)............           40
Request for Extern Travel                   150            1          150  0.10 (6 min)............           15
 Reimbursement (IHS-856-18).
Lost Stipend Payment (IHS-856-19)            50            1           50  0.13 (8 min)............            7
Summer School Request (IHS-856-             100            1          100  0.10 (6 min)............           10
Change of Name or Address (IHS-              20            1           20  0.13 (8 min)............            3
Request for Credit Validation                30            1           30  0.10 (6 min)............            3
Faculty/Advisor Evaluation (IHS-          1,500            2        3,000  0.42 (25 min)...........        1,250
Scholarship Program Agreement               175            1          175  0.16 (10 min)...........           29
Health Professions Contract (IHS-           225            1          225  0.16 (10 min)...........           38
    Total........................  ............  ...........       12,580  ........................        4,303
* For ease of understanding, burden hours are also provided in actual minutes.

    There are no direct costs to respondents other than their time to 
voluntarily complete the forms and submit them for consideration. The 
estimated cost in time to respondents, as a group, is $46,386 [4,303 
burden hours x $10.78 per hour (2016 GS-3 hourly base pay rate)]. This 
total dollar amount is based upon the number of burden hours per data 
collection instrument, rounded to the nearest dollar.
    Requests for Comments: Your written comments and/or suggestions are 
invited on one or more of the following points:
    (a) Whether the information collection activity is necessary to 
carry out an agency function;
    (b) whether the agency processes the information collected in a 
useful and timely fashion;
    (c) the accuracy of the public burden estimate (the estimated 
amount of time needed for individual respondents to provide the 
requested information);
    (d) whether the methodology and assumptions used to determine the 
estimates are logical;
    (e) ways to enhance the quality, utility, and clarity of the 
information being collected; and
    (f) ways to minimize the public burden through the use of 
automated, electronic, mechanical, or other technological collection 
techniques or other forms of information technology.
    Comment Due Date: Comments regarding this information collection 
are best assured of having full effect if received within 60 days of 
the date of this publication.

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    Dated: June 24, 2016.
Elizabeth A. Fowler,
 Deputy Director for Management Operations, Indian Health Service.
[FR Doc. 2016-16008 Filed 7-5-16; 8:45 am]