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Office of the Secretary

National Advisory Committee on Travel and Tourism Infrastructure; 
Solicitation for Committee Member Nominations

AGENCY: Department of Transportation.

ACTION: Notice.


SUMMARY: The Department of Transportation seeks member nomination for 
our National Advisory Committee on Travel and Tourism Infrastructure 

DATES: All nominations for NACTTI membership must be received on or 
before July 13, 2016.

ADDRESSES: All nomination material should be emailed to the Office of 
the Secretary at: [email protected], or mailed to: U.S. Department of 
Transportation, Office of the Secretary, Attn: National Advisory 
Committee on Travel and Tourism Infrastructure, Room W86-483, 1200 New 
Jersey Ave. SE., Washington, DC 20590. Mailed applications must be 
postmarked by July 13, 2016.
    Any person requiring accessibility accommodations should contact 
the Office of the Secretary at (202) 366-5903 or email the NACTTI 
Designated Federal Official at [email protected].

[email protected] or (202) 366-5903. Also visit the NACTTI Internet Web 
site at www.transportation.gov/NACTTI.


I. Background

    Pursuant to Section 1431 of the Fixing America's Surface 
Transportation (FAST) Act, the Secretary of Transportation established 
NACTTI on June 1, 2016, to provide information, advice, and 
recommendations to the Secretary on matters relating to the role of 
intermodal transportation in facilitating mobility related to travel 
and tourism activities. NACTTI will--
    a. Advise the Secretary on current and emerging priorities, issues, 
projects, and funding needs related to the use of the intermodal 
transportation network of the United States to facilitate travel and 
tourism, taking into consideration existing data and recommendations on 
the U.S. transportation network including, but not limited, to DOT's 
30-year Beyond Traffic framework.
    b. Serve as a forum for discussion for travel and tourism 
stakeholders on transportation issues affecting interstate and 
interregional mobility of passengers;

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    c. Promote the sharing of information between the private and 
public sectors on transportation issues impacting travel and tourism;
    d. Gather information, develop technical advice, and make 
recommendations to the Secretary on policies that improve the condition 
and performance of an integrated national transportation system that--
     Is safe, economical, and efficient; and
     maximizes the benefits to the United States generated 
through the travel and tourism industry;
    e. Identify critical transportation facilities and corridors that 
facilitate and support the interstate and interregional transportation 
of passengers for tourism, commercial, and recreational activities;
    f. Provide for development of measures of condition, safety, and 
performance for transportation related to travel and tourism;
    g. Provide for development of transportation investment, data, and 
planning tools to assist Federal, State, and local officials in making 
investment decisions relating to transportation projects that improve 
travel and tourism; and
    h. Address other issues of transportation policy and programs 
impacting the movement of travelers for tourism and recreational 
purposes, including by making legislative recommendations.

II. Committee Membership

    NACTTI shall be composed of no more than 25 members, each of whom 
shall be appointed by the Secretary of Transportation for a 2-year 
term. The membership shall include public and private sector 
stakeholders involved in the transportation and travel and tourism 
industries including, but not limited to:
     The travel and tourism industry, product and service 
     Travel and tourism-related associations;
     Travel, tourism, and destination marketing organizations;
     The travel and tourism-related workforce;
     State tourism offices;
     State departments of transportation;
     Regional and metropolitan planning organizations;
     Local governments;
     Organizations with expertise in intermodal connectivity 
for travel and tourism; and
     Entities with expertise in public-private-partnerships 
    The Department shall establish a Chair and Vice Chair of the 
Advisory Committee from among those selected representatives.

III. Member Selection

    A selection team comprised of representatives from several DOT 
operating administrations will review nomination packages. The 
selection team will make recommendations regarding membership to the 
Secretary of Transportation based on criteria including, but not 
limited to:
     Professional or academic expertise, experience, and 
     Stakeholder representation;
     Availability and willingness to serve; and
     Experience and skills working collaboratively on 
committees and advisory panels.
    Additional factors which will be considered in the selection of 
NACTTI members include candidates' proven experience in the strategic 
development and management of travel, tourism, transportation-related 
or other service-related organizations; or the candidate's proven 
experience in promoting, developing, and implementing advertising, 
marketing, or financial programs for travel, tourism or transportation-
related industries.
    Priority may be given to a Chief Executive Officer, Executive 
Director, or President (or comparable level of responsibility) of a 
U.S. company, U.S. organization, or U.S. entity in the travel, tourism, 
or transportation sectors.
    Each NACTTI member shall serve as the representative of a U.S. 
entity engaged in any of the above-listed activities.
    Members shall serve in a representative capacity, representing the 
views and interests of their particular industry subsector. NACTTI 
members are not Special Government Employees, and will receive no 
compensation for their participation in NACTTI activities. Members 
participating in NACTTI meetings and events will be responsible for 
their travel, living and other personal expenses. Meetings will be held 
regularly and, to the extent practical, not less than twice annually, 
usually in Washington, DC.

IV. Nomination Information

    For immediate consideration for membership, please provide the 
following information by the Wednesday, July 13, 2016, deadline to the 
address listed in the ADDRESSES section:
    1. Name, title, and relevant contact information (including phone, 
fax, and email address) of the individual under consideration;
    2. The company's, organization's, or entity's size, product or 
service line, and major markets in which the company, organization, or 
entity operates.
    3. A letter of support or recommendation letter, on letterhead, 
from a company, union, trade or membership association, or non-profit 
organization containing a brief description of why the nominee should 
be considered for membership;
    4. A one-page cover letter summarizing the applicant's unique 
experiences and qualifications, any professional and academic 
credentials, and the reason(s) why he or she would like to join NACTTI.
    5. A resume for the individual under consideration.
    Please do not send company, trade association, organization 
brochures or any other promotional information. Materials submitted 
should total five pages or less and must be in 12-point font, formatted 
in Microsoft Word or PDF. Should more information be needed, DOT staff 
will contact the nominee, obtain information from the nominee's past 
affiliations, or obtain information from publicly available sources, 
such as the Internet.

    Dated: June 22, 2016.
Jenny T. Rosenberg,
Acting Assistant Secretary for Aviation and International Affairs.
[FR Doc. 2016-15285 Filed 6-27-16; 4:15 pm]