[Federal Register Volume 81, Number 32 (Thursday, February 18, 2016)]
[Page 8258]
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[FR Doc No: 2016-03372]



[Docket Nos. 52-025 and 52-026; ASLBP No. 16-944-01-LA-BD01]

Atomic Safety and Licensing Board; Before Administrative Judges: 
Ronald M. Spritzer, Chairman; Nicholas G. Trikouros; Dr. James F. 
Jackson; in the Matter of Southern Nuclear Operating Company, Inc.; 
(Vogtle Electric Generating Plant, Units 3 and 4)

 February 10, 2016.


(Scheduling Oral Argument)
    Before the Board is a petition to intervene and request for a 
hearing, filed by Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League and its 
chapter Concerned Citizens of Shell Bluff (collectively Petitioner).\1\ 
Oral argument on contention admissibility will be held on Tuesday, 
March 15, 2016, beginning at 10:00 a.m. EDT. This argument will take 
place at the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Federal Justice Center, Plaza 
Building, 600 James Brown Boulevard (formerly 9th Street), Augusta, GA 

    \1\ Amended Petition for Leave to Intervene and Request for 
Hearing by the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League and its 
Chapter Concerned Citizens of Shell Bluff (Dec. 23, 2015).


    On or before Friday, March 11, 2016, the Petitioner, the Licensee, 
and the NRC Staff must each provide the names of their representatives 
by email to the Board and the service list. Only designated 
representatives will be permitted to present oral argument. Each 
counsel or other representative for each participant in this proceeding 
who has not already done so must file and serve a notice of appearance 
on or before March 11, 2016, containing all of the information required 
by 10 CFR Sec.  2.314(b).
    The primary purpose of this oral argument is for the Board to ask 
questions and receive answers concerning contention admissibility 
issues presented by the pleadings. As to each contention, the 
Petitioner shall have 15 minutes to present an introductory argument, 
and the NRC Staff and the Licensee shall each have 10 minutes as well. 
The Petitioner may reserve up to 5 minutes of its allotted time for 
rebuttal. No other rebuttal will be permitted.
    In general, the participants should not repeat arguments already 
presented in their written filings, but should focus on responding to 
the Board's questions. The argument is not an evidentiary hearing, and 
the participants therefore should not attempt to introduce evidence 
during the argument. The participants should advise the Board and the 
other participants no later than March 8, 2016 if they plan to refer to 
any type of visual aid during the argument. No material that is not 
already cited in the record before the Board should be used as a visual 

Public Attendance

    The public is welcome to attend the argument, but space is limited 
within the courtroom. Additionally, only the parties' designated 
representatives will be permitted to participate in the argument. 
Neither signs nor any manner of demonstration will be permitted in the 
courtroom. Those people wishing to attend the oral argument in person 
should contact the Board's law clerk, Cooper Strickland, at 301-415-
5880 or [email protected], no later than Wednesday, March 9, 
2016 to provide their names for security purposes. All persons 
participating in person must present a valid photo ID and should arrive 
at least fifteen minutes early so as to allow sufficient time to pass 
through security screening. Furthermore, cell phones are not permitted 
in the Federal Justice Center.

Transcript Availability

    Sometime after March 15, 2016, a transcript of the oral argument 
will be available for public inspection electronically on the NRC's 
Electronic Hearing Docket (EHD). EHD is accessible from the NRC Web 
site at https://adams.nrc.gov/ehd. For additional information regarding 
the EHD please see http://www.nrc.gov/about-nrc/regulatory/adjudicatory.html#ehd. Persons who do not have access to the internet 
or who encounter problems in accessing the documents located on the 
NRC's Web site may contact the NRC Public Document Room reference staff 
by email to [email protected] or by telephone at (800) 397-4209 or (301) 415-
4737. Reference staff are available Monday through Friday between 8:00 
a.m. and 4:00 p.m. ET, except federal holidays. For additional 
information regarding the NRC Public Document Room please see http://www.nrc.gov/reading-rm/pdr.html.
    It is so ordered.

    Rockville, Maryland February 10, 2016.

    For The Atomic Safety and Licensing Board.
Ronald M. Spritzer,
Chairman, Administrative Judge.
[FR Doc. 2016-03372 Filed 2-17-16; 8:45 am]