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[FRL-9926-39-OEI; EPA-HQ-OEI-2014-0465]

Establishment of a New System of Records Notice for the Superfund 
Enterprise Management System

AGENCY: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

ACTION: Notice.


SUMMARY: The U.S. Environmental Protections Agency's (EPA) Office of 
Solid Waste and Emergency Response, Office of Superfund Remediation and 
Technology Innovation (OSRTI), is giving notice that it proposes to 
create a new system of records pursuant to the provisions of the 
Privacy Act of 1974 (5 U.S.C. 552(a)). The EPA is implementing the 
Superfund Enterprise Management System (SEMS) system of records to 
provide project and program managers the ability to plan, manage, track 
and report on clean-up and enforcement activities taking place at 
Superfund sites. SEMS represents a joint development and ongoing 
collaboration between Superfund's Remedial, Removal, Federal 
Facilities, Enforcement, and Emergency Response programs.

DATES: Persons wishing to comment on this system of records notice must 
do so by May 27, 2015.

ADDRESSES: Submit your comments, identified by Docket ID No. EPA-HQ-
OEI-2014-0465, by one of the following methods:
     www.regulations.gov: Follow the online instructions for 
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     Email: [email protected].
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     Mail: OEI Docket, Environmental Protection Agency, Mail 
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2014-0465. The EPA's policy is that all comments received will be 
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The www.regulations.gov Web site is an ``anonymous access'' system, 
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    Docket: All documents in the docket are listed in the 
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telephone number for the Public Reading Room is (202) 566-1744, and the 
telephone number for the OEI Docket is (202) 566-1752.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Steven Wyman, Office of Solid Waste 
and Emergency Response (OSWER), Office of Superfund Remediation and 
Technology Information (OSRTT), Mail Code 5202P, 1200 Pennsylvania Ave. 
NW., Washington, DC 20460; telephone number (703) 603-8882.

    General Information: EPA proposes to create a new system of records 
under the Privacy Act to integrate the legacy Superfund data 
collection, reporting and tracking modules into one single system. This 
single system will transform the Superfund program by improving 
operational effectiveness, reducing costs, streamlining business 
processes, and enhancing information management capabilities. The 
Superfund Enterprise Management System (SEMS) is an electronic 
repository of Superfund documents routinely used to disseminate records 
in response to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, 
establishment of Administrative Records (ARs), and litigation support. 
The SEMS database application supports the electronic capture, imaging, 
indexing and tracking of records which document investigation, cleanup, 
and enforcement activities at potential and existing hazardous waste 
sites, as mandated by CERCLA, as amended by the Superfund Amendments 
and Reauthorization Act (SARA) of 1986.
    The types of information in the system include data and information 
that support program activities and decisions regarding the cleanup of 
specific Superfund sites. The system is intended to provide 
repositories of or access to a variety of programmatic information 
regarding site management, cost recovery, site financial resources, 
enforcement actions, and supporting documentation. The information is 
collected to ensure that supporting documentation for activities and 
decisions related to the Superfund site cleanup are well maintained and 
readily accessible as needed. The program utilizes this information in 
a variety of ways, including but not limited to research, enforcement, 
litigation support, responses to congressional and FOIA requests, 
public participation in the Superfund process, electronic archiving, 
cost recovery, disaster recovery, and support of the program and Agency 
    Records protected under the Privacy Act are subject to Agency-wide 
security requirements governing all database systems at EPA. Privacy is 
maintained by limiting access to the database containing confidential 
business and personal information. Access to the database is limited to 
individuals designated as System Administrators, Remedial Project 
Managers (RPMs), Data Sponsors, On-Scene Coordinators (OSCs), 
Information Management Coordinators (IMCs), Budget Coordinators (BCs), 
Regional Attorneys, Regional Managers, Data Entry Support Staff, 
Support Contractors, and any other staff with assigned data management 
    Physical access to the building (EPA's National Computer Center 
(NCC) at Research Triangle Park, NC) is limited to EPA employees and 
their contractors with key cards. The building is equipped with cameras 
and sign-in sheets are utilized to monitor employee activities, traffic 
flow, and access to the computer room where the file servers and 
storage networks are located.

    Dated: April 8, 2015.
Ann Dunkin,
Chief Information Officer.

System Name:
    Superfund Enterprise Management System (SEMS)

System Location:
    The system is hosted at the National Computer Center (NCC) located 
at Research Triangle Park (RTP), North Carolina. Address: 109 T.W. 
Alexander Drive, RTP NC 27711.

Categories of Individuals Covered by the System:
    This system covers potentially responsible parties, EPA employees 
with responsibilities at specific Superfund sites, members of the 
public who have made public comments on program decisions or who have 
environmental sampling results reported for their personal business or 
residence, and contractor and analytical laboratory staff with 
responsibilities on specific Superfund sites.

Categories of Records Covered by the System:
    Site location and basic descriptive information; contact 
information (e.g., name, address, telephone number, email address) for 
key individuals with responsibilities on specific Superfund sites; data 
generated by EPA in regards to site information and actions conducted 
at the site; planned and actual site financial and enforcement 
information; potentially responsible parties (PRP); negotiation data; 
litigation/referral data; lien data; alternative dispute resolution 
data; litigation history; correspondence tracking; community 
involvement data (i.e., location, contact data, technical assistance 
grant data); and medical information pertaining to environmental 
sampling results or public complaints.

Authority for Maintenance of the System:
    42 U.S.C. Chapter 103; 40 CFR 300

    The purpose of SEMS is to provide project and program managers with 
data and information needed to plan, manage, track and report on 
cleanup and enforcement activities taking place at Superfund sites. 
SEMS is an electronic repository of Superfund documents and data used 
to disseminate records in response to FOIA and other external requests, 
and in support of litigation, investigation, cleanup, program planning, 
and enforcement activities. SEMS tracks activities at each Superfund 
site which include removal, risk characterization, remedy selection, 
post construction, enforcement activities, financial resources, and 
community involvement.

Routine Uses of Records Maintained in the System, Including Categories 
of Users, and Purposes of Such Uses:
    General Routine Uses A, E, F, G, H, K and L apply to this system.

Policies and Practices for Storing, Retrieving, Accessing, Retaining, 
and Disposing of Records in the System:
     Storage: Records will be stored electronically in an 
Agency-approved database (Oracle) and managed by system developers and 
administrators, along with EPA Office of Superfund Remediation and 
Technology Information (OSRTI) personnel. Incremental system backups 
are performed nightly and monthly. Actual files are stored in a Windows 
file server.

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     Retrievability: Records can be retrieved by Site Name, 
Site ID Number, Author, Addressee, Document Title, Document Date, and 
Document ID Number.
     Safeguards: The following safeguards are in place:
    (a) Information is maintained in a secure username/password 
protected environment. Permission-level assignments allow users access 
only to those functions for which they are authorized. Access to all 
information and hardware is maintained in a secure, access controlled 
facility at the NCC.
    (b) The system has a single point of access via a front-end Portal. 
All users are required to complete a new user form (signed by their 
supervisor) and take online security training before they are provided 
with access.
    (c) All authorized users of the SEMS application are required to 
take an annual security training identifying the user's role and 
responsibilities for protecting the Agency's information resources, as 
well as, consequences for not adhering to the policy.
    (d) Audit logs are reviewed on a monthly basis to identify system 
access outside of normal business hours, anomalous user accounts or 
server names, or login failures.
    (e) No external access to SEMS is provided.
     Retention and Disposal: Records stored in this system are 
subject to record schedule 0755, which is still being finalized.

System Manager(s) and Address:
    Steven Wyman, Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response (OSWER), 
Office of Superfund Remediation and Technology Information (OSRTI), 
Mail Code 5202P, 1200 Pennsylvania Ave. NW., Washington, DC 20460; 
telephone number 703-603-8882.

Notification Procedure:
    Any individual who wants to know whether this system of records 
contains a record about him or her, who wants access to his or her 
record, or who wants to contest the contents of a record, should make a 
written request to the EPA FOIA Office, Attn: Privacy Act Officer, MC 
2822D, 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue NW., Washington, DC 20460.

Record Access Procedure:
    Request for access must be made in accordance with the procedures 
described in EPA's Privacy Act regulations at 40 CFR part 16. 
Requesters will be required to provide adequate identification, such as 
driver's license, employee identification card, or other identifying 
document. Additional identification procedures may be required in some 

Contesting Record Procedure:
    Requests for correction or amendment must identify the record to be 
changed and the corrective action sought. Complete EPA Privacy Act 
procedures are described in EPA's Privacy Act regulations at 40 CFR 
part 16.

Record Source Categories:
    Information captured in SEMS is derived from existing programmatic 
records, EPA employees, contractors, civil investigators and attorneys, 
analytical laboratories, the public and State cleanup programs.

System Exempted from Certain Provisions of the Act:

[FR Doc. 2015-08926 Filed 4-16-15; 8:45 am]